By: mr.reeves
McDonald's(703) 837-81171000 N Henry St, Alexandria, VA 22314 We've all had terrible conflicting and customer service experiences. Personally, when I receive poor customer service, I give the company one more opportunity to make it up to me before I sever all ties with them and look for an alternative. But others aren't so patient. In most cases, you only get one chance to make a great impression on a customer through your service, you have in the past. It's incredibly important to listen to what your customer is telling you. Never assume you know what's best. Listen objectively and ask questions to get to the crux of the customer's concerns, so that you can help them quickly and efficiently. You identified with their concerns as a customer and explains that you would do everything to resolve any future issue if they occurred. Making them as a customer feel important and are sincere and truthful with the transaction. By your being thoughtful and interested in me as a customer WILL help keep me as a loyal customer.On visit to this location on 10/10/2012, I was approach by an employee name Johnathan working there doing lunch who was rude and very unprofessional. He snacked the beverage out of my hand when I accidentally press soap instead of water. I admitted my over sight and he use profanity toward me. I am a professional and can afford to purchase a soda if I desire too. This was truly a lack of the professionalism expected from an McDonald employee. Please address this issue with this employee on his treatment of customers.Respectively,Al Reevesaljoy2001@yahoo.com
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By: Robert A.
Horrible customer service. The asian guy behind the register snapped at me after asking the type of sub I had. I told him it was the sub of the day. He snapped back "yes you pay full price!" because my friend had a coupon that offered a free sub when buying any sub and drink. The man sternly, with a raised voice said "you no combine two discounts". I wasn't trying to do this. He was a prick.. Whatever.
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By: clinton.m.woods
The food is standard, but I'm not sure if it is the store layout or what, but even at 2pm, they had to have someone working the drive thru to take orders on a handheld and someone else to run money. Odd, but not a major issue. The bigger issue is the lack of quality control in getting orders out. Missing quite a bit of our order and had to request to get the rest of it.
By: Sami C.
Very polight. Kind Service. Clean Bathroom. Saw they're all working very Efficient. Love MCDonald's helping out the Homeless. Thank You. Luvin it����
By: Juliette A.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
I go there all the time but I wish there not a long line

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