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1346 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

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    Jin C.

    jose is liar, idiot,... after tell the price for install.. he will take your money first before doing job.... after that he will rip you off that said job need more labor........ be carefull...

  • I had a terrible experience he...

    I had a terrible experience here. I bought a full audio system from them. They wired it backwards and Jose tried to convince me that was the way it was supposed to work, before he finally accepted that yes, it was wired backwards.

    When I took it back, they fixed the backwards wiring but disconnected the A/C -- which I found out when I was stuck in the car all day when it was sweltering hot. I went back again, got the A/C reconnected, but they disconnected one of the car's non-audio wires and there's still a loose wire in the audio system, because it goes out randomly. Although, to be fair, they probably screwed that up in one of the previous two wiring attempts, and not during the A/C reconnection.

    When my car dealer called them to find out what was going on with my wiring, Jose was extremely rude. I'd never let them near my car again. Even if they are running out of things they can screw up. Never underestimate the damage inexperienced people can do to your car.

    Jose is a great salesman, but that's it. The customer service, especially if there's a problem, leaves a lot to be desired. Jose seems to either have limited knowledge of how the system is supposed to work, once it's installed, or he has full knowledge of it but then has to backpedal and flounder while he figures out how not to make it his mechanic's fault that it's not working the way it should be.

    Worst mistake I ever made was going to this place. And, to add insult to injury, my car dealer told me I could have gotten the same system from them, for the same price. With the difference being that they would have wired it right the first time and guaranteed their work.

    If I could give this place negative stars, I would.

  • Terrible car installation plac...

    Terrible car installation place. Beware, they will not tell you that they will cut your wires in order to install your radio. I had my system looked at another radio instalation store and they told me the wires were cut and taped into the system. No wonder, the installation was cheaper than other stores. I brought my car in to install a radio bluetooth system by Parot which they claim that they are a certified dealership. Their installation works but I lost my amp power in my stock Bose System for CD and radio. They made my system sound like crap thinking I would not tell the difference in the quality of my system. I tried requesting for a refund but they refused to do so. They offered to repair the problem but I have lost confident in their work and took my car to somewhere else. I will deffinately not do business with them again and I would never refer anyone to service their audio system there. The owner seems nice at first but when there is a problem they service just bad; it is very deceiving.

  • Don't Trust Tony

    BEWARE of this shop!!!!!! They WILL rip you off!!!! Tony is VERY good at manipulating people into spending more MONEY than you really want to. He will keep adding items that he SAYS you need and keep jacking up the price. Tony's own words "yeah, my PRICE IS HIGHER then others but my work and knowledge is what you pay for", but their work is VERY unprofessional and you could see their imperfections everywhere leaving you thinking why did you trust them in the first place. I had signs warning me everywhere from his returning customers complaining about their audio problems, High Prices, HORRIBLE WORK, and many LIES. At the end of the day you leave his shop VERY unsatisfied feeling like you got ripped off....... I had to spend more money elsewhere to fix all of the Horrible Work and problems they left me. Till this day, I'm still frustrated at myself that I let in to all his Lies and Trust them!!!!! I never intended into writing this bad review but if this review helps at least one person out there from getting fooled them and feeling the way I do now then I'm satisfied. If iI could rate them 0 stars out of 5 I would.

  • Excellent car audio shop

    This store is awesome. The customer service is great and the quality of work is outstanding. In this business it is very important to find a store you trust to sell you quality products and install them properly. At this shop they keep the highest standards and don't let you leave until you are happy. Would highly recommend this store.

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