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By: jacob.ferrell.96
First, let me start off by saying I was very, very excited for the opening of this restaurant. I live within about 2 miles of it and was very happy to hear there would be a fast food restaurant in my area closer than apex, chapel hill, or pittsboro. Sadly, I was EXTREMELY disappointed, and honestly amazed they'd serve such poor food to first time customers right after opening. I have been twice, once for breakfast and once for lunch. The first time I got a burger and some onion rings. The onion rings were good, no complaints there. The burger was disgusting though. Honestly the patty was almost like beef jerky. It was very tough and not very flavorful. Absolutely in my top 3 worst burgers of all time. Grill n Go has nothing on mcdonalds and I hate mcdonalds. I dont' know if it was just over cooked, extremely poor quality, or if it had been sitting under a heat lamp for 2 hours. I've seen a multitude of others online say the same about the patty. I arrived right at 10:30am, which is when they stop serving breakfast and start serving lunch. So if they already had old burgers sitting around right when lunch starts that's just pathetic. I had to wait about 5 minutes for my food, so it wouldn't make sense if they had it pre made, but the food quality suggested it was. I can only assume my burger was sitting under a heating lamp while they fried my onion rings. Considering the combo cost me 7 dollars, I was not happy. I then went there today to try their breakfast. Got a sausage and egg biscuit. egg and sausage were poor quality, biscuit was dry and kind of hard. Hashbrowns were nothing special either. As much as I want to enjoy this place, I can't. It's bad.
By: patrick.moulds.1
It is about time a quality "Fast Food" restauraunt opened in this area. I don't put fast food in quatations because they are slow, it is because it is difficult for me to group Grill-N-Go in the same category as McDonalds, or some other place like that. Obviously the location is something they have in their corner, but it is not everything. The staff has an apparent pride in what they are doing. It is hard to find a staff that cares in that industry, and they have me beliving they care.Where else can you find a drive through that serves chicken wings, and good ones at that.The Chicken salad sandwich in the boxed lunch is an incredible bargin. So much food for so little money. Every time I go there, I leave extremly satisfied. The burgers are very similar to a Cook Out. ****I am sorry for saying their name, but it is the only place I can compare it to****I can't even grill a burger as good as the ones they serve at the Grill-N-Go,With Location, great staff, and incredible food, I know they have to be a success. I just hope these types of reviews don't go to their heads, and make them increase their prices.My newest FAVORITE!!!!
By: justinishere
A new slice of heaven called Grill-N-Go has opened and I must make 2 recommendations! # 1- CHICKEN SALAD precious! It is homemade and has the perfect blend of fresh chicken (not canned), onion, celery, and a hint of red and green bell pepper. I suggest it on a roll with mayo and mustard on both sides. #2- MILKSHAKES boo! I'm not sure what type of machine they use but hot dang they have the most velvety creamy milkshakes I've ever had! I'm not a fan of the fake whipped topping they use but the cherry is perfectly red and sweet anchored gently under the rim of the lid for easy access. That detail was not lost on this fat boy. The burgers are grilled and cooked well done. Everything is fresh and the owner clearly cares about his business and also has dreamy blue eyes. Ha! If you are in Apex and want something different, new and delicious, then fill up the minivan and SUV and head over to the Grill-N-Go! You know you wanna!Dang, I should get paid for this. A free shake or something. Peace out!
By: carolyncatdavis
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
This was a nice restaurant, the food was good and came out at a reasonable time. The waitor was the cashier also, bless his heart, he was over worked!

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