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  • 1.GreenBrier Apartments

    3615 Green Brier Blvd

    Ann Arbor,MI

    2.62 mi

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By: Raha A.
Coming from an individual whom has had many experiences with this complex I feel that I am what you would call an expert on the subject. My parents live in Whitemore Lk. I could easily drive to my classes but who doesn't want that college experience (we all know that after graduation life gets real, right?) I have been very happy with my personal experiences at this apartment community until very recently. I have gone to the office for a guest parking permit almost everyday between Christmas and New year. Friday the 30th I believe my parents and I went up 4 different times. Lights on but no ones home?????? Instead of waste less trips to their office' we started to call first. I was put on hold by gill and the first time never came back and left me on hold. My Mother went up to try it one more time and still door locked. Do they transfer the lines to their personal phones? We finally gave up. I went in on Monday and again, doors locked, no lights on, and had to hear from my roommate that the office was closed for the holiday. No note on the door making us all aware that they would be out. I called to complain on Tuesday and spoke with the Manager whom I've always had a very good relationship with and she then explained to me that she had been out on her vacation that previous week and apologized for any inconveniences and offered to try to make it up to me in what ever way she could. When I asked her why did they stop leaving notes on the front door to let us know what was going on or if their hours would be adjusted she assured me that they do still do that. I took a picture of the bare door with no notices posted. I plan to send it to her next week and to ask for some sort of rent discount for our wasted time running back and fourth while the doors were clearly locked while someone was clearly in the office. Hearing that this person is new and may not have known to do so just isn't enough for me anymore. Over all any of my special requests or needs have been met but only when I deal with the Manager herself. My Father intends on sending to the Frankil management office all of our pictures of blank door, lights on, and video of door being locked along with time stamp of what time it was each time we tried to go in. Maintenance is ok but not great. The turn over in the office is ridiculous. As much as I do not want to put my roommate in a bad position as I took the 2nd bedroom over when his original roommate decided to leave and he cold not afford the very high rents (for what they are) alone I just don't think I will be staying. Its hard to stay when you're only continuing on because you happen to think highly of one or two of the staff members. Location is great as well but there are other newer nicer communities in the area as well. When I was able to finally get into the office the lady that took care of me had to go up into the office to finish her phone conversation first and due to the language I heard her (yes, a woman to speak such words) it was most likely a personal call. As if after all I had been through trying to get into the office' of course I had time to wait for her to finish her conversation 1st. The most ignorant thing is she has you wait for help then tells you she can't help you that she doesn't the answers and that she will have her manager call you. Or if you go in and ring the bell for service you hear someone yell down to you to come up and motion for you to come to her desk. Trust me it wouldn't hurt her to actually get up from behind her desk and come try to help someone. The past few weeks have really turned my entire opinion of this place from great to bad.
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