By: acaringconsumer
Fossil Creek Liquor
Limited choices of wines such as blends Cab Sav/Carm or CabSav/Merlot plus many othersPrices ridiculously high even compared with other liquor stores, Whole Foods Market and Target. In fact some as much as $8.00 higher in price. Fossil Creek probably charges a high price BECAUSE they can due to the lack of liquor stores in the area.we visited the store a few times and found the employees lacked sufficient knowledge regarding wines and brandy.You can probably get a better price with more quality choices elsewhere.
By: silverindfw
Fossil Creek Liquor
This store has some great stuff like pre-made drinks like White Russian and Orange Creme. It had a long line at checkout but it took less than 5 min to get a register. Very fast and knowledgeable service.
By: Emily C.
Juno's Liquor
best liquor ever!! great sales amazing staff love it !!
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By: selfmadebossbarbie
Fossil Creek Liquor
Nice...clean ...big...an real popular :)

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