By: robinlaird
Annapolis Seafood Markets
We love Annapolis Seafood not only for the large variety of fresh seafood, but also for the experience of doing business with Steve, one of the extremely knowledgeable and fun seafood professionals! The crabs are always plentiful and they often tend to have the jumbos. Sometimes we purchase the fresh lobster dinners, which are extremely reasonably priced, with your choice of chowders as well as spiced shrimp! It’s a lot of fun watching them pull your lobster from the large lobster tank. A lot of patrons order additional fresh cooked meals to go from their extensive menu. Seriously, when you visit, be sure to ask for Steve! He is genuinely the nicest and most helpful guy on the planet and he will ensure that you have exactly what you need for an awesome seafood experience. I also like Carlos who is knowledgeable and very helpful! One great thing about this place aside from the beautiful seafood, is that the staff is super friendly and it is obvious that they love their jobs!!!
By: Annice B.
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
Saw the steam tables set up and the variety of breakfast/brunch items looked amazing. We were in town for the Sailboat Show and an early afternoon lunch was in order. Buddy's was crowded but we were escorted to a table in minutes. The view of the marina was lovely from this second floor establishment, but what we found to be really impressive were the tasty crab cakes and the fried green tomatoes appetizer, which was loaded with an alfredo type sauce and lots of crab! Many of the patrons with whom we spoke were locals and all said that this was their go-to place for crab. Our server, Billy, was lovely and helpful. I would recommend this place for couples and families as the menu was all encompassing and there is a lively, casual atmosphere. We loved the vintage pictures that lined the walls and were impressed with the hospitality.
By: Fole M.
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
We were visiting our son and wanted a place for Sunday Brunch. He recommended this place and we were VERY PLEASED! Even though we arrived at 1 and brunch is over at 1:00 they continued to bring our food until about 1:30. Something for everyone, made-to-order omelets, eggs benedict, french toast, crab imperial, seafood gumbo, fresh pineapple, fried fish, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, and that was on my plate alone! (Just kidding! Our TABLE!) There was much more to choose from and, wait for it, at the price of $13.95 per person, who can complain?!?! You can't get two eggs benedict in Annapolis for that price! I highly encourage you to stop by and try it, unless you are extrememly picky, and prefer to pay way more for way less.
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By: clinton.m.woods
Parents, be warned, there is an arcade and it is very prominent in the restaurant.One of the candy machines ate my kid's quarters. The manage refunded it, but made it seem like he was doing us the biggest favor for giving us back 3 quarters that machines in his restaurant ate.The staff was having an internal feud. Our buzzer went off but the food wasn't ready. The lady moving the food from the kitchen to the serving area got mad at the cooks and started blaming them for not knowing how to cook. Quite awkward.Food was fine, as expected for this type of restaurant. The staff left much to be desired though.They do have those coke freestyle drink machines with a million flavors.
By: Fredri A.
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
This is an everyday restaurant. Most diners on the day we visited ate at the buffet, a melange of mostly fried foods. We ordered a raw oyster sampler - very fresh, tasted like they came right out of the sea. Next we devoured a plate of steamed shrimp which turned out to be some of the best shrimp I've ever had, must better than our west coast tiger shrimp -- so flavorful. But the main part of our meal was the Seafood Extravaganza -- a plate of steamed clams, oysters, blue crabs, shrimp, mussels, crawfish and snow crab. We left full and our stomachs happy. If I lived in the area I'd definitely visit again.
By: Roy D.
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
Very good place for lunch and dinner. Yes like it's implies they serve crabs and ribs at Buddy's and they are simply delicious. The crabs we were served were sweet and garlicky - traditional Maryland blue crab. The ribs were also delicious and are St. Louis style ribs (with a sweet bbq sauce glaze). Additionally they serve items more kid friendly like the ubiquitous chicken tenders. The ribs were also delicious. The restaurant is large, with a fun atmosphere, and carries a wide selection of micro-brews. The servers were friendly and courteous.
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By: clinton.m.woods
Chart House
Excellent restaurant.Food is excellent, bar none. Had hummus appetizer, which includes three different hummus's, clam chowder, and stuffed flounder. Wife shared appetizer, salad bar, and filet mignon. All excellent.For dessert we shared creme brulee. I hear the lava cake is perfect for winter, mud cake for summer. Washed down dessert with Irish Coffee. Most excellent atmosphere, sitting right on the water.Made reservation using open table. Seated immediately at 7pm on a Saturday.Pricey, but well worth it.
By: Madelene S.
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
This spot was recommended by a local my wife befriended while strolling among the many restaurants...we decided to give it a try as I do love crab and ribs...we made the decision to get just that and we were not disappointed...I love crab so much that I don't mind the work it takes to get a taste of the succulent meat! Wait time was about 15 mins...nice family atmosphere...service fine...wife and kids happy and fulfilled and that's all that matters...hit this spot up if you are ever in Annapolis!
By: Geo N.
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
Great Job on the Easter Buffet!!! I have been coming to Buddy's since 2006 for various holiday brunches. I have to say in the past few years the selection and quality was going downhill. This year there was a noticeable change for the better! The buffet was fresh, the seafood was plentiful and the desserts tasted good enough for seconds. The beef was tender and juicy, the shrimp were large and deveined and the eggs benedict was fresh and tasty. To top it all off, we had a great server.
By: william.a.romberger
Chart House
We had a reservation and were seated 30 minutes later....Stuffed flounder was ordinary at best...didn't even finish. Appetizer with crab and artichoke was excellent..should have just ordered two and passed on the entrees....We were seated by a serving station...and next to a group of people dressed in "hoodies"....When you pay $150 for dinner you don't want to feel like you're seated at the Double T Diner...This is not our first trip to this place...but could be our last

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