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By: Carol A.
Campus Quarters
Tracey,My daughter moved in apartment #3309 on August 19th, 2017. The apartment was dirty, and thats an understatement. We were very disappointed to say the least. Between the two of us we spent four hours cleaning and spraying everything with Lysol. Here is a list of issues: dirty kitchen counter tops, dirty exterior and interior cabinets, mold spores in all bottom kitchen cabinets (which could be a potential health hazard). The cabinet under the kitchen sink smelled moldy and musty....spider webs, all light fixtures had dead bugs in them, stains on living room carpet (which could also be a health hazard if these stains are from animal feces and not properly treated), stains on sofa, debris on kitchen floor, dirty baseboards throughout, stuff laying between refrigerator and cabinet, dishes left in kitchen cabinets, several holes in walls from toggle bolts in master bedroom that should have been spackled.Unfortunately we did not read the apartment reviews (about 80% negative) before signing the lease. If so, it would of raised a red flag for sure.I am attaching photos for you to view and awaiting a quick response from you.Also, there were 5 piles of dog poop in the grassy area at bottom of stairs. I sure hope that you strictly enforce cleaning up after pets in the future. Disgusting.
By: Rylie W.
Glen Willows Apartments
These are the worst apartments I've ever lived in. There are so many reoccurring maintenance issues that go unattended, it's absolutely ridiculous. My air conditioning goes out at least every other week, I have water leaking from the ceiling, my plumbing is always stopped up. The office staff is very unsympathetic to maintenance problems. I can't wait until my lease is over, I'm so ready to move!!
By: Ashley H.
Campus Quarters
I really wanted to give this place ZER0 stars, but it made me put at least one...This is a nice property, but the absolute WORST management i've ever experienced in my life. When I first signed up to move in the placed me with a roommate. I was happy and we were coordinating for our apartment. A week later I get a letter stating I have new roommates and this happened a good four times... After moving in I was paired with two freshman that were NOTHING like what i had asked for when I filled out that roommate pairing sheet. I then knew that this apartment was VERY scatter brained. Living with these girls were intolerable and management said they couldn't do anything about it until something bad happened. Soon after.. something bad happened and the cops were called. The girls were breaking all the rules of the complex and I was then forced to move out... I started getting random bills and was then told by the manager Leslie, that I was no longer allowed to use the facilities (even though I was paying for them). When I was moved into a new apartment she refused to have the room cleaned from the previous tenant... there was a bug problem, a smell issue, and much more... Thank goodness I was able to break my lease with no penalty thanks to my lawyer... He explained this to be one of the worst apartment complexes he's ever dealt with... The gates surrounding the apartment do NOT close as they are supposed to, so whoever wants to come in can do so freely. theft and vandalism occur on a normal basis here and nothing is ever enforced. IF you ever need help with ANYTHING be prepared for a huge run around... nothing will ever get done. If you put a maintenance request in, give it at least a week or two to get done... Also, they come into your apartment whenever they feel like it. I was homes one day in my bedroom and they didn't know... I caught them going through my kitchen drawers and my roommates room when she wasn't home... I didn't feel safe at this apartment which is why i did my all to leave. I find it pretty funny that out of 11 comments only 3 are good and the three are written by staff of campus quarters... lolThis property could do great things if it got rid of Leslie Ramirez as a manager. She is rude, unwilling to help, a liar, and will do whatever it takes to rip you off. She is the most UNPROFESSIONAL person i have ever dealt with. If I would have read the reviews of Campus Quarters before renting, I would have NOT moved here. This place is a scam and a very awful experience for anyone that comes and goes...
By: Sandra M.
Wooldridge Apts
Lived here over 3 years nice and pleasant great staff clean great place to live and friendly neighbors
By: Yvette C.
Islander Village
Worst place I've ever lived, they like to con people out of their money. They'll make it seem as though you only pay utilities for your apartment, but no it's for the ENTIRE complex. It's already the end of my lease come July I got charged 3 utility bills & I moved out in march & only 1 roommate is still living there. No way one person uses that much electricity & water. I ignored previous reviews & got stuck being conned out of my money. BEWARE!
By: Crystal S.
Candlewood Apartments
My family and I have lived here for many years...regardless to others negative comments, we ENJOY our apartment home...the Location is great, between 2 major roads, 3 differnt schools (each child attends a different school), HEB, Wal-Mart, Century 16 movie theather, and many more Southside stores are just a short drive down the street. We take walks around the complex in the evenings and enjoy the scenery, kids (teenagers) enjoy utilizing the fitness room and swimming pools. The office staff, Michelle and Maria are wonderful, they tend to each person/tenant accordingly and with understanding, very professional staff. The maintenance staff are knowledgeable in their duties and well mannered upon entry to our apartment. Over All...WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE....
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By: Amber B.
Wooldridge Apts
This place is ridiculous. At first I was interested, put in a "refundable" deposit, but then went back for a second look and realized the closet space is an absolute joke and there is no pantry! So, we had changed our mind. Asked for our deposit back (it's been only a week) and nope. They don't do refunds on the deposit. And then someone else says "no it's only refundable in 24 hrs". So of course I asked to speak with the person in charge, RUDEST PERSON I've ever encountered. Very condescending, "listen here sweetie" was her favorite response when I had a question. Eventually she ended up hanging up on me. What kind of service is that????? I'm glad we never signed an actual lease and moved. Who knows what kind of nonsense they would try to pull!!! I would not recommend this place to anyone!
By: brian340
Paradise Bay Apartments
This is a review for paradise bay apartmentsWhen i came down here i found out paradise bay apartments was in the slums,And it was advertized as paradise . Punks were smoking weed and running through the walk ways at night screaming . Paradise bay is not a travel destination . The ac broke and froze up the first day . Every time i took a bath it flooded the downstairs neigbors house and they Thugs& wanted to fight . I had to leave, i told them i was not happy , and this will not due . They ruined my credit and kept a $400 deposit . Paradise bay is an old apartment unit, That is falling apart . If you want a nice stay in corpus christi for low rent , I suggest the wharf on the island, The island is the only nice area for a getaway
By: Tpheris A.
Paradise Bay Apartments
This is the absolute worse place to live. A relative's roommate was assaulted by one of the downstairs neighbors this past Sunday. A couple was banging on the door at 6am asking if they wanted to party. My relative says they always play their music loudly and are drunk a lot. Anyway they were told no and the couple got belligerent and would not leave. It was obvious they were drunk and or high. The girl goes downstairs and gets two loaded guns and comes back upstairs and hits the roommate with one of the guns. She goes to jail but was released the same day. Last night the roommate and her brother were walking and were chased by the couple in their car. They run into the apartment just in time as a knife was impaled through the door. Police were called as well as the property manager. A search was conducted by the knife could not be located. In the end the relatives roommate gets an eviction notice as she is determined to be the one causing all the trouble. I fail to understand how this is possible as they did nothing, had no drugs or weapons and were minding their own business. The property manager even told the people not to worry because she had their back. She did not even try to be sympathetic to my relative's roommate who was clearly the victim in all this. She was not concerned that a huge knife had been used in an attempt to retaliate and harm others as well as damage the property she manages. I understand also that the same knife was used to cut a witness to the incident on Sunday. I'm glad my relative and her roommate will not be staying there regardless of how they had to leave. Their lives obviously are in jeopardy as well as anyone who comes in contact with that couple. Changing the name has not changed the caliber of people who reside there or manage it.
By: Calvert S.
Bay Club
I've lived here since Nov and have enjoyed living here ever since! The location to the CCAD is really nice. You don't have to mess with all the traffic going into town!

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