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    Amber M.
    Edited: 12/19/2016

    I enjoy working out everyday but finding a fitness facility after moving the California was a challenge for me. The cost of living change really hit me so I could only afford a small monthly membership fee. After trying several different locations I visited Workout World Cali. The low fee was definitely attractive to me but the 5-day free membership allowed me to fully evaluate the gym before paying the fee. The variety of equipment was a huge benefit because some lower cost places do not offer such a variety. I have been working out here for over six months now and have had great experiences with the staff and I am satisfied with the equipment.

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    Margaret C.

    My experience with Workout World Cali has been beneficial to my health and fitness. I was never the type of person to eat well or exercise regularly. My personal trainer developed a fitness plan that I have been able to stick to and gave me excellent nutrition tips to improve my health. Thank you Workout World Cali.

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    Okay people listen up, I came here on the second day of my " 5-day free pass" and there were two gals and a guy in the front desk. I told them, I was in for my second day of my 5-day free pass. I had to explain them that I was there the other day, and that I had a 5-day pass activated and this guy asked me to come with him and talk about it.

    Little did I know, this guy was a "salesperson". He spoke to me just as a typical salesperson, trying to get you signed up for the club, which of course, I understand that. He said that my 5-day pass is invalid if i don't sign up, they do however have a 3-day pass. I told him that I was given a 5-day coupon pass the first day and that I already used the gym yesterday, he insisted that mah name wasn't on their system, and thus my 5-day coupon pass was never activated.

    He then gave me a quote something that is very far from their special that I got thru mail, the 9.99 monthly. He said I can sign up and use the 5- day pass, and if I don't like it I can cancel it anytime. But I said no, with conviction. He then said, he can give me a 3- day pass, but since I've been frustrated by the way he handled the situation, I said no thank you, and that I'll just look for another gym.

    I was really sorry for them because I could have joined the club after my 5- day pass, only if they'd let me used it as stated on their website. 5-DAY PASS. It's 3 minutes from my place. I could have been my perfect gym. I don't feel comfortable working out in a gym when I know such staff is working for it.

    WOW- if you want people join your gym, don't deceive them with false advertisements, when it says 5-day pass, then honor it as 5-day pass. When it says 9.99, then offer it so.

    I really don't know how this guy Mario, got into the business of sales marketing or something. I don't see a Sales 101 in him, he'd better review his notes how to act appropriately to a customer or he won't get one. Or if you didn't go to school to get into your job right now, you better start yahoo-ing the basics of sales and marketing. What and what not to do.

    I really don't understand how the management can stomach all the customers' complaints without any solutions at all. Their ears seems dysfunctional, their eyes seems impaired, their senses seems not working. If not, then I would recommend to the management to make some really really serious heavy house cleaning to their clubs, not literally cleaning, but to you know, get rid of the dirt that's making people away from this gym.

    Apologies for my long review. My review is nothing compared to what I am used to when I am writing. What can I say,I love writing as much as I LOVE MY 1st AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

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    I love this gym! The equipment and group classes at this gym are amazing. Also, the staff here are the nicest, most professional people!

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    Great work Great facility and friendly staff. I found the staff very to be knowledgeable, patient, and motivated.

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    Adrian M.

    The staff is friendly and welcoming, and it's a relaxed atmosphere. and everyone who works there is SO nice!

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    Marilyn L.

    I really enjoy spending time at Work Out World Anaheim It just feels so nice to be there.

  • stellaladra

    This is a fantastic place to work out - clean, friendly and economical. The personal training that I have received from him is second to none. I have worked with a lot of trainers over the years but never received the results that I have with him in such a short amount of time.

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    Kevin A.

    Best gym value in the city. The friendliest staff of the nine gyms I've belonged to. Never too crowded, free classes, eclectic mix of members. Love it!!!

  • Brown W.

    The trainers are super nice and never pushy. I joined after they updated everything, so the machines and weight area are in great condition. Plus, there's a pool, I highly recommend them.

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