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By: John D.
Rockford Garden Apartments
I'll preface this by saying that my time there was very enjoyable. My neighbors were all elderly and quiet, never had any issues with my neighbors. I would also like to say that I consider myself an excellent renter. I always paid my rent on time or in some cases earlier than required. There have been reviews on other sites including this one that are based on fact and on half truths. Hopefully, I can set some of those correct. First off, consider your deposit gone. It is absolutely true the people who run the complex will do everything they can to swindle you out of your deposit. Even if you have everything written down on the so called "check in" sheet. They will absolutely make things up that never occurred so they won't have to pay you back. When I left my apartment was cleaner than the day I moved in and the way they treated me it was like I never attempted to clean it. To the charge that the manager enters your apartment without notice, this is a half truth. There were at least two occasions that my apartment was entered without my prior notice. However, most of the time they will inform you up to a week before they plan on coming. It's mostly for routine inspections like fire alarms and bug spraying. On to the maintenance. My apartment only required major maintenance twice during my tenure at Rockford Gardens. Both times the maintenance man acted like it was a giant waste if his time and that I was being a burden on him. This is why I tended to do most of my own work so I wouldn't have to deal with them. Overall, it is a solid place to live, especially for Ardmore.
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By: Trey P.
The Orchard Apartments
I've been living here for a year and a half. Almost every night I have to deal with loud neighbors. My central air went out about 4 months ago and i've been waiting on it to get fixed ever since. Everytime I speak to the landlord I get excuses.
By: Rissa S.
Rockford Garden Apartments
this made my night. awesome people

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