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By: karodriguez
Cousineau Recycling
2 stars may be over-rated since this review is based on a handful of bad experiences here. Every time I have ordered a part(s) thru here, they have come from Appleton. I don't mind the wait. I do mind being told that I can expect a phone call when my item(s) arrive only to call back on my own almost a week later to find out that nobody bothered. I once ordered a windshield for my car, it came from Appleton, nobody called us to tell us it was in and they sent it back to Appleton. I had an appointment scheduled to have the windshield installed and had to reschedule that 2x on account of Cousineau's mistakes. My most recent experience was my husband purchasing 2 used tires there, which came from Appleton. He patiently waited and made sure to call them to check on the order. He went to pick them up in Weston a few days later. The lady at the desk told him that the tires were not there yet. Another representative overheard the conversation and quickly corrected her. They were there. My husband took them to Wal-Mart, and spent $35 having them put them on the rims, balance, etc. Low and behold, once aired up, the tires were obviously garbage. They had cracks all around the outside which appeared to be from water damage. Frustrated he took them back demanding some help after all the money we had spent ($50 per tire + Wal-Mart). The rep. who had saved him from walking out without the tires a few days before gave him $21 back and ordered him a different set of used tires from Appleton. Told, as usual, 'they'll be here in a couple of days', he walked out knowing he'd be without a vehicle for another week. Two days later, I called to check to see if the order was in. I waited on hold for over 10 minutes only to hear, 'They'll be here late today.' Well, since it is already 3pm, I'm sure that must mean, 'Better luck next time.' I've decided we will no longer do business with this place. I'd rather pay more for better and more organized service.
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By: Rachel P.
Cousineau Recycling
I Love this place Bill ad Judy have beat the odds ad r holding on strong they treat people with respect very helpful and hell bill even will go down on a price to help u out. All business will have a flaw here and there but over all 98% of the tie its great and when its ovt call and let Bill know he will look in to it ad fix it he care about his customers i've see tht first had with myself ad with other customer. Heck EVE IF U HV AN ISSUE WITH A PART AFTER U BY IT HELL Bill will fix it for u go talk to him.. He runs a tight ship but if u been around this place over the yrs. u notice and hear how he even treats his employees like family ad i find tht heart warming a lot of laces don't go tht far so i return u ca get even better service for ur customers... just my opinion after living here after oh 17 yrs now just about.. So thank you to Bill an Judy for all u do have done and will do thank u for caring for us ll ple middle class or class or the richer class.... Rachel . P. Antigo
By: rumtree
Cousineau Recycling
I went to Cousineau's recycling center in Antigo, WI. I was a bit anxious never having been there before. I couldn't have had a better experience. I had almost no waiting time. Staff was on hand to help me off load my scrap and they sorted it to ensure that I received a premium for the material I brought it. I could not have been happier- the facility and service far exceeded my expectations.
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By: Chris K.
Cousineau Recycling
Never had a problem with service or getting help even if i was unsure what exactly was wrong with my vehicle they usually had a good idea of what i need prices are competitive with other salvage places i recommend this place to everyone i know

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