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By: catea63
Coronado Pet Shoppe
I have been taking my shih tzu there for grooming for the past 2 years and it has always been a shot in the dark as to how he would come out. Most of the time he would come out with a nick or two or a sloppy cut. He is not an easy dog to groom. Occasionally he would come out looking nice with no trauma but in a situation such as this pet shop you never know who is going to be grooming your pet. For one of my trips into the shop for grooming of my first dog I saw a little ball of fur I couldn't resist. I went against my daughters words of warning about pet shop pets and knowing nothing about the breeders or sire or dam, etc. etc. etc. I went against her advice and came home that day with a new addition to the family. Turns out my daughter (pre vet, animal science major) knew what she was talking about and I should have asked questions about the breeders and requested to see the sire and dam and whelping conditions. The facility the puppies are raised in can have a lot to do with their health and habits. I now understand why you might not want to buy a puppy from a pet shop.HOWEVER.... I have to give kudos to Coronado Pet Shoppe for having a free wellness exam offered. I bought the puppy on a Wednesday and took him for his free exam on a Monday. He was not a healthy puppy. I had attributed the runny poop to adjusting to a home at first but it just kept getting worse and when it turned bloody I got really concerned. Turns out that when I bought him he was suffering with e-coli. I had observed a severe habit of eating his own poop which the vet said was likely from being kenneled and bordom. Because I took advantage of the free wellness exam I was given a check up and all his medications (total of 5) free of charge. If I had of had to pay for all that I would have been one mad new moma. I just hope the poop eating isnt a sign of a pancreatic enzime deficiency. I called Coronado to let them know my new baby was not a healthy baby. They were very concerned about the situation and offered to help with the daily task of medicating and caring for the little one. I very much appreciate their concern and the offering to help with the situation. They stated they were going to contact the vet for better detail than I could give, (most of it was latin to me) and contact the breeder as well. This will probably be the last time I ever purchase a pet from a store but I do appreciate the concern shown after the issues arose and the free wellness check offered by them. I want to add that my new pet did not have an AKC registration but an ACA registration instead. Even though ACA is a breed registrar it is not concidered as reputable and many puppy mill breeders will use ACA instead of AKC because the rules are not as strict and the fees are cheaper. Therefore if your new baby has an ACA registration it probably did not come from a reputable breeder. After learning all this my heart cries for the sad start my puppy must have had and I give him the best I can. I will not ever buy another dog from a pet shop and if you should be tempted to buy one then please do your home work and ask lots of questions.
By: Rosemary M.
Best Lil Grooming Shop In Texas
Best grooming shop in texas, is a wonderful place to take your precious little furry friends to be groomed. Tina has been grooming for many many years and is very gentle with them, they look wonderful and they feel great when they come home, there always ready to go back .Check her out give her a call you won't go wrong
By: amandaharv
Coronado Pet Shoppe
I love this place. They do a great job on grooming. They also have great price's on pet supplies. This is a small home town business with awesome staff. I would rather give my money to a local business. They also carry Science Diet dog food
By: jennyf234
Coronado Pet Shoppe
I've taken my dogs here for the past 10 years. It is a family owned business an I always get great service and they know me and my dogs and exactly what I want.
By: Donna M.
Coronado Pet Shoppe
Took my Lab and cat to be groomed, they did a great job and everyone was friendly and professional, will go back.....
By: Toni B.
Best Lil Grooming Shop In Texas
Tina Gregory is the best in amarillo!

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