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By: kerry.collins.338
Anchorage Auto Mart
I have purchased two vehicles from Anchorage Auto Mart, and when the time comes to purchase again, it is the first place I will go. I had forgotten how horrid it is to deal with the big car dealers until I wanted to look at a vehicle at AK Sales and Service one day. Yuck. Felt like I needed a shower when I left. "Well, how much cash DO you have? What would it take to get you into x-y-z?? The guys at Auto Mart have never been anything but honest with me. They are used cars, therefore not perfect. The history of a used car is always sketchy at best, and if you find one that has a complete history including all service records...those are the ones the big dealers sell, and you will pay for it. I just purchased a Ford Explorer the beginning of January. I took it for a checkup and tune with my mechanic yesterday. He told me it was one of the nicest Explorers he has ever seen at 100K miles. I tuned it up and replaced a thermostat (funky acting gauge) and that was it. I had purchased a Town and Country from them before. Great van. I would still have it if I didn't need 4-wheel drive to get around for work. No nonsense with them. The deal is what it is. With both my trades, they pulled up the blue book value right with me and showed me what it was, and why they would give me what they would. That is what it should be like. I will not hesitate to purchase there again, and will not hesitate to refer friends and family to them.
By: onebaddog
Dependable Used Cars, LLC
Ok, so I read a couple other review's about Dependable Used Car's. After I got done reading I thought, well heres a couple people that got "Exactly" what they paid for. One guy say's his coolant was low, duh, maybe fill it up. You see where I'm going with this. And four different tires, well get them changed, You bought it that way.Anyway, I just bought a car for my wife from Brian. He and his team went way,way beyond the normal sale's procedure to get her financed. Her credit score was not bad but marginal. Not only did we get a loan, we also got a great percentage rate, thanks to Brian and Chris.We had our new car checked out and it was found to be in "ABOVE" average condition. We looked at every other car of this type at every other used car lot in Anchorage and the car we bought from Dependable was far and away the best one in Anchorage.They also helped us sell our other car on consignment rather than trade it in for a loss (we all know how that works)Anyway, not to ramble-on but I will be recommending Dependable Used Car's to all of my customers.
By: shannon.wyatt.10
Anchorage Auto Mart
I just want to tell the good folks of anchorage that I have now purchased my 4th car from anchorage auto mart just last week (2 of them for me and 1 for each of my two older daughters) and I will never shop anywhere else!!!!! Mr. Jesse and his lovely family are wonderful and visar and his team are very honest and trustworthy. I am a very busy single mom of 3 as well as a district manager of a large chain of subway resturaunts and I travel from srore to store on a daily basis. I am very grateful to have purchased a good running dependable car from these good folks. Just purchased a car last week from them for one of my daughters so that her and my new grandbaby can be more independant. I know that if I have any problems I can just take it to them and they will do right by me. This dealership has my business for life
By: anthonyanderstein
R & E Auto Sales
Are you kidding me? R and E sells inexpensive cars and finances them. I also have purchased a vehicle from them. I asked them what they had done to the truck and they showed me the shop ticket showing all the work. Plus they arranged financing when I never thought I'd get financed again. (I have had some credit problems in the past) They took great care of me. Reality is a used car is a used car. The only thing a dealer can do is attempt to have good cars and trucks on their lot. If they actually send them to a shop to check them out I think its one good step toward protecting me.There are always haters out there and people that think a 100000 mile truck should act and run like it did when it was new. People that's not reality. They did me a great job a truly great job
By: Adrian M.
Anchorage Auto Mart
I came to this dealership not knowing exactly what I wanted, but with the guidance of these phenomenal salesman I was able to depart with the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced. The whole process was extremely great and I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a very good priced car. They also do not charge any hidden fees which was an extreme relief for me since I had just recently purchased a vehicle from a different dealer and I was told I would only pay a certain price but upon my payment I was charged a cornucopia of extra hidden fees that were not to my knowledge upon signing the agreement for purchasing said vehicle. The anchorage auto mart is a warm, welcoming business.
By: Jingle J.
Cal Worthington Ford Lincoln
I just LOVE this place! I recently purchased a brand new FORD F150 truck. In this world of me, me, me, it's amazing to see how honesty still exists in this business. I recommend John Perry if you want to purchase a vehicle and expects professionalism and honesty. I would like to add that Chris, Brooks and Matt in parts and service are all awesome. The smile, the positivity and the offer of assistance and professional service that I didn't expect are something that melts my heart and will forever be treasured.These chosen few employees are the reason FORD will always have a return business from someone like me and I want to pass this message along to everyone. They should be rewarded.
By: Mario F.
United Auto Sales
The customer service was exemplary. Upon arriving, I was able to meet with a United Auto Sales agent who was extremely hands on and attentive. I am usually suspicious of car dealerships because of various stories and stereotypes, but this one was very different. In a good way! They were able to explain themselves clearly and concise. They weren't pushy and had a nice variety of vehicles to choose from. I ended up going with a Toyota Camry because it fit my budget and it's a reliable vehicle, so it was an easy choice. I recommend this dealership for being so easygoing and accommodating. It's a rare quality these days.
By: gmdotson
Dependable Used Cars, LLC
Christian @ Dependable Used Cars has gone above and beyond helping me an my wife get in to a great vehical, i curently had a repo due to my wife haveing to quit her job becuse she was prego. my wifes credit was not the best. and we owed on her old car, but Christian and the rest of the guys there worked with me ( im in afghan) and my wife to fine a vehical that would fit out buget and our new life. and i would send ANY one of my friends and family there.
By: brandondd
Anchorage Park & Sell America
after checking on line about different trucks,i liked what the ram truck had to offer.i passed by Cals Park and sell and saw what a large selection of trucks they had so stopped in Joe showed me a truck i was looking for took me on a test drive ,told me all about the truck.i felt no pressure and comfortable around Joe and he let truck sell itself. thanks for giving me what i wanted in a salesman and a truck.
By: jennifer.frysz
Dependable Used Cars, LLC
I called to get a second vehicle. Nick was my poc. He was very nice, low key, no pressure. I found the vehicle I wanted and left with it the same day. I did have one issue with the vehicle shortly after the purchase, but Nick came through and off Iam again happy as can be in my truck! Thank you Nick. You went above and beyond my expectations. I left feeling amazing and proud of my new purchase!!!

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