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By: thewheelers
Cransh Auto Sales
My Husband and I were searching for a vehicle for our daughter. After looking at some pre-owned lots and searching the internet, I ran across the make/model of the vehicle we were looking for online at auto trader, for sell by Cransh Auto Sales. My husband called in the late evening (around 9pm) on a Monday and left a message. To our surprise, Ricky called us right back! Our conversation with him was unlike any we had experienced with other dealers: he answered all of our questions, was very informative about the vehicle and was not at all pushy to make the sale. We appreciated the honest, straight forward approach he had without the “games” we were getting at the other dealers. I will mention though there was no need to haggle over the price. The vehicle we were interested in was a Toyota RAV4. The amount we wanted to spend equaled around a 2007-2008 model everywhere else. Cransh was listing a 2011 model with the same options and less mileage than what we were finding elsewhere! And it was a 4WD!I can not stress this enough…We are NOT the type of people to purchase a vehicle online, sight unseen. However, Cransh is located over 250 miles from us. Because of the 25+ pictures listed, the straightforward, honest approach Ricky had, the reviews I read online of Cransh, and the free carfax report they offered right on the vehicles ad, we decided to move forward. We purchased the vehicle the next day (Tuesday), and it was delivered on Wednesday. They even waived the delivery fee! I will admit I was a nervous wreck until I actually saw the vehicle, but it was exactly what they advertised. The vehicle was very clean, in almost new condition, even the floor mats were covered in plastic. The tires and belts were in excellent condition as was the overall condition of the vehicle including the body, no dings, dents or major scratches. In fact I only found one scratch below the rear bumper. The only flaw I could find was the antenna was missing, but because of the new style antennas, I don’t think they realized it (the base part was there that looks like the Sirius antenna). I had it a week before noticing, and it was an easy 10.00 replacement part for the mast at the local auto parts store.I would highly recommend Cransh Auto Sales for buying a preowned vehicle. This was without a doubt the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made! Their no-pressure approach, better than reasonable price, and honesty made this purchase go from a dreaded experience to a pleasure. Thank You Cransh and Ricky, you have made our daughter very happy (and us too). She now has a newer vehicle than we expected to be able to buy, with low miles, and that we feel will be dependable and safe and all for price that exceeded our expectations!The Wheelers
By: maximed
I purchased a 2008 Hyundai Accent at Mycarman and I can confirm that they deserve all the positive reviews. Staying in Texas for 1 year (I'm French, and I'm here for a 1 year contract), I was looking for a reliable car at a great value through West Division Street, Arlington, TX. When my wife and I arrived to Mycarman, we were impressed by their inventory and their prices (especially compare to the other dealerships on this street). The same thing with their staff and their office (very friendly staff, no pressure to buy and answering all our questions, free carfax available,...). When we decided to buy a car from them (at a very attractive price), they were really helpful (especially for us, because it was our first car in the US, so we needed help for the paperwork, the insurance,...). Everything went perfect.The most important part comes after. Few days after our purchase, the check engine light came on and at the first refill of our tank we had trouble to start the engine. Really disappointed (especially with the fact that in Texas you buy the car "as is"), we went to several repair shops and look on the internet and we figured out what was the problem. We decided to go back to Mycarman and they told us the check engine light was indeed on when they had the car and that they had sent it to the repair shop to fix it. Being an Evap system code, it implied a lot of parts and it seemed the part replaced wasn't the right one or at least not enough to solve the problem. As soon as we explain this to Zima, he took the car to their repair shop and changed the part (the purge valve) at their own expense. My problem is now fixed and I have no problem to start my car anymore when I fill the tank.We were dreading to purchase our car in the US and we definitely not regret our choice of buying it at Mycarman. We will definitely recommend this place to our other French fellows looking for a car in the future.Merci à toute l'équipe de Mycarman !
By: Leo S.
Cransh Auto Sales
Friendly, courteous and the cleanest, most prepped used cars I've ever encountered. Miguel helped my Wife and me select the best car for our needs, at a price we could afford.The 2004 Honda Accord we bought is top-of-the-line with leather and all the perks. Everything works, it looks and even SMELLS brand-new. 114K miles on the clock, and not even a hint of fog on the headlight plastics. EVERYTHING likely to give trouble has been replaced. The car is TIGHT, SILENT and feels like it's NOT EVEN BROKEN IN! Whomever had this one originally, took serious care of it.The original timing belt looks nearly unused, but was replaced anyway. Many parts are OEM Honda. Everybody I dealt with was courteous and ANXIOUS to please me, NOT pushy to make a sale. Miguel was SO patient with an old couple on a fixed-income, who haven't bought a car in 20 years...Everyone at Cransh made us feel like "family" and I highly recommend the store to anyone needing a really NICE car at an affordable price.Cars are sold "cash" and "as-is" with no warranty. However, the effort Cransh personnel expend to make the cars reliable is nearly unheard of. And, if the car does exhibit problems, Cransh offers VERY low cost repairs, having affiliations with suppliers for discount prices on parts, and low hourly shop-rates.I ended up at Cransh after searching the Internet for a clean Honda with less than 150K miles, and under $7,000. Searching "Auto Trader" I found nearly every car I was interested in was located at Cransh... So I became a pleased customer... Thanks, Miguel and thanks to Cransh management for making the sale seamless, and thanks to Cransh technicians for making a NICE used car into an EXCELLENT one!Sincerely,Leo (and Betty) Squiers, Grapevine, TX
By: smolloy
Champion Motors Inc
I'm writing this review especially for anyone that is thinking of buying a car long distance. I found my 08 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab at Champion Motors online at Autotrader.com. It was one of the lowest mileage that I could find on the web and priced thousands below what people were asking (these trucks go for a premium). I sent an email inquiry and Ray (the owner) responded promptly. I had probably about 2 or 3 back and forth emails with questions and Ray was always very detailed and thorough in responding to my questions. It took about 24 hours and I decided to make the purchase. Now I wasn't financing this, so I was a little concerned about sending a cashiers check for $19,000.00 to someone I'd never met or even spoken to on the phone. I did thorough research through online reviews and the Better Business Bureau of Arlington TX. Champion Motors had an absolutely flawless record and I could not find one legitimate negative review about them (trust me when I say I did my research); they were all great reviews! So Ray prepared and emailed all the paperwork to complete, I signed everything and enclosed a cashiers check and sent FedEx. Ray alerted me as to when he received the check, I arranged for transport shipping and 3 days later I'm looking outside at my truck! The truck was received as Champion Motors had described and I couldn't be happier. Super smooth simple process with Ray and a great product that Ray himself personally stood behind if I wasn't happy. If you have an opportunity to buy a car from Champion Motors, from my experience, this is a no brainer. I write this review because people are so quick to complain, but we need to recognize the good businesses out there. Thank you Ray!
By: Dave M.
Fares Auto Sales
I purchased a 2004 Volvo XC70 from Fares Auto sight unseen over the internet and had it delivered to me. I recommend that no one else buy a car from this dealer without seeing it first. Danny was very nice and provided prompt service until the day that the car was purchased. As soon as he received the check, communication became very scarce. It was several days after the purchase before I was provided any information on how the vehicle would come into my position. I had to call his cell phone and the dealership repeatedly over the course of 3 days to get information on shipping.It took a week and a half after the check has cleared before the title arrived in the mail. Before purchasing the car I inquired over the phone about any flaws the car may have. I was told there was only a small dent by the front driver’s side door. When the car arrived there were a few dents and several scratches all round the car as well as huge crack in the rear passenger side window. (the scratches are expected on a 10 year old car but the frustrating part is that he never mentioned them) The center counsel was also broken off. After several attempts to contact him I was finally successful and he told me he was unable to work with me on the cracked window. Also the decals and emblem on the rear door were completely different than the decals and emblems in the picture of the car that the dealer had posted online. At first I thought he shipped me a completely different car but the VIN number matches up. He must have switched out the trunk door with another Volvo before shipping the car. On a positive note the car is very clean and seems to run well. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH FARES AUTO SALES.
By: robbyg
Dallas Auto Sales
By far the best experience I've had in car buying.... I was referred by our pastor to this lot after he bought a car. He claimed to have met "an actual honest dealer" in dallas. I have to admit, I really didn't have a lot of confidence in this analysis of a dealer-haven't had much luck in buying used cars. I found myself in a bad situation recently when the transmission in my wife's car locked up. This left us sharing one car and I'm ashamed to say that our credit is not that great due to me being laid off 2 times in 3 years. I went on cars.com and found like 10 good reviews from customers so I decided to take my pastor's advice to visit them. I ending up getting approved for a 2007 Infiniti G35. I really can't believe we got something so nice with our credit. It was probably the best experience I've had buying a car-even when my credit was good. I know you generally are treated better at dealerships when you have good credit, but Rene treated me like I actually was the best credit customer on the planet. My wife and I have been telling everyone about these guys (and girl). I will mention that the driver seat in my car stopped going forward and backward 2 days after we took the car and I called told Will about it. He ordered me a new part of some sort to correct the issue and fixed for free. I was really surprised at this as well because I don't know of many used car dealers that will actually personally warranty the car after someone buys it. GREAT GREAT GREAT PEOPLE! I wish them all the blessings in their business! -Gomez Family
By: bobbytx
Please excuse me for my late entry, although the wait has definitely served as proof to my purchase at MyCarMan! I had purchased a Lexus IS350 from this dealership nearly 7 is months ago. I had found the vehicle online, and took full advantage of the free carfax featured on their website (which is presented for all vehicles in their inventory). The pictures proved true in person-- and as a perfectionist, I was surprised at the immaculate condition. Sooner than expected, I knew this was the vehicle I wanted to take home. Zima and Sami were willing to work with any questions or inquiries I may have had involving the vehicle in its entirety. The purchase remained literally hassle free, as Zima remained in close contact as I gathered the appropriate paperwork for the transaction. As a family owned business, they remained more respectful than any dealership I have dealt with prior. They are undoubtedly top tier when it comes to customer satisfaction. With spending months researching for the best deals on Lexus IS across the country, I was surprised when this gem was hiding in my own backyard here in the DFW area. Friends and family alike can not believe the deal I had received on this amazing vehicle thanks to MyCarMan. As mentioned above, I have had zero problems, surprises, or mishaps with my Lexus since its purchase 7 months ago! I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone I know. Definitely save yourself the headache, and make your next vehicle purchase at MyCarMan. Thanks again Sami and Zima,-Bobby R.
By: cosbyandkids
Dallas Auto Sales
I've never felt compelled to rate or review a company before, but I feel obligated to praise Will and Rene for helping me get a car. I recently went through a divorce that consisted of 2 repos and late credit card payments. I literally sent my credit application to 11 different dealerships that claimed to help people with bad credit. Two different dealerships called me claiming I was approved and when I got to the dealership, they tried to switch me from a Nissan Maxima (that I wanted) to a Chevy Cobalt and a Kia Forte! That's when Rene called me to invite me to come visit their dealership. I was taken back by her honesty-told me upfront that I would be facing a high interest rate and payments. Everyone else promised me the world and delivered a Cobalt just to get me to come into their dealerships. Rene was so kind and sympathetic to my situation. She never made me feel like a "bad credit customer"-she was always happy to answer my questions-good and bad. The thing I respect the most of my experience with Dallas Auto Sales is that no one tried to switch me to different, cheap, ugly, microscopic, car. Will fought very hard to get me approved on a Maxima. I had to go with a cheaper Altima but at least it was a comparable car to the Maxima. I was never pushed to change my mind or settle. I wanted to share my experience because these people really deserve to be blessed!
By: faustoc
Auto Paradise of Texas
I just want to comment on the most pleasant experience I have ever had in purchasing a vehicle. Shawn was friendly, trusting, and super easy to work with. He worked with us to make the sale on Labor Day. He allowed my wife and I to take the 2005 Honda Civic LX for a test drive alone, something we didn’t ask for. First time that has ever happened to me. It is refreshing to drive the car without the person trying to sell it sitting in the back seat. The vehicle was in Immaculate condition…which is a word Shawn had used on the phone and was the exact word to use to describe it once we saw the vehicle, inspected it and test drove it. The pricing of the vehicle was so good I did not even bother with haggling, the vehicle looked and drove that good. I had just seen vehicles with substantially more miles and a year older going for more at Carmax, Rusty Wallis and Bankston Honda. I also want to thank Shawn for the extra key and remote he threw in to satisfy my 1 request. The car continues to run great and still looks immaculate. My daughter is very happy with it. Not only was the shopping experience the best, it was also the shortest. We spent about 45 minutes including the test drive and paperwork. Now when have you ever bought a car at a dealer in 45 minutes? Auto Paradise Texas is where I am looking first next time I want to buy a car! Big thanks and Good Luck in the future!
By: connerandaxle
Auto Paradise of Texas
This review is long, long overdue and we would be remiss if time was not set aside to thank you for making our car buying experience exceptional.This was our son’s (Connor) first vehicle purchase and we wanted him to experience every aspect of vehicle shopping – boy, were we in for a surprise ourselves!! Suffice it to say, if we had not found Auto Paradise of Texas, the experience would have ended and buying a vehicle put on the back burner. We had all but given up and made up our minds this was the last truck we would look at…knowing this would turn out exactly like all the others.Hallelujah!! Auto Paradise of Texas and Shawn and Jennifer Hoover. Amazing!! Everything on your website was TRUE. Everything you told us was TRUE – - the truck was EXACTLY as your website said, the video showed, and you told us. Your professionalism, courtesy, and relate ability are without equal and what sealed the deal – we were sold, but after talking with you both, knew we were advising our son correctly.Thank you for the mission you are on with your dealership and your honesty and integrity. Because of our experience, we tell everyone about you and will come to you for future vehicle purchases! Sincerely,Daryl and Kim S.PS Conner L O V E S his truck! “Axel” is awesome and a wonderful addition to our family!!
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An immobilizer is used to prevent your car from being stolen, and this electronic device causes your car's engine to stop running unless a specific key is present. Recent studies have shown that immobilizers have reduced car theft by as much as 40 percent. All cars sold in the United States  since 2012 come standard with immobilizers, and aftermarket versions are available for older cars.
An anti-hijack system is a device that is used to discourage and prevent criminals from hijacking cars. Many anti-hijack systems use a car's alarm or immobilizer system to help achieve their objective. The best anti-hijack systems will work to initiate a quick and safe shutdown of your car if it is stolen.
A curb feeler is also known as a curb finder, and it's a device that's used to let drivers know when they're at an ideal distance from the curb for parallel parking. Curb feelers extend out from the car's body, near the wheels. They scrape against the curb if the driver gets too close, and they help prevent damage to the car's wheels when parking.
A car body kit is a set of customized body parts that have been designed to modify the appearance of a stock car. In many cases, a car body kit is comprised of components such as front and rear bumpers, spoilers, and side skirts. These kits may be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or polyurethane.
A cargo barrier is a device that fits in the rear of your vehicle, and it's used to shield passengers from large loads contained in the rear of the vehicle. Cargo barriers are also used to shield passengers from pets being transported in the vehicle's rear area. These barriers promote passenger safety.

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