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    The Galley Restaurant offers casual dinning options. The restaurant offers a variety of desserts, appetizers, soups, entrees and seafood. Its menu includes roasted duck breast, brushetta, cedar plank

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By: andie5544
Grand China Restaurant
This is one of the best places to eat in Anderson, and we have been going there for years. Everything seems to be high quality and food is prepared to your taste. Want it hotter, or less spicy, just ask. Service is consistently good, and one of the wait staff, Michael, seems to be friends with most of the customers, including us. Nice dining room, lots of seating, great atmosphere, quiet, friendly. The menu is large and varied, wih something for all tastes. Prices are reasonable; we can get 2 egg rolls, 2 soups, 2 drinks, and a shared entree at dinner for well under $20, and usually have something to take home.We went in one day just as they opened for dinner and had to wait a bit for the egg rolls. Obviously they were very fresh - they were AWESOME, hot, crispy, tasty. The next visit was later in the day, and the rolls came immediately - not fresh and not nearly as good, but still better than most. That is my only quibble with this place: inconsistency. For a long time William (owner/manager) was absent and the food degenerated to terrible. For a bit there was a young girl seating customers: no customer service skills, borderline rude, would not adjust the bill when we told her the food was not very good.. Then an older lady, who was better but not great. We didn't go there for over a year, then one day I was jonesing for orange peel chicken, and there was William. The food quaity was back as well, though it's still a bit variable. Is there a shortage of good Chinese cooks? Overall still the best place in Anderson for Chinese though if you aren't seated by an attractive middle-aged Oriental gentleman, you may want to reconsider.
By: Joseph J.
When you first walk in the layout has a familiar look to it and then you order... I was highly pleased at the responsiveness and courtesy of each person I encountered when my wife and I ate there recently. The menu is vast and some of the meals you just can not find anywhere else. Loved the style of cooking and relative low wait time. Plenty of food to eat (Philly Cheese and amazing hamburgers with fried potatoes that CURL on a stick!), We could not finish it all and had to get a box, They offered a bag and we left thinking that we will definitely be back soon. They have low playing music and good inside lighting. The parking lot is large and consider it kid-friendly environment. Since my wife and I do not drink I did not see if they serve alcohol but I know they have an A rating on the front door. Always a comfort to see that when you walk in a place. Overall, it is somewhere we both think others need to try at least once. Good people, good environment, Great food!
By: dwan.buddin
The Fox Pub
I am the third person rating this restaurant...and oddly, I agree with both of those folks one rating high and the other rating low. There is something about this restaurant that you want to love it and frequent often. It is beautiful, old world kind of atmosphere. I have frequented enough now to know what they serve that I like to eat and what I don't like I no longer order. English food is generally always a bit bland to my taste. They have a good fish and chips reasonably priced and this is about all I order. I go mostly at lunch when there isn't a crowd. I give it a four because I know what I like...order what I like....and continue to cross my fingers that it will improve more!
By: airmech726
Fatz Cafe
My girlfriend and I went for lunch. The first table we sat at was cleaned off but so sticky my arms stuck to it, we moved to a different table and had to ask for silverware, when it arrived it too was dirty along with the paper napkin it was wrapped up in. We ordered lunch and the plates were dirty! Not exactly what I expect from Fatz. To top it off my Girlfriend cut into her fish and chips, and it was not cooked throughout! Very miserable experience, We will not return!
By: Shelley L.
I've visited Twisko twice now. The first time was for take out & the second was dine in. The food was fantastic both times! I ordered a cheeseburger and it is definitely the best burger I've had in Anderson. The staff was friendly and wait time was what I expected. There are several options on the menu. I want to try other things but honestly, the burger was so good I'm hesitant to veer from getting it again. :) I'd definitely recommend Twisko!
By: jasonlewis12
Wok N Roll
I am Chinese food lover ,moved in town few months ago ,after i try all the Chinese restaurants in town ,i have to say that Wok N Roll is the best Chinese restaurant in town .food was really delicious ,friendly hard working peoples ,they are busy during the dinner time when i pick up my food, I felt that busy business proved one thing-- peoples love this place.
By: Cj M.
The Fox Pub
I love the atmosphere and uniqueness of this place. The club sandwich is amazing, along with the fish and chips, and macaroni and cheese. I tried the yellow curry chicken once and it was also good, just a bit spicy for my taste. My husband loved it though! If you haven't reserved the room downstairs I suggest at least doing it once. The table is beautiful.
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By: Nirmala B.
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
Blessings of a small townRealized just before 6pm my tire had a nail and was going flat. Neighbor and I got it pumped up and I ended up at Walmart right at closing. These fellas stayed, plugged the nail and replaced a worn front tire w the spare until I could get it remedied the next day. Kept me from losing it.
By: mrsm2b
I love the atmosphere of Fuddruckers. The service was quick and the food was good. The burgers basically come plain and you put your own toppings on the at the condiment bar. I really like that part. There's not a huge selection on the menu, but there's enough to suit most people.
By: Cassandra M.
Fatz Cafe
We were traveling up I-85 for the holidays and didn't want to stop for fast food. Our server understood our need to back on the road and quickly got our orders in. The poppy seed rolls with cinnamon butter was a hit with us.

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