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By: hk09634578
Ray's Famous Pizza
I have been with Ray's since the beginning when they first opened up in 1990. Two brothers opened it up, and till this day, 2013, the same two brothers still own and operate Ray's. They use fresh ingredints and make sure every single bite is packed with great flavor. The service their is great and the people are very polite and friendly. Sometimes they do make mistakes, but they are people just like us and they make mistakes just like we do, so we have to forgive and forget because they still have great food! They have it all pizza, calzones, strombolies, subs, wraps, gyros, sandwiches, burgers, fried apetizers, dinners and a huge veriety of bevrages to choose from including beer! The delivery drivers are very kind and try their best to get your food to you as soon as possible which can be hard at times because they get really busy on some days. Everything at Ray's is fresh and packed with flavor, They get freshly baked bread in everymorning, they use freshly grated cheese, the make their own fresh pizza and marinara sause, cut and marinate their own own fresh chicken, they make their own home made sausage and meatballs, and more! I liked Ray's in the beginning because it was a small family owned pizza place who did i right not like dominos or pizza hut, and they really got me attatched to they place its the same it was 23 years ago and even better, over the years Ray's has provided Allentown and Bethlehem quality food and they have built a love for thier customers and their customers have built a love for them. They have seen little kids come in that are now in their 30's that have kids of their own that are still coming their. Overall Ray's pizza is a great pizza place that provides awsome food with wonderful service and if you havent checked them out you should it will change your life! Love you Ray's keep up the good work!
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By: Zeanab A.
Furniture and Beyond
To Bria, Before you post fraudulent, false information (it is illegal), please confront the store owner to find out the facts. We have records from the credit card company and financial proof to show no fraud happened to your account. He was given a full refund and we didn't want to order the wrong sofa--which the company didnt have and it was out of the store's control. All of our loyal repeating customers use the same credit Square application and have had no issues. It is very upsetting to see false claims and straight lies to be posted about our store. I will be contacting your boyfriend to provide proof that we are 100% honest and not criminals. Levi is a VERY honest person, not a slime as you stated. If that doesn't provide comfort we are more than willing to show other proof that you would like to see.
By: scott.alderfer.1
Sammi's Pizzaria
Possibly the best stromboli I've ever had. I just finished one of Sammi's deli bolis - a stromboli with various traditional stromboli meats and cheese. Very impressed that it was not dripping with excessive grease like almost everyone else's stromboli I've ever eaten. Also, this was the perfect size for one normal person to eat. Some places give you a stromboli as big as your head, and then you have to eat half and save the rest for the next day. But it's aways too soggy with grease to be edible the next day. And finally, any other place I've ever gotten a stromboli has given a shot-glass sized container of marina sauce to go with it. But Sammi's gave me a very generous sized container of marina - more than enough. Definitely give Sammi's deli boli a try.
By: Aaron J.
Vinny's Pizza and Restaurant
I used to live right down the road from this place. I've gotten pizza from there before and it was mediocre. just ordered from there about a week ago for first time in over a year. Got a bacon pizza the bacon was all fat n chewy n even seemed almost raw in parts. the cheese steak I got was bland and not very good. convenience and price it's not too bad but I expect better quality out of a small town pizzeria. like I said decently priced but poor quality ingredients seems to effect their food quality. Slice of Italy near by blows this place outta the water
By: pcmedic61
Sammi's Pizzaria
The quality is off and on - been here a few times and liked most of it Last night we ordered fried calamari it came out looking like onion rings, it was tough as rubber bands and fishy - I sent it back. The waiter asked me what the problem was - another waiter came over and asked me, then on the bill $10 for food I sent back - I didn't want to make a scene with my boys there and everyone seemed uptight already so we paid and left. - I'll find somewhere else to take my appetite and money in the future.
By: daniel.wildman.31
Mancino's Pizza & Pasta Fasul
Very frendly People at Mancino's Pizza & Pasta Fasul. Nino makes the Greatest Stromboli special just for me, Thank You to all the Mancino family for the great food/ milkshakes too.I just order a Large Stromboli with just Ham/ Sausage/ Cheese/ Dough. Can not wait to sit down, and enjoy the wonderful food they make.
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By: John M.
Vinny's Pizza and Restaurant
We were looking for a pizza that was not doughy and recently found this place. We like their plain and pepperoni pizzas a lot. Can not recommend anything else only because we have not ordered anything else. But for pizza, we would recommend this place.
By: Guillermo L.
Parma Pizza
It's the best place to order! I have nevet had a problem. The people are friendly and courteous, they were on time and the food is extremely delicious! Just my favorite and I always order from them!!
By: Mike H.
Furniture and Beyond
Levi and his staff were very helpful, professional and patient. They gave me the absolute best price in the area and I shopped around! Go see them! You will not be disappointed!
By: lisabowzz
Furniture and Beyond
I bought my daughter a bedroom set here, they set it up and delivered for free!! Levi is very caring! Very affordable furniture for beginner family

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