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By: Olivia W.
Today's Nails
I recently just got my nails done at the Huffman location after I finished my finals at UAA. I decided to treat myslef and get shallac nails. My friend and I came right after our final exam and while she started to get her manicure I waited next to her for almost 15/20mins and was told we would be done together. After waiting to the point where she was already getting her polish on they just started my manicure and it was a slow process. After getting my nails trimmed and cleaned the lady doing mine who was very nice stopped and I waited another 10 mins for someone else to finish my nails. The man that continued my nails seemed to be in a huge rush and tried to catch me up to my friend. (Who had already gotten 3 layers of color and getting the top coat on) as he was rushing I noticed that it was a little messy he only did a coupl layers of color (as it was not as dark as it appears on the wall) and the gel polish was on my skin on almost all 10 of my fingers. I didn't say much as I felt rushed and in a hurry , however within 10 mins of leaving the gel that was on my skin had started to hurt and peel off and as it peeled off my skin it also chipped off half of the entire thumb gel/polish. I am not the person to complain and get refunds, but I only treat myself to this kind of stuff about once a year. I called the salon back and they of course were very and accommodating and told me to come back and fix it. They ended up fixing 2 of the messy ones and were very good and precise about it, but today 2 different nails are starting to peel off and I'm a little disappointed for having to pay so much for something that should last me weeks. Still a great nail salon and I hope to return but maybe next time I'll request to see a specific person instead.
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By: Heather R.
Ivy Nails
I have gone to Ivy Nails 2 times. The first for a mani/pedi fora vacation. They did great work. The second time I got a full pedi and full set. The pedi was as great as the first time. The full set was quality but not filed into a shape I like. I went back the next day and wanted them reshaped and a polish change that they were rather snotty about. I didn't mind paying for it since the lady had asked me if it was ok and I said yes. Their unfriendly demeanor was something I had not experienced. It was a big turn off. Idk if i Wil go back or not. The service had been great up until this. I'd rate it 3.5 but it won't let me.
By: kristin.alexander.1297
Grand Nail Spa
The guy that does the acrylics there is one of the best in town he is quick and the nails look natural and not all thick and bulky looking.. They take walkins and have always given me exactly what I asked for at a reasonable price. The lady that must manage the place because she is always at the front desk is a sweetheart and also one of the best nail techs in town, after getting a pedicure there this summer she just gave me their flipflops to leave in because I was in a hurry and she didnt want me to mess up my new beautiful toes! Im going there on a date with my boyfriend to get mani/pedis together tomorrow!
By: bob.donaldson.904
Elegant Nails & Spa
The wife returned home today from Elegant Nails looking like a million bucks. She reported a super great foot massage (both of 'em) along with her pedicure, fingernails scrubbed and polished, and her first eyelashes extensions. She's quite pleased and I am too. The couple who own the shop gave her excellent service. Completely satisfied, I'm be sending her back : )
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By: Alyssa W.
L A Nails
My nails look amazing! Finally I have found a nail place that does my nails exactly the way I ask them to, and they are very reasonably priced. I wish they took appointments --- when I called they said walk-ins only, but it was worth the wait!
By: tiffany.benning
Sassy's Nails Spa
I drive clear across town just to go to this nail salon. The staff is great!!! The service is excellent. They are clean and sanitized and have a very nice environment. They don't rush you and they do their best. highly recommended!!
By: Casey P.
Glamerous Spa
I had the pleasure of getting an amazing pedicure here and am so grateful that I did! This page says it is closed but it is up and running so I don't know where they got this information from.
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By: Dan N.
Cali Nails
Outstanding service... I highly recommend you come to see Kim. She is the best. The place is very nice and clean. All the workers are friendly and walk away as one happy custommer
By: Shavon E.
Number 1 Nail
The male owner was very friendly and Accomidating. My nail tech was denny and and he did a great job with an in and out time of 45 minutes.
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By: Sonia P.
Celebrity Nails & Spa
Service was excellent but noticed they don't use clean tools. Recommend either you bring your own or go somewhere else.

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