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By: Melissa M.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
I am a new mom, and I wanted to get back in shape post baby. I knew my needs, and I needed something challenging, encouraging yet something to help keep me disciplined with the work outs. So I googled Kickboxing classes near me and I don't know why but I think it was the best thing a totally sleep deprived mom could do at 2am. In my results I saw Ilovekickboxing.com, and decided to check it out. They had a trial class they were offering, I went in to inquire about it and I was really scared I wouldn't't fit in or couldn't't do the workouts, but after talking with some of the staff and seeing their interactions with the customers, I thought I would give it a shot. My first day I was nervous, but they staff was so encouraging they helped me push through. At the end of the workout on the first day, I decided to sign up. It "IS" the best thing I've done for myself in a while, and I'm on day 7. If you're ever in the area and wanna try kickboxing ILKBARLINGTON.COM you will not regret it, I don't.
By: cseifert
LA Fitness
LA Fitness has a professional staff and can definitely find a membership that best fits your needs! I don't know what Colin was saying about being limited to that "one" location. They have all kinds of memberships, statewide and nationwide.The trainers are awesome and will help you when you need it. On top of that, when you sign up you get a free fitness assessment with a personal trainer!The prices are pretty good for the amenities they serve to you. You also have to realize that your surrounding yourself with others that pay the same prices. Also, no contract and no cancellation fee!As for guest passes, they only offer them to first timers with a local TX ID (within 25mi) or if you can prove to them that you live in Arlington.The equipment is up-to-date and hardly any discrepancies with them. I love the layout of the club and really, just go check it out for yourself. It's the only club in North Arlington that suits my needs.Overall I give this club a 5/5!
By: Cassandra Z.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
I received an email from Groupon about a special going on for 10 classes for $50 with a free pair of boxing gloves. The next day I headed straight to Ilovekickboxing at the Arlington location. As soon as I walked Jamie came running up to me with so much excitement that I have never seen. I explained to Jamie and Angelina that I wanted to join the Army reserves and I had a few pounds that I needed to lose. I was very impressed that they took their time to understand exactly what I wanted and why I wanted to join the class. I decided to have my first class that day, and I signed up and committed that same day. Finally, no more trying to accommodate my friend's schedule, no more trying to figure out what machines I should try using, and best of all building my muscles without weight lifting. In this class, you will burn fat, tones your entire body, learn self- defense, improve your coordination, release stress, and gain strength and confident all at once.
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By: Cintia R.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
I can't say enough about how much I love this place! The trainers(Jamie, Taylor, Tasha, Angelina, Keon, LJ) make you feel welcome, are very encouraging and supportive. They praise you when you are doing well, and try to help push you past your weaker areas without being drill sergeants. Always smiling when you walk in, they really love their jobs and you can tell they are committed to ensuring you reach your goals. When you get a membership, you also get an ILKB family, who can hold you accountable and ask when are you coming back in. You're guaranteed to come out the door smiling after you put in that work and all the endorphins release. Join in on the Best full body workout while having fun at the same time!
By: Liz E.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
YALL!! I freaking love ILKB!!! Before i started ilkb i was really down and wasnt happy. Ilkb has helped me let out all my frustration out on the bag and i feel so much better afterwards. Sometimes i feel like im dying during the warm up but once we get to hitting the bags its on! I love all of the Arlington instructors. You walk in the door and they're always greeting us with a huge smile on their faces. They're are funny and push you to be better cause they know you can be better. I would definitely recommend joining ilkb. Let out your frustration and get a workout at the same time. Ive been there for a month and i feel alot happier now than before i started. Join! Noooow!!! :D
By: splatking1
Maverick Athletic Club
I have been a member of many gyms and facilities and have never been to a health club that is more friendlier than the Maverick. The staff at the club go out of their way to make you feel right at home and it does not have the same snobby atmosphere like those busy chain or corporate clubs.I would highly recommend the Maverick to anyone, give them a visit and see for yourself. And try a strawberry smoothie at the snack bar, those are the best after a good workout. :-)And they allow kids into the club which is huge because some clubs in the area do not allow kids under 12 in their clubs. Thumbs down to those places. Thumbs up to the Maverick Athletic Club.
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By: Joanna P.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
ILKB-Arlington has been the best addition to my life. It’s a great workout that you think you can’t survive but feel ready to go again once you’re done. All the instructors are great and very motivating and they make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. I love seeing their motivational and funny FB memes. There is always someone ready to rush over and greet you when you walk through the doors and make you feel welcome. I have been going for just over a month and I feel much stronger with each workout. They have recently opened up more class times that fit various schedules.
By: Paula G.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
I have been working out at ILKB Arlington for a little over 6 months. As someone who struggled with the monotony of the gym, the fun and fresh work outs at ILKB were a breath of fresh air! One of the greatest aspects of joining ILKB is the family atmosphere. When you join the trainers welcome you to the family, and they mean it! I could go on forever about each of the amazing trainers at the gym who I believe genuinely care about me and my fitness goals. They are encouraging and welcoming and so fun to work out with! I would not trade my ILKB workout for anything.
By: Leticia A.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
By far the best decision I've made was joining ILKBArlington!! I'm so glad I came across their promotion and decided to join. Best staff ever! Great motivation and inspiration. Nothing but greatness comes out of there. You might dislike them while they're encouraging you to push yourself to your limits (lol) but, they do it for you and you'll always leave thankful for that. I've never enjoyed working out as much as I do now. If you haven't already joined, what are you waiting for!?! I HIGHLY recommend ILKBArlington !!
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By: Andrea A.
iLoveKickboxing.com - Arlington, TX
Today was my first class! It was absolutely fabulous. The instructors were high energy, the playlists were upbeat, the environment was friendly, and the team there made me feel very comfortable, while also pushing me to persevere through the pain, especially when I wanted to stop! If you are looking for a total body workout (no matter your level) this is the place for you! I will be back! Come on and MARCH INTO SHAPE & SPRING INTO FITNESS with the team at ilovekickboxing.com in Arlington, Tx!!

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