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By: Marsha G.
A+ Appearance
When I made the appointment for detailing, I was told to arrive between 9:00-10:00 am, and to pick up at 4:00-5:00. My appointment was for detailing inside and out with carpet and upholstery cleaning. I arrived on the at 9 AM, and no one was there. Waited and waited then finally at 9:20 AM I called them. No answer. I left a message saying where are you. No response. At 9:40AM I called again. No response. At 9:50 I left my car there with a note and keys in the drop box. I finally got a call from them at 10:20, saying they could not clean the upholstery because it was too dirty. If I wanted it cleaned it would cost $200 more. I told them no, just clean it with the basic cleaning. He refused to do it. I said don't do anything, I would pick it up at 4:00. He said oh, well we are closing early today at 11:30, one hour away. That told me he just didn't want to clean it because he didn't have time. He did say he had a family emergency the previous week, but he didn't have a contingency plan. He could have called me to reschedule or have someone take over for him. Don't give him your business!
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By: Ryker M.
A+ Appearance
Beware !!!This detailing business is a scam. They did not clean my car real good. I have to wash my mats again because they didnt clean it. Please do not even take your vehicle there . Scam scam BIG TIME SCAM
By: Smith B.
A+ Appearance
as the post below states, not even worth a starour scam was $120 for leather.SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM
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By: Cerrin E.
A+ Appearance
I wouldnt even give it a star. Took forever to try and make an apt. No one ever answers the phone. He was semi rude over the phone. Then wanted to charge me an extra 130$ on top of the groupon i purchased cause they said there was dog hair and sand in my jeep.
By: S H.
A+ Appearance
If you buy a Groupon, plan on paying additional fees. I have a Subaru Forester, that was immaculate in the back (had a protective layer on the carpet, that I took off before dropping off my car), people very rarely sit in the back seats, and it had a normal amount of dirt in the front driver side AND there are all weather mats throughout the car. I got a call that it would cost an additional $45 because it is difficult to get dirt out of the Subaru "fibers"!!!!
By: dale-anderson
A+ Appearance
I got a groupon for a full detail and after 3 month backlog finally got an appointment. Drove in from rural AK the night before and dropped off the car. Next morning I get a call from the owner who tells me there is dog hair in the car and it would cost $30 more to detail with dog hair or $60 more to guarantee they would get 95 % of it out. The vehicle is a small SUV with an all leather interior and rubber floor mats cover 80 % of the carpet. Since they had the car hostage I told them to do the least costly and to please give me a call as soon as it is ready so I could return the rental. I finally got a call back at 4:30 telling me I had to pick it up by 5:30. Went to pick up the car and talk to the owner. Arrived and wanted to discuss this extra charge with the owner or manager and neither were there. I was told I could call the owner. This tells me they have no quality control. Went out to check the car and the outside looked nice and shiny but when I moved the seat back to my driving position I still found DIRT on the center console, the floor mats are stacked in the back and I am told that the carpets are still wet and I should put my car in the garage and leave the doors open for 24 hours. Problem is my garage is 240 miles away and they KNEW that. After the console dirt I check the car more closely and found dirt in the back, dirt on the sides of the leather seats, etc. I went back in and told them to finish it and call the owner. The guy at the front desk came out with a damp rag and wiped off the dirt and proceeded to explain that they scrubbed the interior and this stuff would not come off but after he wiped it down the dirt was gone. I told the person to pass on to the owner I was very unhappy and to call me over the weekend as I was still in town all weekend. I never got a call, so in short, If you want a nice wash and was, a vacuum then wet seats and carpet, waste your money on this place or if you want a professional detail, find one that cleans, washes and DRYs your car instead of giving you back a wet interior at 10 degrees and most importantly has the owner/manager there when you pick it up. An employee that stands there and tells you he just works here and you can call the owner is someplace that has no quality control.
By: aklove907
A+ Appearance
I bought a groupon in Feb 2013 and wasn't able to get my car scheduled for a detail until mid July, the woman at the front desk told me she would call the day prior to remind me of my detail(which i was very grateful for since it was schedule months and months out.) I knew my detail was coming up, however I never recieved a phone call confirming. I then called their shop and realized I had missed my appointment. The owner told me the front desk woman had been fired and was very apologetic about the situation and told me to call back on Monday so that he can get my car in that week. I called monday and no answer, so i left a message. I called Tuesday and left a second message. I called Wednesday and the voicemail box was full. Finally on Thursday, I did reach the owner and he took my phone number so that he could call me when they have a cancellation. He did not offer to reschedule my appointment at all, so if they never have a cancellation does my car never get cleaned. At this point, I just want my money back and to let others know that this place is run very poorly.
By: beautifulb83
A+ Appearance
By far one of the worst details my Denali has ever seen!! They called me to tell me my truck was ready, but yet when I arrived they said that the interior was still drying, drying which meant they had my truck running with the heat on high trying to dry the carpets of my truck! Gas is not cheap and especially with a large truck, it goes by pretty quickly! Then I go to look at the seats and if I can lick my finger and touch a spot on my seat and it easily wipes off, then obviously it was NOT cleaned! Then the detailer told me they were all out of the conditioner to condition the leather seats, but yet i still had to pay for it?! When I spoke on the phone with the owner, he was very rude and quick to get off! Did not offer me any type of discounts or apologize for the problems that occurred! He even blamed the front desk ladies that it was there fault they did not explain the part where we had to be responsible for allowing our carpets and mats to dry, when it was his own WIFE working the front desk! So I asked him what he was going to do to make me a happy customer and his response was, i already told you to let your truck run with the heat on high and let them dry, OR park your truck in the garage, open all the doors, turn your garage heat on high and then it should be dried by the morning! Are you serious?! What type of business are these people running where they talk to their customers like that?! I know i was not the only unsatisfied customer checking out as well, there was plenty others and the owner did NOT do a single thing to help his buisness! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LACK OF DETAILING!! STAY AWAY IF POSSIBLE!!!!!!!
By: wookster
A+ Appearance
I won't even give this place 1 star. I purchased a Groupon for "upto 63% off of a 300$ value" for full in and ext detail. I was charged an additional 30 for pet hair removal. When I was at their shop they were offering the same service for $180, not 300. So I saved 25$.I heard the manager say only to use Rainex on the windshield because they didnt have enough product to do all the windows. Poor planning.I called the next day to question the pricing and stated I thought this was poor business management b/c of the pricing and lack of supplies. I also mentioned I called Groupon to voice my concerns. Response from the manager, "Thank you, I have 7 kids." He is 33 and his claim to fame is that he has been detailing cars for 24 years. Will NOT return there and would discourage anyone else from utilizing their services.
Tips & Advices
To prepare a car for professional automotive detailing, get rid of any larger trash items that may be inside the vehicle's cabin. It's also a good idea to remove personal items--especially larger items like booster or car seats— from both the cabin and the trunk, since this allows the detailer to access all the vehicle's nooks and crannies more thoroughly.
Detailing frequency depends on a number of factors. Cars in climates that have harsh winters will need to be detailed more frequently, since snow and road salt increase the need for this type of care. Cars with black or dark paint might also need more frequent detailing than lighter cars, since dirt tends to be more visible on darker shades. It's recommended that all vehicles be detailed at least three times a year.
The length of time it takes for automobile detailing will depend on the overall condition of the car and the breadth of services being performed. An automobile detailing session can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a clean car getting minimal detailing services to an entire day for a heavily soiled car getting a complete detailing treatment.
Paint sealants are similar to car waxes, and they are often used when a car is being detailed. Relative to waxes, paint sealants leave a less shiny finish, but they offer a greater degree of protection.
Car waxing is the process of applying a protective coating to a car's paint. It’s often included with automobile detailing. Waxing can leave a car's sheet metal with a bright and shiny appearance. Car waxing also lengthens the life of a car's paint job by protecting it from the elements.

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