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By: Varun S.
Road Ready Watchdog
I had never driven a four wheeler before. After a few lessons from Eddie and some practice, I passed my driving test in first attempt, with a perfect score. I was recommended Road Ready Watchdog Driving School by my colleagues. Eddie taught me starting with the very basics (like how to turn on a car!), and most importantly, how to drive safe. He immensely helped build up my confidence. He would not rush anything and allowed me to understand things at my own pace. He would be very honest about my progress and would tell upfront my strengths and weeknesses after each lesson. Not only did he teach me how to drive, but also prepared me for the road test. He was very honest about whether I was ready for the road test or not. During my class before the test, he observed my weeknesses which could have affected my test results, and focussed to strengthen them. He was very prompt at scheduling driving classes or road test appointment for me, as per my comfortable dates and timings. Last but not the least...Eddie is fun to be/learn with. He is not the typical strict, to-the-point teacher. He is very friendly and down-to-earth person. He maintains an enjoyable environment while teaching, and ensures the student doesn't get stressed out at any moment. I highly recommend Road Ready Watchdog Driving School, without any doubt, to anyone.
By: Melissa M.
Road Ready Watchdog
I recently called on Eddie again after he taught my daughter over six years to go how to drive. I requested three lessons minimum, but Eddie stated after the second lesson that my son was ready. Now mind you, first lesson was literally first time; my son had zero experience driving. Eddie suggested I teach him the basics and he would work on the more "nerve-wrecking" stuff (heavy traffic, changing lanes, etc.) His second lesson was this past Sunday. Today Wednesday, my son took the test and passed on the first try! Eddie was honest. He did not try to make extra money PLUS more than just driving lessons, Eddie provided my son with the confidence he needed to pass his test. Highly recommended!
By: Kalia C.
Road Ready Watchdog
Eddie is definitely a great instructor, he knows what he's talking about and is a very patient teacher. He helped me gain confidence on the road, gave me honest advice on my driving skills and prepared me for my driving exam (which i passed 1st time!) . He not only teaches you have to drive but how to do it SAFELY, if i made any mistakes he fully explained how to prevent it so i knew what to do in the future. Great cost for an excellent service. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone who is looking for a friendly, knowledgeable instructor and wants to pass their exam with flying colours! thanks Eddie :)
By: mlude
Road Ready Watchdog
Eddie was the best driving instructor ever! Before him I never thought that I would get my drivers license. He made driving very fun and worthwhile. I always learned something new when he taught me how to drive. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. His prices are flexible and he is so sweet. He started teaching me to drive on a Monday and by that Friday I recieved my driving license. I never thought that I could get it in less than a week. Before Eddie, I never drove before so I was a beginner. Thanks alot Eddie!!!!
By: Sher P.
Road Ready Watchdog
Best Driving Instructor!I had Eddie come out to help my son because I was a little nervous teaching him to drive. He was so awesome with my son! He never rushed him and always emphasized safety. He would often stay and talk to me about what my son needed to work on and was always accessible if I had questions. Needless to say my son passed his driving test without a problem - thanks to Eddie. Don't even think about it - he is an awesome instructor and you'll be happy with him - no doubt in my mind!
By: patricia.perez
Road Ready Watchdog
Eddie is amazing. Before his lessons I had never driven a car, EVER. I was absolutely terrified, but by the end of the first lesson I was sure that he was the right person for the job. He's a great teacher, you absorb the information without feeling barked at. The lessons flew by and I felt like I'd really improved by the end. I got my license after only six combined hours in Eddie's car, I had no access to a vehicle otherwise. I am so indebted to you Eddie. Thank you.
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By: Katherine Y.
Road Ready Watchdog
This is the best driving school! Eddie taught me how to drive very well, and was really nice too! He truly cared about me passing. I went from driving terrible on my first lesson to passing my drivers test 30/30. He is very considerate with booking lessons and his car is a great starter, since it has double braking and mirrors. If it was not for this driving school, I never would have passed my test, and I am so thankful for this company.
By: angelene.colon.3
Road Ready Watchdog
Eddie was by far the best instructor. He was very honest with my driving capabilities, and his pricing is more than fair. he was very knowledgeable about the test and taught me exactly what I needed to know to pass! With him as my instructor I passed my driving exam on the first try, and have been driving ever since with confidence. I would absolutely recommend him! He's super sweet and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel!
By: Jaysha M.
Road Ready Watchdog
Eddie was truly an amazing instructor. He really cares about you passing and is very patient. I had no experience whatsoever before I started my lessons with him and I passed on the first try! Eddie makes you feel comfortable on the road and also for the test. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs lessons! Whether you have experience driving before or not! Thank you Eddie!
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By: Jennifer O.
Road Ready Watchdog
Nothing but great things to say about Eddy and his school!! EDDY IS AN AWESOME INSTRUCTOR!! I had three classes with him and he was very patient, honest and motivating. He made me feel comfortable from day 1. He is also very accommodating. I passed my road test on the first try! Thank You for everything Eddy! I would recommend this school to first time and experienced drivers!!
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