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  • This Rv Park is trashy and lots of problems

    This Rv park is a problem, they put bleach in the water. They have a guy here that is trouble, they don't care about there tenants safety. They have a leaking leach field, and lots of things being done illegaly with out permits. This Rv park is terrible,and very trashy and lots of drugs and theft in this place...

  • PLEASE THINK Before you choose...

    PLEASE THINK Before you choose this PLACE they put there tenets in danger!

    The Owner of this Rv park allows one of his workers named billy to threaten a 90 year old lady and send her to the Hospital this park lies saying they have a spa and they don't also they say they have Cameras on the property and they don't also the owner stated that he wants me to move that I am the agitator I have evidence his tenant/worker named billy sliced my tires and the owner is saying he wants me out well he will be responsible for all cost to move my trailer this park will not Protect your safety Also management says don't call 911 for police or fire dept. and the park host earl also is taking up of for this guy named billy and the manager Donna Heart Also takes up for this guy named Billy but I have all evidence. and this RV PARK PUTS BLEACH INTO THERE WATER and then also Billy can get away with going over 5MPH in here and etc. I don't have to be here and still get blamed for stuff I don't do! I am not the Problem I also have witnesses that I am not the Problem I want everyone to know This RV PARK PUTS there Tenets and Campers IN HIGH DANGER if I was you I would Rent from somewhere else where management Don't say you can't call the police or fire department and if you call them about problems they don't want to hear it. So I would Rent from somewhere where management Protects there tenets Also they don't want to hear about people making loud noises at 12am 1am on 5-9-2013 but this guy billy can make noise at all hours of the night and if anyone says anything the management don't want to hear it.

  • This rv park does False Advert...
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    This rv park does False Advertisement they say this place has security cameras and there is no cameras. also Anza Rv Park does not protect your safety because when they have trouble makers like one of the guys that works for the rv park named Billy that starts fights and can do whatever he wants and they dont do anything to him if I was you I would stay somewhere else better then a rv park that liies to you saying they are a 5star resort there is no spa there is no cameras like they say on signs that they have posted there is better places to stay then a place where they lie to you and where they will not protect your safety and let there tenets and campers be put into danger by the trouble makers and high drug use they have at the rv park EVEN THE MAINTENECE MAN TERRY says dont call management if there is problems with tenets so I would not recomened this RV PARK TO ANYONE they put your life in danger and dont protect anyone

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