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By: kimmyb45
Holland Anna
She is great. I would hands down recommend her to ANYONE. You do need to know the law and the bounds by which EVERYONE, including your lawyers, are stuck with. Lawyers cannot go against any law either, they can file a motion to have something modified if its in an agreement of some sort but they are a human being bound just like you are. Their jobs is to assist you change something and defend you if necessary. She was very honest with me even when it was stuff I didn't like. I appreciated the non sugar coated answers. She let me know her honest opinion of what I should and shouldn't do, how to view my case in a better light, rather than an emotional mom. After working in my job for almost two years, I am VERY grateful for her guidance and advising. I've learned so much and I know that the decision we made was the correct one and best interest of my child. As a client, you need to read up on laws as well as the lawyer, BBUUTT TRUST they are going to do whats right and everything they can for you!
By: Barbara J.
Vaavia Edwards
Vaavia Edwards helped myself and my finance' in ways that still to this day leave us literally stunned. Vaavia Edwards possessed an intense and fierce behavior towards the oppositions depravity. Never have I witnessed such vigorously aggressive " no compromise " legal actions on people who really deserved it. This attorney rescued our children from a terrible situation which was made worse by lies of the oppositions family. Vaavia Edwards had an exceptional degree of success in my case. I would recommend her at the highest level without any reservation. I received no compensation for this endorsement
By: michelleb68
James Clark Law Firm
Spite the other reviews I went ahead and chanced using this Attorney and very happy I did !! Very kind and professional, returns calls and answers emails promptly.. Our case was done in a speedy amount of time and we are extremely pleased with this office. Also very affordable for what we had done, I would recommend this office to anyone I know..
By: Tammy S.
David L. Isern, Attorney at Law
I went to Mr. Bradley with a case I had and although he couldn't take the case he was so generous with his time, compassionate, and knowledgeable. His willingness to help me and guide me in the right direction was priceless. I so wish he could represent me, but I would highly recommend him to anyone. You would be lucky to have him.
user avatar
By: Terry B.
Tisdell Law Firm
Excellent Attorney! If you're in trouble call this firm quickly! If it can be beat this man will get the job done!!!- Bobbi, a Criminal Defense client
By: Shaylee C.
Vaavia Edwards
best lawyer, did everything possible to go the extra mile, and really knows her stuff. I would recommend her to anyone
Tips & Advices
Some immigration processes can take months or even years to resolve. USCIS posts an online list for each field office that shows current processing times for common applications, such as ones for permanent residency, citizenship and proof of citizenship. These estimates provide a sense of the current backlog. An immigration attorney will usually monitor these timelines for you and communicate any updates.
An immigration lawyer might request copies of numerous documents, including a birth certificate, passport, letters from employers, proofs of address, income tax returns and photos/correspondence with family (if you are applying for an immigration benefit via a spouse or family member).
Yes, if you want them to. While an attorney cannot directly answer a USCIS agent’s questions, he or she can provide support and clarification during the interview. Having an attorney present is generally a good idea if you are involved in a complex immigration case.
Yes, for applications such as an adjustment of status (for example, going from a tourist visa to a green card) and citizenship, it is usually a good idea to agree upon a fixed rate that covers all paperwork and responses to evidence requests. This can save you money compared to an rate based on billable hours.
Fee schedules vary significantly depending on the case type. Immigration lawyers usually charge for both the required application fees from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and for their services. Longer, more complex cases such as deportation defenses are more expensive than simpler matters like completing a citizenship application.

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