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By: thewheelers
Cransh Auto Sales
My Husband and I were searching for a vehicle for our daughter. After looking at some pre-owned lots and searching the internet, I ran across the make/model of the vehicle we were looking for online at auto trader, for sell by Cransh Auto Sales. My husband called in the late evening (around 9pm) on a Monday and left a message. To our surprise, Ricky called us right back! Our conversation with him was unlike any we had experienced with other dealers: he answered all of our questions, was very informative about the vehicle and was not at all pushy to make the sale. We appreciated the honest, straight forward approach he had without the “games” we were getting at the other dealers. I will mention though there was no need to haggle over the price. The vehicle we were interested in was a Toyota RAV4. The amount we wanted to spend equaled around a 2007-2008 model everywhere else. Cransh was listing a 2011 model with the same options and less mileage than what we were finding elsewhere! And it was a 4WD!I can not stress this enough…We are NOT the type of people to purchase a vehicle online, sight unseen. However, Cransh is located over 250 miles from us. Because of the 25+ pictures listed, the straightforward, honest approach Ricky had, the reviews I read online of Cransh, and the free carfax report they offered right on the vehicles ad, we decided to move forward. We purchased the vehicle the next day (Tuesday), and it was delivered on Wednesday. They even waived the delivery fee! I will admit I was a nervous wreck until I actually saw the vehicle, but it was exactly what they advertised. The vehicle was very clean, in almost new condition, even the floor mats were covered in plastic. The tires and belts were in excellent condition as was the overall condition of the vehicle including the body, no dings, dents or major scratches. In fact I only found one scratch below the rear bumper. The only flaw I could find was the antenna was missing, but because of the new style antennas, I don’t think they realized it (the base part was there that looks like the Sirius antenna). I had it a week before noticing, and it was an easy 10.00 replacement part for the mast at the local auto parts store.I would highly recommend Cransh Auto Sales for buying a preowned vehicle. This was without a doubt the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made! Their no-pressure approach, better than reasonable price, and honesty made this purchase go from a dreaded experience to a pleasure. Thank You Cransh and Ricky, you have made our daughter very happy (and us too). She now has a newer vehicle than we expected to be able to buy, with low miles, and that we feel will be dependable and safe and all for price that exceeded our expectations!The Wheelers
By: Leo S.
Cransh Auto Sales
Friendly, courteous and the cleanest, most prepped used cars I've ever encountered. Miguel helped my Wife and me select the best car for our needs, at a price we could afford.The 2004 Honda Accord we bought is top-of-the-line with leather and all the perks. Everything works, it looks and even SMELLS brand-new. 114K miles on the clock, and not even a hint of fog on the headlight plastics. EVERYTHING likely to give trouble has been replaced. The car is TIGHT, SILENT and feels like it's NOT EVEN BROKEN IN! Whomever had this one originally, took serious care of it.The original timing belt looks nearly unused, but was replaced anyway. Many parts are OEM Honda. Everybody I dealt with was courteous and ANXIOUS to please me, NOT pushy to make a sale. Miguel was SO patient with an old couple on a fixed-income, who haven't bought a car in 20 years...Everyone at Cransh made us feel like "family" and I highly recommend the store to anyone needing a really NICE car at an affordable price.Cars are sold "cash" and "as-is" with no warranty. However, the effort Cransh personnel expend to make the cars reliable is nearly unheard of. And, if the car does exhibit problems, Cransh offers VERY low cost repairs, having affiliations with suppliers for discount prices on parts, and low hourly shop-rates.I ended up at Cransh after searching the Internet for a clean Honda with less than 150K miles, and under $7,000. Searching "Auto Trader" I found nearly every car I was interested in was located at Cransh... So I became a pleased customer... Thanks, Miguel and thanks to Cransh management for making the sale seamless, and thanks to Cransh technicians for making a NICE used car into an EXCELLENT one!Sincerely,Leo (and Betty) Squiers, Grapevine, TX
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By: Lindie J.
Vandergriff Acura
As a first time car buyer I was more than nervous to go into the dealership and walk out feeling like I got ripped off. The stories I hear about grueling paperwork and shady salesmen definitely made me cautious. But I am so glad that I went to Vandergriff Acura and that Max Coker was able to help me get a great car! I had zero credit and no down payment other than a car with nearly 200,000 miles on it. I was so scared that I either wouldn't get approved for a car or that my payments would be astronomical. Max got in touch with me before I even made a trip out to discuss options, he sent me links to cars that he thought might fit my needs and budget and didn't try to pursuade me to get a car I didn't love. In the end he was able to get me more than what I was expecting for my trade in and got me into a great reliable safe car that fit within my budget! He explained everything to me in a way I could understand, which was very helpful! He was so accommodating and patient with my indecisiveness and many questions. I could not have asked for a better experience, I am beyond grateful for his assistance and so impressed with the level of service we received. I will be referring all of my friends to Max!
By: Marlene H.
Vandergriff Acura
We had a good experience at Vandergriff. We were blowed away at the level of customer service provided by this dealership. Most dealerships want the sale and good riddance, usually it is all about one day and that is when you sign the paperwork. We feel they did their best to get our business, but attempted afterwards to let us know our relationship will be for the long term. We recommend going to see Stan Bennett. He is not a high pressure salesman, during our first few calls he said just let me know what you guys want to do. He did not bug us every day, he allowed us to decide. We appreciated his skills and knowledge, which was night and day from several other dealerships. We actually drove from north of Dallas to Arlington, passing 2 other dealerships. The Acura dealership closest to us, lost our business to Vandergriff. We have no reservations in recommending this dealership, go check out Stan before you make a final car decision. He also can sale used or new cars, one of few salesman certified to handle both types of purchases.
By: Jim G.
Cransh Auto Sales
Hello Jim G. here:I located a 2003 Ford Ranger on AutoTrader for my son and went to Cransh to see and purchase it. We called Rickie Moody and arranged to come in. The dealership has a giant lot with many late model vehicles and a huge warehouse that Cransh uses to recondition the vehicles. The office is also very neat and organized. They replace most belts, struts, mounts, hoses, breaks, tires and any other item that the vehicle needs. The cars are clean and in very good condition for being cash cars. When we arrived, Rickie had the Ranger ready for us to see. He was very professional and friendly. After purchasing the Ranger, we decided to change vehicles. We went back in and Rickie and Jorge helped us do another deal and switch to a car. I highly recommend this dealership for anyone looking for a cash car. The amount of reconditioning they do is phenomenal! Their professionalism is spectacular and, they have a number one goal to make you happy!
By: Fred M.
Cransh Auto Sales
Outstanding business model! They believe it's better to put money into repairing used vehicles rather than discounting price. I just bought a used Ford F-150 from them and couldn't be happier (even though the mileage was high). The truck is in cherry condition and Cransh Auto saves all the boxes the parts came in for their repair of that specific vehicle so you can see what has been done. Miguel Espinoza was our sales agent and he is a fountain of information on each vehicle they sell and what has been done for repairs. He stayed with us through the identification and acquisition process correcting any problems we found. I highly recommend him for your sales advisor (214-623-7771). I might also mention that these are used cars and trucks not new ones so there may be some imperfections and blemishes, but nothing you can't accept. Try them...you'll like them!!
By: sylvie.leblanc.75685
Power Motors
I flew from Baton Rouge to go get a truck that I bought via this company. I was very please with the manager who came to pick me up from the airport. When I saw the truck a Dodge Ram 3500 2007 I was a little bit scare because of the amount of money involved .Knowing that anything could go wrong I started to ask questions who were all answered professionally by Greg. I was aware that I was not buying a brand new truck and that I would probably have to spend some money in order to have the truck my way and I could deal with that . I've been driving the truck for a few weeks now and let me tell you this: It runs very good. I had a good experience with Power Motors of Arlington and I'm going to fly again over there if they can get me what my brother wants. Thank you guys!
By: ivesrecon
Clay Cooley Mitsubishi
The people who work for Clay Cooley from the Manager and directors down to the lowest guy there are awesome. The customer care and courtesy they showed us was top notch. A full tank and car freshly washed-up before leaving. José the General Manager and Roland financing Director are very kind and courteous. A thousand thank you's to the guys at Clay Cooley Mitsubishi for the excellent customer service. A special thanks to Mauro for financing us ,and Eric for driving 8 hrs round trip to come pick us up in Oklahoma and deliver us to our car in Texas. If you're interested in buying a new vehicle I promise you won't be let down if you come here first. I will be doing my business here from now on !!
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By: Kelsey O.
American Concrete Coatings
We absolutely love our new garage floors that American Concrete Coatings installed for us. Both the product and customer service we received are superb. The installers arrived promptly, were friendly and professional and were able to complete the job within a single day. During the installation, the crew found a few cracks in our existing concrete floor, but fixed them for us at no additional cost before applying the coating to ensure that we would have no issues with our flooring in the future. We could not be more pleased with the results - we now have the luxury of a garage that always looks clean, no matter what we fill it with.
By: Hanna R.
AutoNation Toyota Scion North Arlington
I recently bought a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE from here and I must say, I LOVE IT!!! It was my first time financing on a car, and it was a really great experience. I highly recommend coming here and ask for DeVonte Hedge "Dante" to help you out. He knew what he was talking about, was super professional, and gave me the best deal on my car. He was very helpful, and made me feel VERY comfortable on my first time car experience. He was quite hilarious too. I defiantly recommend coming here if you want a good deal, and want quality service!! There is no doubt that the next car I purchase I will be coming back here!
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Resurfacing, where a contractor removes and replaces the top layer of concrete, is a middle ground between multiple patch jobs and a complete replacement.
Homeowners should work with a concrete contractor who is either certified by or a member of one or more trade organizations for high-quality results. These individuals adhere to professional guidelines and are versed in industry and safety standards. Such organizations include: American Concrete Institute (ACI) American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).
  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • Are you bonded?
  • What is your warranty?
  • How long will the job take?
Wet concrete can irritate the skin or cause first-, second-, or third-degree chemical burns. Cement dust contains silica, which damages the lungs and can lead to cancer or silicosis. Many concrete mixtures contain cement, so homeowners should be careful if contractors create the concrete on site. Anyone who touches wet concrete or dust should wash their skin with soap and cold water.
Colored concrete is created by blending liquid, granular or powdered iron oxide pigments with natural concrete. These pigments are either mined directly from the earth or manufactured in a chemical plant.

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