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By: Jeff P.
Joan St John Psychic Insights
I am not so easily impressed. But have to give Joan StJohn a 5 star rating, as she was terrific!I scheduled for just myself, but showed up with my wife, who at the last minute wanted to come.Joan welcomed the both of us to her well-appointed office and made us feel very comfortable.She gave us very specific answers to the areas of concerns we had, and then added many additional predictions, that have all come true! Her readings are very to the point, practical and most importantly accurate. I found it interesting that she asked us, why we came for a reading, then explained she asks that question to all her clients to help center their desire and intent. It certainly worked!!This lady definitely knows her stuff. When channeling my deceased brother, she did ask a few questions, in the beginning to clarify that she was indeed connecting to him, and not some low level spirit that may have entered the energy of the reading. She described him physically, and knew his mannerisms. She was able to tell me things about my brother that she had no way of knowing! I was speechless! I found her fee to be very reasonable, and told her she should be charging much more for what she does! I will definitely be a repeat customer!
By: Shauna M.
Joan St John Psychic Insights
My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over three years. Nothing worked.I decided to go to a psychic, and was referred by a friend to Joan StJohn.Joan told me that the medical tests I had to view my Fallopian tubes, belonged to another patient, and were mislabeled. She told me that my tubes were blocked and I would need a procedure, but then would get pregnant and have a girl.Joan told me the error would come to light if I had new tests done. Even though I didn’t believe her, I was desperate, so I went back to the doctor and asked for a second test, as he indicated the first one showed I had no problem. When the new results came back, the doctor was shocked and told me that upon investigating, he discovered the first test was in fact mislabeled and belonged to a different patient.I had the procedure that Joan predicted, and I am here to say, my DAUGHTER, Autumn is now 3 months old and mama and baby are doing fine! THANK YOU Joan, I am grateful beyond words!
By: Dara W.
Joan St John Psychic Insights
My reading with Joan StJohn was amazing! I waited a while before posting this review to see if her timelines were correct on her predictions, and they were right on the mark! The events she predicted happened just like she said they would! She described the people I had questions about, very accurately, and offered great insight regarding them. She does not tell you want to do, but offers options for your path, which, was very empowering to me. Her mediumship ability blew me away. She channeled my mother for me, and knew things that were so personal and real, I knew my mom was right there with me! I have already had a second reading with Joan, and it was as accurate and outstanding as the first one. I know Joan is the best and I will continue go back for more readings!
By: Kathy U.
Clear Path Psychic Readings
My husband and I have had extraordinary readings from Wendy for the past 5 years. Whether she is communicating with a loved one who has passed on or giving guidance for the future, Wendy is phenomenally accurate and her readings are both life affirming and life changing! Not only is Wendy a true professional but she is also exceptionally warm, caring and approachable. She values her clients completely! We have referred family and friends who have been equally blown away by their experiences. We can't recommend Wendy more highly! Treat yourself to a reading with Wendy- it will be fascinating!
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By: Fulter H.
Gtm Auto Repair
I've been using GTM Auto Repair for 5+ years ('07 Volvo V70, '03 Toyota Camry, '10 Honda Odyssey), and love the speed, quality, and price. I am typically a DIY guy, but I can't beat the cost, convenience, and great service from Edgar and his team in West Ann Arbor. He has done all my maintenance and repairs - ignition cylinder, timing belt, water pump, brakes, wheels, lights. He knows exactly what needs to be done, no more, no less. I look forward to continuing to work with him for many more years for all my auto repair needs.
By: Ryan W.
Speedy Auto Service
The guys at Speedy were very helpful and got my brakes replaced very quickly. After examining my car, they were very honest about which repairs were critical and which ones I could hold off on if I couldn't afford the expense right away. I felt like they gave me the information I needed to make the best decision for my car. Will definitely be coming back here in the future!
By: darren123
Louie & John's Complete Auto Service
Complete Auto Service is a really complete auto repair services center in Ann Arbor. I have used their services to repair my car. They have provided me great services at my budget. They have repaired my car with every detail that I have provided them. They have an experienced car repair technician team that can repair cars and autos efficiently.
By: cory.morris.96
Joan St John Psychic Insights
Joan was right on thw money with 99% of what she told me. I lost my husband in June, and he was able to channel him and let me know he was ok, I would also be ok and he wasn't leaving me. I told my friend about Joan and she's going to make an appointment. Be sure when I need a pick-me-up, I will go back for another reading.
By: Marie C.
Clear Path Psychic Readings
Wendy is amazing! How do I know this because I have seen her twice in this past year and she has been so on point! I have the utmost trust in her and have recommended her to family and many of my friends. Her readings have refreshed me and given me clarity on life matters. Talking to Wendy is like talking to an old friend.
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By: Brian R.
Ann Arbor Auto Glow
Took my vehicle there last year. Am VERY anxious to take it back. Excellent service. They took excellent care of both myself and my car, did everything they promised to do and in the amount of time they said they would do it. They cannot be beat on service and price. Do not go anywhere else. They don't disappoint!!
Tips & Advices
To prepare a car for professional automotive detailing, get rid of any larger trash items that may be inside the vehicle's cabin. It's also a good idea to remove personal items--especially larger items like booster or car seats— from both the cabin and the trunk, since this allows the detailer to access all the vehicle's nooks and crannies more thoroughly.
Detailing frequency depends on a number of factors. Cars in climates that have harsh winters will need to be detailed more frequently, since snow and road salt increase the need for this type of care. Cars with black or dark paint might also need more frequent detailing than lighter cars, since dirt tends to be more visible on darker shades. It's recommended that all vehicles be detailed at least three times a year.
The length of time it takes for automobile detailing will depend on the overall condition of the car and the breadth of services being performed. An automobile detailing session can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a clean car getting minimal detailing services to an entire day for a heavily soiled car getting a complete detailing treatment.
Paint sealants are similar to car waxes, and they are often used when a car is being detailed. Relative to waxes, paint sealants leave a less shiny finish, but they offer a greater degree of protection.
Car waxing is the process of applying a protective coating to a car's paint. It’s often included with automobile detailing. Waxing can leave a car's sheet metal with a bright and shiny appearance. Car waxing also lengthens the life of a car's paint job by protecting it from the elements.

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