By: losingmyfaith
Sesi Motors
I bought a great looking 2001 Volvo V70XC at a public auction near Savannah, GA. At the time I was unaware of the transmission problems these cars suffered from, but with the price I paid for the car, It was still worth it. I spoke with some local Southeastern Georgia Volvo dealers and the price I was quoted was %5,500 to replace the transmission. I drove the Car from Georgia to Michigan with the transmission acting up but working fine. When I arrived in southeastern Michigan, I looked up Volvo dealers and came across Sesi. I spoke with a Chris in service who was very accommodating and helpful. The price he quoted me was very reasonable and within a month the transmission was changed and is now covered under Volvo's two year replacement warranty. Total spent at Sesi was $5,010. The price was for a new transmission from Volvo, a new timing belt, installed, and a rear main seal. They did all the work in two days and my wife and I could not be happier. We will definitely be taking our car back for service and maintenance. I was treated with nothing but respect and courtesy from Chris, the porter, and the cashier. I would have no problem recommending Sesi for Volvo repair and service.
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By: mogandavid
Sesi Motors
I would tell my friend "Are you ready to tear your hair out?" Chris did not help me. Maybe that is reserved for Volvo customers dropping $5K for service. He did not even return my call. A service writer told me I needed brakes when I got an oil change (<40Kmi) immediately before leaving on a trip. So, I paid a bundle for front brakes. The brakes were HORRIBLY noisy on my trip. Have been back to Sesi over and over and over about the squealing, screeching, whistling brakes. Almost each time they have assured me it has been taken care of. After going back, from out of town, again and again, they wore me out. I am driving embarrassed with squealing brakes. Service writer does not do what he says. Service Manager did not return my call. To add insult to injury, Mazda keeps sending me emails promoting new Mazdas and directing me to Sesi. ARRggh
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By: Douglas B.
Suburban Chevrolet Cadillac
I have purchased 6 vehicles from Mina Bolis, from SAAB to Cadillac. I have always been treated as a VIP, from my first purchase and beyond. Never do I doubt that I will receive the best care from the sales team or the service advisors and technicians. Patrick in service, is a recent and welcomed addition to the service advisor group. He was very proficient and friendly. My vehicle has alway been retuned to me with the repairs completed, clean and ready to go.
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By: Matt S.
Varsity Ford
Long time customer of Varsity Ford. All the departments have treated me great. I recommend them to friends & family all the time.

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