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    950 N 6th St


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    This place has lice, sick kids, kids shoved in one tiny cubicle, because they're not classrooms, and they let the kids with live stay, toys are filthy and the man is always screaming. Don't go here.

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By: Joseline A.
Bright Futures Child Care Center
This place does not know how to deal with kids with autism or any child that has a disability. I thought this place would have been a good fit for my autistic daughter because of how good they made it sound. I was wrong until one day I picked her up from this daycare finding 2 bite marks on her arm. Unfortunately my daughter is nonverbal so I couldn't get an answer from her of who did it. I had to ask a few of the staff to find out what happened and why I wasn't notified but no one could give me an answer. No one knew anything and that was the last time I took my daughter there. Today, I found out how my daughter used to get neglect it by being put on a high chair for a long period of time to take the easier way of dealing with her. As a mother this was heart breaking to hear. I suggest to stay away from this place if your child cannot defend their self.
By: Tia F.
Marshall and Friends Daycare
Had to take my children out because the husband was very verbally abusive to my children. He blamed my daughter for pouring glitter on one of the babies. even though she was crying and telling him she didn't do it. He made her stand in the corner all day with no food. He yelled in her face screaming at her telling her she was a liar. I was so angry and went there defending my child because I knew by the way she was behaving that she didn't do it and also I know my kid isn't that type. His traction was if you don't like it, take your children at out of my daycare. I had to work the next morning! He even forced her to call the parent of the baby and apologize for something she didn't do. Forced her! She was 8 years old. And very timid & shy & sweet. She was so upset and she's still devastated to this day. The child who really did it confessed the day after, saying she accidentally spilled it by climbing trying to reach the glitter that was above the crib. Who keeps glitter above a crib and where where they at the time? They had more kids than they could handle. and all he could say to me was he was sorry. He needed to be jailed with criminal charges for abuse against him. He's rude and distrustful and unprofessional and intimidates the children by screaming in their faces. I hate them and I hope they get shut down. .
By: Nicole J.
Bright Futures Child Care Center
Relocation was a scary thing when you have children who need care even after you score the job offer. We found Bright Futures and the staff we welcoming and loving from tour to first day. We have now been attending for 2 years and we are just as pleased. They are flexable with schedules and even in helping care for my children when we needed a date night out. They became our professional family. In reading some of these reviews I dont feel it is okay to base judgement off of others opinions as it seems whats fit for some might not be for others. My youngest child has similar challenges to some shared however my experience was not the same and the staff worked very hard to help us and in working together we seen great success.
By: Jane S.
Active Learning Ctr
This ALC location is horribly run. In summer 2016 my 8 year old daughter was bullied here. She cried everyday and didn't want to return. When I addressed it with the Director, Tracey Cramer, she told me I could disenroll my children if they didn't like it there. Bottom line was the center would lose over $30,000/yr. if the bully's parents were told about what he was doing because they would pull their 3, full time, year round kids. My 2 children only attended summers there. After discussing my concerns in a private FB group for local moms, there were SO MANY more reports about horrible, horrible situations occurring at these centers (there are a total of 5). Children being left with feces on the clothes and face for hours, and then the child being blamed by ALC. A SIGNIFICANT head injury to a toddler, caused by a teacher, documented by a medical professional. ALC denied this, refused to talk to the parents about it, calling the very verbal toddler an "unreliable source" despite the child's very specific, repeated statements of what occurred. The parent called the State, and 3 hours later the parent was told they could never step foot on ALC property and the children could stay at ALC ONLY if the other parent signed a form stating they would ALWAYS pick up and drop off. Another family, their child sustained a serious laceration to the eye, and ALC didn't call the parent or seek medical attention. When the parent picked the child up and saw the laceration, took the child to the ER immediately and was told that had medical attention not been administered at that time, the child would have lost all vision in that eye. ALC denied any wrong doing. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE PLEASE!! PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. These centers come highly recommended. That's because they force ANY parent out that raises any concerns. Check out their licensing inspections. had 21 violations when the KNEW the state was coming?!? How many do they have every other day??? Hiring people with no background checks?!? They could be hiring a registered sex offender and not know it?!? Until the state violated them for it! Please, please. Keep your children safe. Stay away from any of ALC sites. But especially FOGELSVILLE run by Tracey Cramer.
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By: Lashonda G.
Adventurous Kids Daycare
Very good daycare , would recommend to everyone. They really put care into the children. And they also do transportation for free so that's a major plus
By: Mini B.
Our Little Einstein Child Care
My child is in 2nd and the teachers there are great. The head teacher introduced herself to me the first day my child was there. The teachers always have a smile on their faces and my daughter loves it there. She is always talking about how helpful the teachers are with her homework. When I pick my daughter up the head teacher is always letting me know if my daughter finished her homework or not and how her day was and any problems that need to be addressed. I love that the teachers participate in activities with the children when I pick her up they are dancing with the kids, playing with the kids or doing an activity with them. I really like how involved and engaging they are with the children. They really seem to care about them and that's hard to find at a daycare. I reccomend this daycare to anyone who has school aged children.
By: Amber G.
Bright Futures Child Care Center
I do not recommend taking your children here . Please RUNNN as fast as you can. This place is very unprofessional . Teachers yelling at the top of their lungs to children. Teachers that handle children with excessive force. The director put no money into the daycare it looks horrible . I put my child in there and i took the out i can see the learning difference she is having now . She was 3 years old and didnt know her colors or numbers . Place should be shut down just like creative minds
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By: Aaliyah P.
24 Hour Day Care
Can you please takeMy number off here !!! NOBODY CALL THIS NUMBER IT IS MINE! I don't appreciate people calling meAsking meIfI'm a 24 hour day care
By: Melinda B.
Kula Childrens Center
my child went here and the workers are rude, careless, and blame parents for their inability to remain professional. my child has been exposed to several health hazards as well as mistreat by the workers. i have almost been fired for attendance from my job due to the lack of professional time frames they choose to alert their customers that they will be closed for random times. i was in constant panic every month as i awaited for another small piece of paper warning me they will once again be closed and i was forced to take off of work AGAIN! if your looking to call off from work an enormous amount of days every year then this is your place! would not recommend to ANYONE. they all seemed nice at first but then their attitudes come after your a customer.
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By: Stace K.
Creative Children's Center
After growing up with a stay at home mom, I never had experience with child care. But society had made me believe that children weren't always in the best of hands. However, due to job requirements my husband and I moved to this area and enrolled our then 5 month old son to this center, and have not one regret. He was full time there and the excitement on his face when he saw the friendly staff in the morning warmed our hearts. I picked him up at different times and not once did I ever find him in a dirty diaper, hungry, crying, or alone. The daily update sheets made me feel as a first time mom as if I wasn't missing out on any of his milestones. If you are reading this review, do yourself a favor and schedule a tour of this facility! You won't regret it!

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