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By: lifestreasure
Alley Cats
Rating: 2 stars for the entertainment and none for the level of serviceI had my son's 10th birthday party here and the kids loved it...now as for the customer service there and the level of customer service. It was horrible. So bad that the parents of my sons guests (who have never been there before) says that they will never return again. 1st, when I get there and get set up, onc of he workers asked me if I needed to put my ice cream in the freezer and I told her yes. She took it. When it was time to serve the ice cream and cake, one of the parents went to get the ice cream for me and was told it was not there. I had to go over there and start fussing in order to get someone to even check which at that time someone finally admitted that they had my ice cream. this was about 2 hours after being there. Afterwards, while the kids played, some of the parents and myself, sat at the table talking. When we were ready to go, we got up to round up the kids which took us no longer than 5 mins since most of the guest had left already. When I got back to my table, I notices ALL of my stuff was gone....cake, ice cream, plates (still packaged), plasticware (still packaged)....I asked one of the workers where it was and she took me to the front. They said that no one was at the table for a long time and that is why they threw it out. That was not true. Even the people at the table next to us whom we did not know was talking to us about it and willing to say that we were not gone long but when brought that to the attn of the staff they were not willing to listen to that. They told me they threw everything out but the cake but could not explain to me if they thought we were gone, why keep the cake and throw out everything else. I tried to explain it was the principle behind it and the staff just smirked and thought it was funny saying we can give you some of our plates but not once did anyone apologize. When asked to speak to the manager he looked at me and asked what would I like for him to do....did not give me a name but gave me the name of the staff member that threw our stuff out so I could file a formal complaint against her and apologized only after I once again advised that no one had bother to. Once I got my cake back, it had juice and all other kinds of stuff on the top of it, as if they had taken it out the trash to give it back to me. I will take a pic of this and file with my complaint. The staff there are very young (basically still kids themselves) and have no level of professionalism. Neither me nor my guest will ever be customers of this establishment again. Bad thing, is I had been there before years ago when my son was a toddler and have never experienced the treatment I have tonight. Wonderful for the kids but if an issue arises there is no one there mature enough to handle it.

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