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By: zachariahdykes185
US Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center
The first thing I thought of when we were talking about Karate is that my son would come home and beat up his sister. This program has taught him when to use it, how to use it and it is for exercise and getting strong at his age. As a school teacher there a lot of kids that lack respect and the ones that are more respectful work better with other people, they understand the teamwork principles that will carry throughout his years into the workplace. I couldn't believe in just a week or two he was coming home and applying what he was learning in his karate class, I thought it would take at least a couple months. I love that he is brushing his teeth on his own, making his bed, cleaning his room, feeding the dogs and now working towards the things he wasn't doing before. When I signed up here I did not know that all the extras were part of it also. The first class the instructor was talking about stranger danger and the bathing suit area guidelines. One of the next classes was how to deal with bullies. It is really, really nice to hear those things from instructors outside myself and my husband. I already told other parents about the wonderful martial arts program. That they give you real life lessons. I tell them they are learning respect, working together, it's really life lessons unlike if you joined dance or gymnastics.
By: austinaldrich263
US Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center
I enrolled my grandchildren here at US Elite. Recently we were at a parent teacher conference and the teacher said, Whatever you, DO NOT take him out of karate, he is so helpful, kind and considerate, the program has helped his learning and his attention span, keep him in karate for the rest of his life. If a parent says Karate is too expensive, I'm just going to put my kid in baseball instead I would reply Isn't their life worth it? If they are going to go do baseball, make sure you do martial arts first. Learn the life skills like respect, teamwork and controlling your emotions first. At first, his parents thought that karate might bring out more physical, aggression. But it has been completely opposite. Before he used to get mad and go around and punch things when he was upset or when someone says something mean to him. Now amazingly it doesn't bother him, he is centered and more self controlled.
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By: Jason S.
Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights
I have four of my children in the Victory program for about 5 years now. We would not still be involved if we did not believe 100% in The school. Alex Krotiak, from Arlington heights, has taught all of my children. Victory has a great program for every age group and experience level. We love the family atmosphere and everything that Victory stands for! Alex has a gift for teaching and he is one reason why this program is successful. If you are thinking about trying Victory in Arlington Heights, DO IT!! It's fun, Kid SAFE, affordable, effective and just a great group of people to surround yourself with. Arlington Heights has one of the best instructors around...Alex Krotiak is the head instructor in Arlington. If you are on the fence about this or if you signed up, you are going to enjoy his teaching ability to help every student learn at the level that are ready for!
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By: Melissa F.
Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights
Victory is unlike any other MMA gym you will find. It is a family. You can find physical transformation, emotional transformation, and even spiritual transformation. When I found Victory I did not know what I needed. All I knew was I was at a very low point. I brought my son in for a class and quickly became a adult student too. My son and I will forever be different people because of Victory MMA. Alex Krotiak is an outstanding martial artist, person, and role model. He has taken on a mentor role in my sons life and I will forever be grateful. Victory has blessed me with so much more then learning how to punch and submit people. So if you aren't sure what you need in your life but you know you need something I urge you to come into a class. You will find a room full of instant family and friends. Just come!!!!!!!!!!!
By: masonfitch70
US Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center
Thanks to their kickboxing program, I have lost inches and I know I've lost pounds. Incredible! I haven't seen my thighs like this since I can't tell you how long. My pants are looser and not as tight. I have bad knees but the more I come to class the more stronger my knees and joints get. This is obviously from your wonderful spring floor and that I don't feel the impact. I really thought before I signed up that I can't do it, this isn't for me. I was wrong and I really, really love coming. My sleep hasn't been that great the last 12 years and now my sleep has been so much better and my bad back is so much better too. In the past I dreaded exercising and mentally I said Do I Have To. But not with your kickboxing class. I really, really enjoy coming.
By: felixsummerfield291
US Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center
The classes are great. It works every muscle in your body and is great for losing weight or gaining weight whichever is your goal. This has helped me focus on those goals. I feel great after the workouts, It makes me feel good especially when I'm able to get down the intermediate drills and techniques. This school is a structured program each and every month for those techniques and ground exercises unlike other karate schools I have seen. I have made some good friends here which overall is great. We are able to push each other greater now. It really is a respectful, safe and friendly environment that allows us all to get better. I have brought in a few friends to train here and I am always recommending this program to everyone at school and church.
By: tracyhusk57
US Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center
I have my daughter, son and myself enrolled here. It's something we can always do together. At home, I'm hearing "Yes dad, Yes mom.” They are taking what they learn here and using it at home and with their friends. I love it here because it enhances everything we are trying to do at home. It's not just Mom and Dad telling them how they should act. I like the character development they get here at US Elite because there is not much focus on that at grade school.
By: Alex K.
Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights
Victory is a great place to train. I have been training here for a few years now and it has really changed my life. Not only are the instructors committed to teaching you the most effective methods for the sport of MMA and self defense. But they do it in an non intimidating way and genuinely want you to succeed. They have classes in jui jitsu, kickboxing, MMA, wrestling, and even have kids classes so there is a place for everyone. Check them out!
By: Irving G.
Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights
Victory martial arts in Arlington heights is one of the best places I have ever trained. I've been going to victory for a couple of years now and there is no better place to be. They teach classes in mma, Muay Thai, kick boxing, jiu jitsu, and kids classes. Everyone at victory is extremely friendly and always willing to teach. The instructors are incredible and really take the time to teach the proper techniques and fundamentals of martial arts.
By: mmagymschicago
Victory Martial Arts Arlington Heights
If your looking for a Martial Arts school in Arlington Heights, you will want to check out Victory! At Victory MMA gyms they offer kickboxing, mma, self defense, jiu jitsu and kids karate lessons. Great workout that you never get bored of. Great place to meet new friends and the instructors are great. I go to the Victory gym by midway and know the instructor of the arlington heights school and he is world class!

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