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By: Samm K.
Bombay Bazaar
We have been shopping this store for three decades, through all the various owners. These owners have cleaned up the shop and made it shopper friendly. Although the produce area is small the variety is terrific and fresh. Frozen foods has a good variety BUT nothing is organic and all the products contain wheat . If you need gluten free as our family does that can pose a challenge. Dry goods are a good source and most from India,although very few that are organic. All in all we are able to purchase traditional foods,but not most jarred or packaged items due to the preservatives and High sugars or corn content.
By: Wade O.
WinCo Foods
We have used WinCo twice. Check-out was smooth, absolutely no waiting at 4:00 P.M. on a Saturday. Each bill was $110 to $120. Typically at Kroger we pay between $160 and $180. We will definitely continue to shop at WinCo.In response to a previous review. The customer was 100% at fault. All items that I could remember the price for, were less at WinCo. One stop grocery shopping. Some items the selection is limited (i.e. paper towels)
By: Janis R.
WinCo Foods
This is a new grocery store that just opened within the last two weeks. They accept cash, check or debit cards but no credit cards. They claim they can pass on savings and better pricing by not accepting credit cards and paying fees. Other than the few promotional, "lost leader" items, I did not find their prices to be lower or exceptional in any way. They do offer a lot of items in small, medium or bulk sizes, so that may be of interest to some. What they don't advertise is they hire no sackers. They have checkers to check out your items, but they send them down a long conveyor belt and the customer has to bag all of their own items. I was in line behind a woman who had about $ 160 worth of items. They couldn't take a credit card, so she attempted to write a check. The address on her check and on her driver's license did not match so they would not accept her check. She had an old debit card that she rarely uses, but she had trouble remembering the PIN number. Once they finally got the payment accepted, then I still had to stand there and wait for this elderly person to bag all of her own items before the checker could start checking out my items to send them down the conveyor belt. This might be a store I will run in and pick up an item here or there, but it will definitely not be a place I will shop when buying any large quantity of items or doing big shopping. Very disappointed.
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By: Alicia R.
Sprouts Farmers Market
I'm a new customer, and would like to review the weekly advertisement. I did look on Flipp application to see if Sprout was listed for review advertisement and did not find the listing.
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By: Cliff nyaanga M.
Moks Market
They carry their operations in a professional manner. They are first, and also cover most commodities for their target customers(Africans).
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By: Heinrich T.
3 Lucky Lady Food Mart
Dude is trash. The owner guy is a punk. He was on the phone while I was telling him how I needed something processed and he messed up and cost me $35 in overdraft. Only offered a hollow apology. I tried to come get $10 in restitution and he agreed, but when I tried my luck to ask for one more item, he said I was pushing my luck and got all rude about it. Oh, sorry, dude. Sorry my mother went to the hospital the other day. Sorry you never finished high school. Trash. I'll forgive the man but I'll never go back.
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By: Cecilia P.
I would give it another star but they always seem to have only one cashier on the times I have shopped there. Long lines and no other employees are around to help. Good prices on produce. Their brands are very comparable to Well known brands.
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By: Kellie H.
African Continental Market
Love to try new things! Friendly staff, helpful, good products. Should visit more. Love the Tiger nuts! Will come again
By: marylosoya
Cho Saigon New Market
I came one day and bought about $50 in groceries. I bought a container of lemon grass, and the clerk rang it up as a much higher price. I told her to go look at the shelf price and she and I went back to look. The clerk was rude and most argumentative and was still talking back to me even after she saw the TRUE PRICE of the merchandize. Nevertheless, after much ranting, she finally agreed to ring up the correct price. When I got home, I realized that she never put the container of lemon grass back into my bag, and I ended up paying for something I never got. These people are rude, and they will argue with you until the sun no longer shines just to rip you off. It was a 1.89 container of lemon grass, but these people treated it was though I was purchasing a house or something. They are very unprofessional, even when their mistake is pointed out to them! I called to speak to there customer service department, but no one ever answers the phone! I will never go back!
By: Armando V.
Indopak World Market
Outstanding place to shop and eat...

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