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By: Alishia A.
Family Dollar
Sandra George Jorge Audrey Steven are all awesome......when I go into the store they are always greet me by saying Good morning, good afternoon,hello how are you.........they always carry a conversation with me or my kids when we come in......the store is so clean and very organized to where I can find what I need......they are always telling me about sells going on a d what is on sale.........I love the whole crew over there......I will never stop going to this store......it is across the street from my house.........
By: cinadra
Dollar General
When they get a good employee there they fire them, or they chase them away. They hire people that show up for a few days to a few weeks then they don't show up. They wont hire people that do need the job and that will work. Turn in the food that is all expired and the head manager wont take them off the shelf and they still sell them. the good employee's can't do anything about them.
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By: lynnrm
Dollar General
love it not only all over town but also our here on the out skirts, great quality low prices, friendly people thorough our the store.
By: jimmy.r.lightfoot
Route 66 Discount
Good prices, Good people.Decent locally owned.highly recomend.
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By: Calvin F.
Sam's Club
Great for Members and Families.

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