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By: gemologist
China King Super Buffet
I have travelled all over the US and this is by far the best buffet I have been to, Service:Hostess has a genuine smile, takes you to your table quickly, get's your drink order in, so it's waiting for you when you get done filling your plate.Waiters and Waitresses are quick, and professional, the empty plate dissapears while you are filling another.Kitchen staff, Some chinese food places suck all the time, some are good depending on what day you go or what time of day, but the consistancy here is a thing to be envied, all the dished are not just good, they are great, and they are always great, never old, never simply missing from the buffet, and having spent years in food service, I know what kind of amazing that feat is when you have a hundreds of items to order and keep fresh.Food:Anyone else like fresh prime rib? How about juicy steak, or maybe you just like good egg rolls, How about premium sushi prepared just as you like it, Want some eel with cucumber, crab and avacados? Coming right up. Mongolian barbique, with thick sliced meats, fresh veggies, and a competent grill master, there is so much more than you could hope to expect from a chinese buffet. My faves below.Stuffed MushroomsHibachi chicken Carve your own Prime RibPick your own SteaksCoconut shrimp with pineapple (oh MAN is that good)Blue bunny icecream 6 or 8 flavors, I forget which, they just have the best onesFresh fruits, seasonal and perfectly ripeSushi (attended by one of the best around, a mexican guy who is FANTASTIC, you aren't allowed to tip... it makes me sad because this guy deserves a raise no matter how much they pay him)Butterfly fried shrimpMashed potatos from scratch,Good Pizza (!)Piles of oystersGreat fortune cookiesHeavenly moist cakes (orange and coffee flavors)Setup:The way that the restaraunt is put together is fantastic, everything had been thouroghly thought through, Tables in the centers and booths on the outside, plenty of room around the buffet, even on a sunday evening. The buffets are short enough to make it easy to get what you want without waiting, a seprate in and out door, no bumping into the masses on your way out, a comfy and adequate waiting area, (you wont be waiting long) Price:About $9.95 per person, plus drinks.QualityNever had a tummy ache from that place and I used to go every week, now ever two weeks (diet) top quality prime rib, medium/good quality steak, top quality everything else, and fresh as can be.
By: norberta.a.acosta
Chopstick Express
I have been going to Chopstick Express for about 1 year. In that time, my food has been Fresh, Hot, and Express. The place is small a few tables inside and outside- the place is also clean on the inside as well as the outside. They have 2 pickup windows-1 window is for on the spot ordering the other window is to pre-order pickups.They also have Free Delivery( Limited areas). The menu does have various food groups to chooses from( the whole family). Their prices are reasonable with some specials- at time. But above all those things, the employees are Super Courteous- at time when you are not sure exactly the right Title for the various dishes -they are patient and able the steer you to what you are craving and more.
By: bkerr822
Crawdaddy's Shack Inc
We really enjoyed the place. Fresh tasty food. Shrimp and Grist was out of this world. It is a family owned and operated place, owned by a couple brothers from New Orleans. the work in the kitchen and are friendly folk. Great food in a simple casual environment. BYOB and casual genuinely friendly service tell you it is not just another corporate or franchise place. The real deal. Check it out. Just opened the week of 7/16/12
By: asianfoodloveexpert
Vietnam Food to Go
The food is decent and the owner is actually really knowledgeable but the price is marked high and the she dishonest in her pricing when checking you out. They also don't look like they sell a lot of what they put out so the only thing I recommend getting is something that you know sells well. I'm Chinese & Vietnamese and I love to cook so you can trust my review.
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By: Brandon F.
Bethany Cafe
Very inexpensive, and most items are great. The sizzling pork was incredible, and the honey basil chicken with fried rice was also pretty good. The beef Noodle soup is something we would pass on ordering again, but the free milk tea with a meal order is always a perk. Seating is limited and this place is popular - be prepared to wait or snag a table quick!
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By: diehardlinux
Panda Delite
I dont believe it is the best chinese food i have ever had, and i dont believe it is the worst. The best thing out if my order was the vegtable lo mein. I was not crazy about the general tso chicken. The pork egg rolls were ehh. The seasame chicken was good but a little too spicy for the wife. Price was ok, about what you would pay anywhere else.
By: zacker2011
Fortune Cookie Express
Really good food, i like that it tastes handmade rather than from a mail order company like many of the restaurants do. Very flavorful. The staff is very nice too. It just seems odd to me that Mexican people are making my food rather than Chinese. but hey I don't care because its just so yummy
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By: Alex R.
La Estrella Bounces
Luis was wonderful to work with. It was so easy to check pricing and order online! The day of the event I didn't have to worry about anything. He set-up and tore down and everything went on without a hitch. I only heard great things from parents and children. Thank you!
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By: Raquel R.
La Estrella Bounces
Amazing service!!! All my questions were quickly answered. .. the bounce house tables and chairs where delivery quickly and the pick up was even faster. Exelent service. I'm looking foward to the next rental!!!
By: praveenanju
Spice India
OMG Food is really very tasty and fresh. Goat Curry was fabulous. We ordered Garlic Naan and Cheese naans they were so fresh and tasty. We would definitely recommend this restaurant to others and we will be back soon.

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