By: Debi A.
7 Bar & Grill
Stopped in on our way from Missouri to California. Couldn't have found a better place to eat and unwind. Sat at the bar, watched Monday Night football on one of their many TVs, ate a delicious smothered chicken dish and sipped cocktails. The owner went out of his way to talk with us for quite a while and ended up buying us a round of drinks. Our bartender was darling and enjoyed chatting with her and her husband who had stopped in. Great service, great food and great cocktails!!! What more could you ask for! Sad we live so far away as this would definitely become our hang out. Thanks for a great evening!!!
By: tiffanycopeland
Giovanni's Pizza & Calzone
I read the one bad review about this place and I agree but also disagree. The pizza is amazing, one of two places that I will get pizza from in town. The atmosphere inside the restaurant wasn't a great one. I don't enjoy eating in a restaurant where I am expected to tip and eat on paper plate and drink out of soda cans or bottles. The customer service wasn't great either, random people entering and going to kitchen with bags a again food and other items. I have solved my aggravation by just doing delivery and eating in a pleasant environment.
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By: Chele C.
Aspen Creek Grill
2 stars for now. This was our first visit since it's opening in February. I'm sure there are a few kinks to work out but our night started with my drink being wrong. Our food order was wrong and it got cold before our waiter got back to us so that we could get it fixed. We paid for the wrong meal and was told it wouldn't be processed but it showed up on the online banking. On a good note, the staff was nice, the food was decent, prices were great and we will visit again in a few months when it's been more established.
By: Mike B.
Grills Gon' Wild
My meal at this place grills gone wild has been a very enjoyable meal my girlfriend says the same thing the price is right so pretty good location the service is outstanding I really like the new spin on me come in and get it all in all it's a great date place and somewhere you can take your family sincerel Mike D plumber
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By: Luis T.
Grills Gon' Wild
This is the best damn place ever, the owner is friendly and can cook like she sold her soul ..... cause she has Hella good food not yet found anywhere else. I need to turn her in to the food network!So if ever in Amarillo, tx Grills gon' wild is one place you can't pass by!!!!
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By: Rhonda O.
United Supermarkets
Love it, it's a great app to have. I don't see very well so looking in the phone book well let's just say it doesn't happen, print is WAY to small for me to read. This is a great app to have because you can enlarge the print. Thumbs up......
By: Loretta D.
Aspen Creek Grill
A+ for Service , Management & Food! Prices are just right & quality & Taste were great. One of the best birthday meals I have had in a long time. Hope you all keep up the good work. We will definitely be back for many meals.
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By: Stephanie E.
Pizza Planet
Just moved to the area this summer and was looking for a good pizza place. I've never had a bad pizza and their chef salad is amazing! I'd definitely recommend this for anyone looking for something that's not Pizza Hut.
By: Paul D.
Aspen Creek Grill
best service in years, maybe ever!! fun music, great food, delicious drinks, and did i mention our server (daniel) was the icing on the "fried cheesecake" we had for dessert!! (figuratively speaking of course) :)
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By: Candy D.
La Bella Pizza
Love La Bella! Great food at a great price! They care about their customers. They have a full menu and who would have thought that a pizza place would have great hamburgers, subs, seafood, and ribs!

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