By: D K.
Lamar Baptist Church
From what I've seen after having visited the place for the first time in twenty years (previously a member), I can tell you that the place is falling apart. They may have nice people and a beautiful, new worship center, but the membership does not have many families. In fact, senior adults have outnumbered everyone else by a wide margin. The row I sat on was nothing but senior adults, as well as the row behind me and the row in front of me. There is no real long-term vision for the church where growth is concerned. The worship center on this visit was half full. From my past experience, the members are scared of having new people joining the church. Now, they are even in their third pastor search in thirteen years. There's not even a youth minister or much of a youth group. There are no singles and very few young couples. It seems the church's future, to these folks, is in the past. That does not bode well for the future. They place an overemphasis on world missions, but never do anything for the local church. And where there is no vision, the Bible says, the people perish. I give this church's existence ten years, tops.
By: Kathleen W.
Trinity Baptist Church
TBC Arlington is an old fashioned Bible believing fundamental Baptist Church. It truly is old fashioned church like it used to be! Not everyone is looking for that kind of worship, but if you are than this is the place for you. The congregation sings out of old fashion Hymn Books, and not a "follow the bouncing ball" screen! KJV only from the pulpit and the pew. Friendly & welcoming to all, but yes expect preaching that condemns SIN, not the sinner (which we all are). Pastor Lasseter is one of the most compassionate & caring people that I have ever been acquainted with.
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By: Heather R.
The Church On Rush Creek
This was our church home for 4 years before we moved to CA. It is an amazing place and became our family. Great modern worship music. A great pastoral staff. Services like: Celebrate Recovery (Restore), Financial Peace University, Counselling Center, ReEngage, etc.
By: Nick A.
Vietnamese Baptist Church
English service is at 10:00 am.Vietnamese service is at 11:15 am.Citizenship classes and Vietnamese classes are also available. Join us on Sunday.
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By: Freddy C.
Pleasantview Baptist Church
Absolutely wonderful !!! The music, preaching, Teaching, and Activities are tremendous!!! I have been a member there for over four years.
By: hanglnguyen141
Vietnamese Baptist Church
when is the worship every week

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