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By: mrhandsome77
Salon Esprit Inc
N. Collins and 1/2 way down Harwell Dr. on left hand side. I'm going to toot my horn on my experience here because they deserve it for their hard work in maintaining a wonderful and professional relationship for over 25 years! +Me, my wife, our daughters, both our parents and their friends have known and gone to Salon Esprit our whole lives and we do not dare go anywhere else, EVER! Every time we go into Salon Esprit to get pedicures, manicures, haircuts and/or face cleanings (yes, I'm a guy and I said Pedicure and Manicure in a zen like spa *wonderful :) they always know what we want, when we want it and how we like it. +It's literally one-on-one session every time we go, no one runs off to answer phones since they have a real receptionist there, unlike some places. They ALWAYS give their 100% attention to every client young or old and you walk out feeling wonderful, refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day and we have NEVER felt rushed out the door. +I have NEVER had an issue with overcrowded or ghetto booths like you see in those cheap salons around the corner o_O I stopped going to those overcrowded assembly line salons because they make me question if they changed/cleaned the linens or water, @ Salon Esprit, never a doubt. My wife expects perfection with her hair, all the time and out of the many upscale salons we've experienced nationwide, we would rather wait months while we were out of town just to get pampered at Salon Esprit! Why not? It's your only time to relax and they know it, which is why I love going to Salon Esprit and Nails by Kari who by the way has the most ZEN like foot spa in town, trust me-YOU HAVE TO GO AND TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!!! I fall asleep every time in her chair.+But as mentioned, I could go all day tooting my own horn about this wonderful, close knitted staff. FYI, this is a VERY CLEAN**, PROFESSIONAL and LICENSED Salon and spa and they all know exactly what they are doing for over 25 years or I wouldn't be on here bragging about 100% Customer Satisfaction. +This is an upscale salon, not an assembly line of rushed clients. If you want walmart treatment go to walmart, If you want professionalism, clean and motivation to feel good about yourself then this is the place to go!! Don't forget the spa treatment by Katie. As I always believe, if you work hard, people will notice. Enjoy!!
By: sashanaeimipour
The Art of Hair Salon & Day Spa
Melina in all her kindness realized that perhaps people would have their bad days, so she overlooked all the valuable time that Shrina took off of her books. Melina figured that this client may be more respectful of others after her hair is fixed. Shrina brought in 2 pictures of ombre-colored hairstyles, which were 2 completely different looks and colors. Her own hair was with over an inch worth of new growth, the bottom of her hair was solid black where the middle was bleached to a melted-gummy blonde. Shrina also did not have a haircut in over a year. Our process is to clarify the hair prior to any chemical service in order to have a clean slate to create a desired look. It took Melina 10 more minutes to detangle her hair when Shrina was advised to have a reconstructive treatment prior to the color service. Shrina was advised to do the $30 treatment so that her POROUS hair (she heard COARSE hair) will take color exceptionally. She declined this because she said that she did her own treatment. We proceeded to explain that our treatment is designed to work with our color-line so that the proteins would match-up to last. She then finally decided to have the color done with an ombre look that was dark but soft. Melina proceeded with a dark brown and approximately 25-30 packets of caramel highlights ombre on the ends. Although Melina was not comfortable with proceeding for fear that more damage would occur to Shrina’s hair, she warned her that the color will take darker, possible bleed over time and not have any shine. When hair is not in the best health, this is the end result. Once the color service was done, Melina took her back to the styling chair. Shrina decided she wanted the other picture (another sign of unworkability). Most salons/stylists will have at this point charge her an additional service. We decided to do that at the shampoo bowl with a quick color remover, while simultaneously attempting having her agree to the reconstructive treatment, she declined. She got her hair where she liked the color in the back. It looked like the picture from behind. The sides of Shrina’s hair were already so damaged and see-through from previous abuse that there was no lift to those areas. ...to be continued on next post.
By: mylan.beauty
The Art of Hair Salon & Day Spa
Again, Shrina did not seem to understand that professional advice, but since her hair had already undergone so much in the past and then on the day of the service, we asked her if she comes back and pay for a reconstructive and then we can proceed to lighten up those sides complimentary. Again, this client only heard the word “Complimentary”. 5 days later, when Shrina came back for the service with a friend, she denied the reconstructive treatment again, insisted that her hair is in great condition and stated, “My boyfriend likes the first picture.” At this point Brittni, who is a senior stylist, took time out of her schedule to come over and explain that this is absolutely not possible to do without the treatment. Should we at this time give her the first look; her hair will melt and dissolve completely. She would not accept this. Brittni decided to call Hanh Tran, the owner. (Not ANN, another CLUE of this client’s poor listening skills) Shrina spoke to Hanh on the phone without pausing & accusing our stylists of not being able to give her what she wanted the first go around. At this point, Hanh was explaining that she can come back to the salon, to see what she can do to make her happy. Yes, Hanh did have to interrupt to calm Shrina’s derogatory accusations of her stylists. Hanh did state that she will not tolerate that Shrina speaks down to her staff. Shrina stated that she will then take her business to another salon. So no solution was sought out.We are grateful for this experience because now we are more aware that policies to ensure the flow of business must be adhered. We will have to also take deposits to prevent flakiness from clients. Shrina has only made our business better.To make a long story short, businesses of all kinds BEWARE of “Shrina Sanchez” who does not have enough intelligence to know what she wants and expect a miracle despite professional advice. She can upset and ruin your top employee’s spirit with impossible demands & a complete waste of the business’s time.Check out below Shrina's comment of her hair on facebook:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=459742017382057&l=331c24b20f
By: nelatasstyles
The Art of Hair Salon & Day Spa
I’d like to take my time to clearly thank Shrina Sanchez (aka @brunnettesarebetter) for coming to our business. She made an appointment on 3 occasions Friday, September 7th @ 4pm, Wednesday, September 5th @ 4:30pm and Saturday, September 8th @ 2pm, each appointment marked out for 3 hours. Each appointment was confirmed by with her by our receptionist the day before that she will be coming in for her appointment. And each time she did not show up. Although it is our policy to enforce a no-show fee of $30 for the time reserved, we waived that $90 that she owed, but realized at this moment, we must take a deposit from her over the phone before she makes the appointment. Most of our clients have no issues of showing up for their appointment so we never had to enforce a policy of taking deposits or having to apply a no-show fee for the time reserved. Shrina decided to show up in person to pay her deposit, even though it could have been done over the phone (another clue to her unworkability!). Finally on Friday, September 14, she decides to show up for her appointment. As a new client, she signed an agreement where a part of it states, “I understand that I am entrusting my professional hairstylist to determine my best interest and needs by analyzing my scalp, hair, and its history. In order to best achieve my desired look and goal, I must consider the recommendations given by my hairstylist in order to be 100% satisfied with my services.” ... to be continued on to next post
By: Rosa B.
Legacy Salons & Day Spa
I have been going to Jessica Whitworth (469.688.1395) since. OMG...forever. Like maybe 9 years. She has a great eye for color combinations that I have been complimented on time and time again. One lady at my church once said that she enjoyed staring at all back of my head all throughout service because of the beautiful blend of colors. (Brunette all over, with red low lights and blonde highlights.) I go from long locks to short bobs and fringe to well whatever floats my boat. However, she is always quick to detour me from bad ideas. I trust her explicitly and will be under her care this week for my root touchups and summer thinning. I have a lot of hair and when she gets those thinning shears out, I am in heaven because my hair feels so light and airy. Helps me prepare for the hot Texas summer. And I don't have a lot of money to throw around which is why I am so pleased with her because she has great prices!!! Love her! I posted a pic of her last color job. I am a dancer and photographers love shooting my hair. And the light bounces off those blonde highlights like diamonds. Hope this review was helpful!
By: laura.ramos.5268750
New York Stylez Barbershop and Salon
New York Stylez Barbershop and Salon is nothing but an amazing establishment who is here to serve their clients. Suggestion: other have mentioned that you may want to call in to reserve a spot because they all have regulars coming in. New York Stylez is dedicated and stays loyal to their customers and always offering different seasonal specials and I guess thats what they get "ROI" Return on Investment.All the barbers there do an excellent job. They are profressionals -everything is executed with precision and finesse. They even offer "Black Ice" to give you that extra celebrity cripsy look on your hair. Where else can you go to get a great cut, watch variety tvs shows from various tv stations, drink a cold beverage for a reasonable price and dedication?!Vibe is relax, Family friendly and a modern/contemporary enviornment for the business men and women. Has a feel of New York. So considered this your invite and stop by.
By: shaunabcray
The Art of Hair Salon & Day Spa
I just have to tell you sweet ladies at your fabulous salon that Shrina Sanchez is, well, to put it mildly, just not very bright. I have worked with her before and know her pretty well. There's no way that girl composed that review herself. Read her Facebook posts. She can't even construct a proper sentence much less intelligently put together such a scathing review. The girl uses more CP slang than I do and I'm black! Obviously her more adequately educated friend who accompanied her to her appointment that day must have written it for her. You did your best to fix the girls hair for her, which looks great in that picture. Unfortunately there's just no cure for stupid. With people like that, the only thing that registers in their brain is when they hear their getting something for nothing. You ladies did the right thing. Let her go all DIY and melt her own damn hair all to hell. I want to see THAT Facebook photo!
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By: ddsteele
Paul Mitchell The School Arlington
5.0 star rating 6/17/2016I have naturally curly hair and it is hard to find someone who gets the cut right. I enjoy color and highlights so I am a full service customer.I have a Service Dog and I appreciate the way the staff and students recognize me as a person and give us our personal space.They have a full range of services. It's an excellent place to pamper yourself. Students are closely supervised and they don't allow a customer to go out of the shop dissatisfied. I have used the school for all my cuts and color this year and I have LOVED IT. My hair looks like I had it done at an upscale salon. It is best to call ahead but, I understand they also take walk ins.
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By: Teaira C.
Nina Beauty Supply
I liked the store itself with its very wide variety ofthe anything youwant could be looking for. But as Monica said do beware of not being able to take something back or exchange it either. Those hard to find cosmetics i would be buying online i found here. I bought 3 different tubes of concealer. Got home and realized i got the wrong color. Looked on my receipt to see about exchanges. NOPE! Then since i knew i really bought and paid for it, can i at least make it work? Well if the whole tube wasnt water then maybe. I'll find my right shade, and start bulk buying somewhere else.
By: Lady R.
Image Expo Salon
Oh My God!!! This salon is amazing!!! The stylists are nice and sweet. The guy that works in the front is so sweet and funny! I love the people that work there and you can see that they take pride in their salon. I was waiting on my appointment and they could tell that I was tired so they offered me a refreshing drink and a snack while I waited. I also love the atmosphere. They have smooth jazz (my favorite) playing throughout, as well as water fountains, which gives it a very soothing and relaxing vibe. I definitely recommend this place to EVERYONE!!!!!!!

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