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By: mwdtrs
La Trattoria marianos
OK, I've had bad food at a restaurant before, but this place just ...well, there are no words for how bad it is. We all agreed that the Pepsi was the best part of the meal. Noodles: Not fresh and not home made. In fact, I truly believe they came out of a box of Creamettes and were cooked a few days ago and warmed up.Chichen Parmesan: Sauce was like water and chicken was obviously oldFlatbread Pizza: Seriously, all they did was slap a sprinkle of cheese and some old lettuce on top of a pita.This place is TERRIBLE. To the owners: Close down already. If you truly hate cooking this much, just close. Also, the waitress was obviously beaten up by numerous complaints and no longer gave a crap. It was painfully obvious she knew the food was terrible.
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By: Carla B.
Cucina Bella
This is the best Italian food in thus area. Wonderful food and very good srevice. The food is very consistant, making it always so good.
By: David P.
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano
They have really good food. Great service too.
By: Jason S.
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano
Excellent Italian food. The family and I love it. They provide very good excellent service. Highly recommend
By: Amy S.
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano
This place is great. AMazing food and customer service. Me and the family LOVE IT!!
By: samuel.m.stephano
La Trattoria marianos
go here for a cozy atmosphere, great food, and a nice italian/american bar.whats pathetic, is that people dont know how to eat food nor do they know what they even want when they order it. These are the same people that think mcdonalds is a square meal for their obese family. ALSO. learn how to freaking read english. its all written out on the menu. READ, ASK QUESTIONS, thats what your server is there for, not for them to be your slave for the next hour. And on that note. dont tip servers the spare change outta your pocket ya cheap interglot. they usually only make 3 bucks an hour so a few dollars outta that tight wallet wont kill you. 15% is standard. Ill tell you who is arrogant. the people that left 1 sarts. Who does that? ive eaten all over the world, and ive never sat in a resturant that was only one star. You people whine and moan about how expensive it is. are you serious? most items are 10-15 bucks. next time, keep your annoying, ignorant mouth at home. spare everyone the drama.oh and for the record. i am NOT an employee of Marianos. nor are any of the other reviewers. get a life you freaking trolls.btw its pasta fagoli, if you READ then menu, it wouldnt be so hard to remember. of course that considering you have more then one brain cell, which you dont.
By: my-dogs-mom
La Trattoria marianos
To quote millertime0615, this place is “rediculous”. Ridiculously bad. And I agree with chefguy12 that the people who wrote positive reviews were employees, however, I suspect that it was the owners that wrote the glowing reviews. We went to their restaurant in Lake in the Hills soon after it opened and found the woman who greeted us pretentious and rude, the service subpar, and the food greasy and inedible. Being optimistic, I convinced my husband to try the new restaurant at Algonquin Commons. The first time we went there, we were surprised that there was maybe one other table with patrons, but we found the service to be excellent and the food we ordered delicious. The second time we went, two months later, there was only one other table with patrons and the food was terrible, the service bad and the woman who took our money pretentious. I am just taking a guess, but I suspect that La Trattoria, the original restaurant in Lake in the Hills, did not do as well as expected, and the owners blamed the location. Moving to Algonquin Commons may have improved the location, but just changing locations did not improve the food or the attitude in this restaurant. If you want Italian food that is much better than La Trattoria Marianos, stay home and cook Lean Cuisine spaghetti and meatballs in the microwave. The food will be better and you won’t have to deal with the employees at this place.
By: mwdtrs
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano
I love this place! Every time I have gone the food has been outstanding. I only wish there weren't 2-hour waits to get a table.
By: jimb333
La Trattoria marianos
It's Olive Garden without the flavor or value. I ordered pasta with alfredo sauce. It was cream and flour on taste. I asked for some fresh parsley and garlic salt to give it some taste...couldn't make it work. The owner (Tereesa) was clueless...if I ran a restaurant I ould have asked why I needed more flavor...she asked nothing, even after I asked how she gets feedback on the restaurant. I went another time and ordered octopus...the worst I've ever had...rubbery and low quality, Below average food, high priced, terrible service...I wanted so badly for them to succeed since I live close, but they seem clueless and not real interested in input. Don't go here...

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