By: Josie E.
Ralhan Nazir DDS
I am a dental COWARD. I had a baby tooth as an adult without an adult replacement. The tooth was not in the best shape and needed to come out. Not only did they make time for my need, they were gentle, thorough and complete. The tooth was removed, a post for an implant was added, the after care explained and the whole process was so EASY. I didn't know such a process could happen with a dental visit! I received a phone call that night just checking in to make sure I was ok. I had a apt. two days later just for a spot check and we are on program to get this implant completed. The staff is AMAZING! Allison, Fran and Stephanie are as warm and kind as you can get. Love this place. I told a co-worker, she went in - she feels the same way. If you need a dentist - go in for an exam. I'm sure you'll find the exact same excellent service. They only book one patient for a procedure at a time. I am so impressed. This dental coward has found some peace :) Dr. Nazir, you have found your calling!
By: Kurt T.
Ralhan Nazir DDS
Sincere thanks for the great experience in working with you and your staff during my ‘smile makeover’. As you are aware, I consulted several specialists during the initial phase of my evaluation. I chose you for several reasons, most notably for your passionate approach to cosmetic dentistry and your ‘kind & gentle’ style that I instantly trusted. During the process, you were highly consultative, thorough, and candid and always took the special time to answer all my questions/concerns. You consistently took the extra time and went the extra mile to ensure I felt comfortable and that ‘I’ was completely satisfied. All my anxiety about what the end result would look like faded away with each visit. You and your staff have taken great care of me during the entire process. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend your practice to my family and friends. You really are great at what you. Making people smile! Thanks again.
By: melissaaj
Canyon View Dentistry
I would highly recommend Dr. Randy Agnew at Canyon View Dentistry to everyone. To start, I am not a patient of this office. I contacted them when I couldn't get a hold of my own dentist so that I could have emergency help getting laser treatment for a very bad cold sore. My own dentist had said they would try and get me in, forgot about me, and were closed the next day so I was desperate. I called early in the morning, and they literally had me in the chair within 2 hours. Again, I am not a patient here so I was amazed! The receptionist was so nice and accomodating. Dr. Agnew really did a thorough job and the areas that he lasered for me were healing and looking 10 times better within 2 days. He was pleasant and courteous and professional, and so were his entire staff. I can't recommend this office highly enough.
By: Nkevin848@yahoo.com H.
Ralhan Nazir DDS
Knowing I had been fearful of dental work all my life Dr. Nazir did everything he could to to make me comfortable and ease my mind. We discussed at length all treatment oprions and he always had time for my numerous questions. I never felt rushed because they might be a waiting room full of patients- when I was being treated the time spent was all about my comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Nazir’s staff was extremely helpful and friendly and I made to feel very at home in the office. I am completely happy with my “new” teeth and smile and would instantly recommend Dr. Nazir to anyone. Thank for making this such a pleasant experience!
By: susanamarloe
Rae Kim Young DDS
I came to this office because I had a really bad tooth ache for 2 nightsuntil my coworker told me about Doctor Kim. I did not want to go to thedentist because I know it is really expensive. The pain was killing me and Ihad to go. After she examined my mouth, she told me I needed a root canaland a crown but I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. I feel very happy when sheexplained her priority was to relieve my pain. Her assistant gave someoptions and finally I decided to do monthly payments. I feel she cares aboutme and not about my money. I totally recommend doctor Kim.
By: Dennis S.
Ralhan Nazir DDS
Due to unpleasant experiences as a child I had a great fear of “dentistry”. I am so glad I found Dr. Nazir and his highly competent and friendly staff. Every effort was made to make me comfortable and calm during my treatment. They put my mind at ease with their complete explanations and caring treatment. Any discomfort that I experienced was much less than I had anticipated. They make every effort to be accommodating to your individual needs and schedule. I am very happy with my “new smile” and I highly recommend Dr. Nazir and his staff for you dental needs.
By: Kurt L.
TMJ Specialist and Treatment Orange County - Dentist
Dr. Pine recommended I use Ortho-Stop to prevent my night time clenching and grinding, since using the pain in my jaw, neck and shoulders are gone, and I no longer wear down my teeth, as I can't grind at night. As far as being a TMJ Specialist Dr. Pine's knowledge is refreshing, he knows there are other specialist in the field who address different causes of TMJ, I never felt pressured, he presented the causes and how ortho stop addressed my situation. Overall I am very happy with Dr. Pine's TMJ treatment as I finally have relief.
By: Leroy Y.
Ralhan Nazir DDS
Amazing!!!!! I hate going to the dentist but then I met Dr. Nazir and his staff. You know that stress you feel... like yor being rushed in and then out and all they want is money? I didn't feel that way at all. By the time I got in the chair I felt like I've been going for years. Dr. Nazir answered all my questions and showed me the areas that need work with a camera that scans your teeth. I really felt comfortable and I will be going back.
By: allinone101
East Hills Family Dentistry
Dr.Chang and her staff were excellent in taking care of me as well as my cleaning and cavities. Procedures and options were explained to me very thoroughly ahead of time, and there were follow-ups to see how I was doing. The new massage chairs are the best. WOW put me to sleep. lol Thanks Dr. Chang.
By: scottt842
Ralhan Nazir DDS
Thanks to all of you Dr. Nazir, Allison and Shawna Only the warmest Thank You will do For people as nice and as special as you! I’m so happy my implant has worked out so well! I would like to thank each of you for all your efforts and kindness and for making my smile brighter! Big smiles
Tips & Advices
Many dental technologists are trained on the job, starting with simple tasks and progressing over the years to handle more complex responsibilities as they gather more experience. Formal training is available, and it involves getting an accredited two-year associate degree. Dental technologists can also obtain certification, which involves passing a certified dental technician exam.
Many dental labs provide guarantees for their work, and they will replace or repair a product if it fails. The timespan covered by this guarantee varies from product to product. For example, screw-retained implant abutments often come with a 20-year guarantee. Transition crowns and bridges are usually guaranteed for up to two years.
Many dental labs offer pickup and delivery services. They will send a driver to a dental office for pick up, and, once the work is finished, they will have the driver deliver the product to your office. Many dental labs offer this service at no additional charge.
Patients rarely deal with dental labs directly. In most cases, dental labs communicate only with a patient's dentist, building products based on dental molds that the dentist has taken. However, a small percentage of dentists operate in-house dental labs, and in these cases, patients can communicate directly with dental lab technicians.
In most states, dental technicians aren't legally required to obtain certification. However, if a dental lab wishes to obtain certification, the lab must be supervised by a certified dental technician, or CDT. To maintain certification, a CDT has to commit to continuing education. CDTs can choose specialties such as implants, orthodontics, ceramics, and complete dentures.

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