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By: cizzy74
Pusser's Caribbean Grille
Annapolis LocalLived here 20yrs been here quite a few times with out of town visitors in the past.Came in here with mom last week to have a bite and enjoy the classic Annapolis tourist water view and maybe get some quality dinner.Got to say the view is and will always be great. As for why this place continues to grace the "Best of What's Up in Annapolis" is beyond me. This restaurant needs a harsh reality check as far there food quality goes. As a local only saying the only reason for stopping here would here would not be there food, menu, or even pricing just the view maybe a drink. The only real reason i'm writing this is because as I sat waiting 20mins for a salad to start then followed by a crabcake. The 7dollar salads we got both had abundant brown leafs along with mine had 90% white thick center ribs of what was suppose to be roman leafs, and my poor mom she had whole bottom stalks in hers. When she stated hers where frozen too. Ugh, had to put my foot down told the waiter and he looked, saw and apologized. Started on my crab cake with a lemon for 9dollars, not to my surprise was the most bland, non- tasting bite of seafood I had put in my mouth for a long time. I eat quite a bit of seafood fish, crabs, you name it and being local i just expected alittle more taste for some high price cake sitting on my plate. He brought out a different salad per request didn't want to try a Caesar again, although to top it all off we get our replacement salads as we where are finishing up the cakes, "really? no thanks" I wanted to say. Instead i told him to just wrap them up. Did he take the crap salads off or anything "nope" $47.00 for 2 horrible salads, and 2 bad non tasting small crab cakes alone and 1 great view. This is not the only time i've been here, have tried other full entrees too. So to get back why I had to write this review, as my mother mentioned she was saddened to see the low level of service and quality food in this place has been in last few yrs. This is establishment is suppose to be a representation of Annapolis history almost tradition to all these tourists.

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