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By: Thomas P.
Burger Craft
Ok, so I visited this spot 2 nights ago. It's not the best for the value, and I will explain, but it is very close.1) The burger itself. The taste was great, and even cooked right. Not over cooked at all. The bun was dis-proportioned with the meat. Way too much bread to meat ratio. The sauce I had them put on the side to taste it. It was on point, and just enough lemon not over killing it. The lettuce was fresh and not wilted like most microwave places. I added bacon on it and I will get to that in a minute. The problem here was the portion of the burger itself. NOT the taste, not how cooked it was. It was plainly put too small. I noticed when the patron with 2 kids left as I was getting mine, he looked at his sandwich and when I got my meal, I opened mine and realized immediately the same exact thing. Very little burger. The taste doesn't entirely make up for this at all. Also little to NO grease at all. I opted to use no sauce on the burger at all.2) Costs. So the burger build your own is 6.99, but the toppings, bun, sauces, etc... it all adds up. By the time mine was done I was close to $15/$16 for my meal. If you expect to get your money's worth, you wont. Chipotle with double steak and a drink with chips is cheaper and more filling, or Five Guys on Semeron Blvd. (436) is about the same price and more food. Here the $15 is a Single Patty. It's not remotely justified at all for the costs. Like I said earlier the Bread to Patty ratio is very poor especially after dumping $15/$16 into the sandwich. The drink is $2 very small cup not 21oz either in comparison its the size of the small drink from Mc Donalds (not the kids size), the Onion rings is 2.99 I believe. Brewed tea and soft drinks are the same price. Unlimited refills (for now at least).Onion Rings: They were out of regular fries when I was there. The onion rings are MASSIVE. They have the Perfect breading flavor and bread to onion ring ratio. I was very impressed with it. 4 big onion rings is what you get when you order the onion rings. It's MORE than enough. I can definitely say you get your moneys worth on this option.Brewed Tea: Sweet tea wasn't too sweet. This was a welcome change as places tend to be either too sweet or dull barely sweet.Options: A LOT of sauce options, sides onion rings, fries, sweet potato fries, and a few others. Even seasoning for the fries such as Cajun, parmesan, etc... There is a 2nd patty option but it's $2.00 more (Double option). They have shakes, no prices listed that I could see. Bacon was not thick at all. Rather disappointing. Again, not worth the costs.Scenery: It's like a country theme. Wooden chairs, no booths. Open and spacious.The Visit: When I first got there the cashier was very helpful. I took a moment to understand the menu and how it works. When I was ready the cashier walked me through the process by asking me questions and letting me know my options. The food took like 5-7 minutes to make. They do have burger menu options with prices preset. Final outlook: Although the burger taste good, the value isn't there. The local options close to where I live makes this an ideal place for burgers if I didn't want to cook. It's grass fed and I believe organic. This appeals to me. I would just make it a double. 5 more minutes drive and I could be at Five Guys though.
By: Abid K.
We were driving by as we noticed the restaurant , we got in to check it out and we were impressed by the atmosphere . It was clean , chic and welcoming .Johanna was the cashier , she went above and beyond explaining the menu . She was very nice and professional. After we got our food we were more than sure we will be back again . The food tasted great and fresh . Thank you burgerfi Altamont spring.
By: jacksbarrel
Jacks Barrel Sport Bar
I went there with a couple of friends and we had an awesome time. There's great music and a great variety of beers . The new owner is great and very friendly.

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