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By: Lovin'mines R.
United States Postal Service
17500 OAKWOOD BLVD ALLEN PARK, MI 48101-9701. All of you are leaving bad reviews for the wrong place. I too am having issues with this sorting facility. But you guys are leaving reviews on the wrong place. This is the Allen Park post office not sorting facility. This is the address of the place you guys need to leave bad reviews for 17500 OAKWOOD BLVD ALLEN PARK, MI 48101-9701. Their number is 313-337-2101. Finally found their number on a old newspaper report of a fight at that facility and seen the address then I googled it and BAM had their number and called this morning inquiring about 2 outgoing packages and 4 incoming that were the to be delivered Saturday and yesterday and still are not showing up for today. I ask the clerk were they backed up as I still have not received my packages yet that have yet to either be scanned in or out of that place. Think they need to hire more workers like ASAP. If I moved closer I could be up there wanting my packages like today. I like the postal service but I highly dislike this facility to the max.
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By: Shana S.
United States Postal Service
I just wanted to pass along some information as I think all the negative reviews this facility has received this year may not be fair. For those whom aren't aware, usps is doing massive consolidations this year; 82 facilities across the country are closing causing mail to be rerouted to other facilities. In order for those places to handle the larger influx of shipments the USPS relaxed the transit times for first class mail...all first class mail will no longer be delivered next day whatsoever, and will generally be delivered a whole day later (if not more). Unfortunately it seems with all these new changes that all mail (even priority) are experiencing severe delays across the country since the beginning of the year.
By: Alicia K.
United States Postal Service
I am at the AP PO SEVERAL times a week with at least 15 packages each time as I do Ebay. I have NEVER had an issue with the Allen Park location. The cashier's are exceptionally nice and extremely helpful, ESPICALLY JULIE SHE ROCKS!!!!! TO EVERYONE THAT HAS LEFT A NASTY REVIEW NEEDS TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES!! IT IS NOT THE ALLEN PARK OFFICE THAT CREATES THE ISSUES - IT IS THE MAIN DETROIT LOCATION - ALLEN PARK ACCEPTS THEM AND SENDS THEM OFF TO DETROIT TO BE SORTED AND THEN SENT OUT. YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE DETROIT MAIN OFFICE NASTY REVIEWS NOT THE ALLEN PARK LOCATION! The Allen Park location has no control of the package once it is sent off to the MAIN DETROIT OFFICE!
By: Karen R.
United States Postal Service
During the decades that I've used the USPS, I can recall only two mixups. One occurred just the other day. I sent a package from my home in San Diego County to another individual in San Diego County (Priority Mail), yet the package went to the sorting facility in Allen Park, MI. Probably just a glitch. I still like the USPS. They're efficient and self-sustaining.
By: Daniele B.
United States Postal Service
My brother. He sent me package from Transylvania. Package disappear. Like a vampire to sunlight. Poof. Gone. I need help to find. Lady named Beth. She help me. She nice lady. She find it for me. Beth you nice lady. My tracking number FU3372200TR
By: Im a potato ..
United States Postal Service
I wanted to be the only person to leave a five star review because in my experience with the post office I've never had an issue.
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By: Jack D.
United States Postal Service
i have a package that left here two days ago, and I'm just waiting on an update but nothing yet... it should be here tomorrow.
By: ruth.manolis
United States Postal Service
Staff is friendly & helpful! Love the 'hometown' feeling from the workers!

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