By: shevedark
AirFire Mobile
In short, Airfire Mobile is the service and quality equivalent of Wisconsin's other locally owned and operated CellCom, only better in some ways because you don't have a contract. In the year that I have had their service I have had perhaps two data outages only and zero issues with billing and phone service. I've always had great customer service when visiting their Grand Chute location and they even gave my 2 year old a dummy phone to keep when he was getting frustrated with having to wait (and keep his hands to himself). With referral bonuses and adding family members to an existing plan, my unlimited phone and data went from $45/month to $30, which is far better than I could ever get with a contract-based service and I'm not locked in for two years. I did not purchase my phone from their store, instead getting an unlocked model from eBay, and even received my SIM card for free (versus $30) because of the referral program, though I would have been quite happy to pay for it too.Regarding service coverage, I do have some issues on the UWO campus, but that has more to do with the buildings than the actual service and I otherwise have good coverage in the Fox Cities area. When visiting family in the Wausau area or down by Madison there are some outages, but I expect that with any service, particularly in rural locations and they're less prevalent than they were with Sprint.
By: brandon.palet.5
AirFire Mobile
they have terrible service, i live in northern GREEN BAY! and i get nearly no service, the most common places are dead zones. im broke, totaly broke, and the months i do have my phone on, something is wrong, one month i constantly have zero service, now this month i cant send or receive text messages, ive NEVER been able to send or receive MMS, phones are over priced, and WAY under quality! i highly do NOT reccomend!!! and i did my free trade in phone,, i broing in a $400 phone, brand new in the box, and they give me this crappy 20 dollar phone??? really airfire????

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