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By: Saron M.
Overstock Furniture
Really really bad store, specially the employee named Aziz is rude and unprofessional . He should not work there. Zero customer service. He should be fired and they have this new sales lady unprofessional as well.I will never comeback to this store again. It is a waste of time and money. I should have checked their BBB score from the beginning. They have a big F.
By: Terri S.
Overstock Furniture
This place is a scam if ever there was one. I ordered a kids bedroom set on 5/10/17 with a down payement. Two weeks later I followed with the store to see if my order was in. I was told it was and they would call be back. I received no call back. A week after that (3 weeks total from the date of order), I went into the store to inquire about my purchase and they pretended to not know what happened but the so called owner/manager ? promised that he would call me the next day with answers. No call did I receive. I called the store two days later, spoke to the clerk and she said she would check on things and call me back. She never called back. Another week later (total of 4 weeks), I made a nother visit to the store and demanded a refund for the down payment on furniture that I never received. The manager/owner? said " you get no refund. All sales are final". He refused to reimburse me and I wasn't in the mood to argue so I walked out. How the crap can a sale be final when no merchandise was received? Each time that I visited the store an other customer came in with a complaint too. This place needs to be shutdown. They make their money by scamming people out of their money and not returning it for fake reasons. Please don't get fooled by the merchandise in the store and give them your money because you will not get the merchandise nor your money. President Trump needs to look into their business practices. A disgruntled customer indeed.
By: Debra T.
Creative Classics Furniture
I visited several furn. Stores in the NVA area and I was led to Creative Classics by the Holy Spirit. The sales associates were of the highest caliber and very knowledgeable and very patient and the quality of the merchandise is above superior. The owners even took the time to send me a handwritten thank you card and let me know how much they appreciate my business.How many business owners do that in the 21st century! I changed my order a few times to upgrade or delete items and they acommondated me with style and grace.At one point I had the nerves to balk at the delivery charge and it was brought to my attention by the Holy Spirit I was in error.So I will be paying it with joy because business is business and what made me feel they should pay delivery cost is beyond me. I called to ask for forgiveness and to say I am sorry and my sales Representative was so diplomatic and so appreciative and so understanding and it made me ashamed.From the owners to the employees this business is on my AA+ go to for furnishing.The furniture has such above superior craftmanship to the point one can see it is made by people taking their time and every detail is detailed to the point of perfection.I am very impressed and so thankful that there is still a business that is not only American owned but also reflects what America was in my youth as far as service and quality of productsPersonally I think their products are not assembly line but rather actually made as ordered.At any rate I highly recommend them. They are expensive but worth my hard earned money. If I had to save a thousand years to purchase one item I would.Drop by sometime you will not be dissapointed if you are looking for sturdy beautiful made with love furniture.
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By: Charles C.
Overstock Furniture
it is incredible the way they deceive is a scam, it is incredible that this company exists in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...
By: Amjad A.
J Brown & Co
Disrespectful and Arrogant OwnerLet me share my experience with the owner of the J Brown & Company. My spouse and I were in the Old Town and entered this store and began browsing products. I got interested in a few decoration items. The sale items were not marked. Therefore, I asked prices of the items that I was interested to purchase. He seemed agitated and not responsive to provide me prices. Anyway, I got three items and approached him to pay for the items. I complimented his glasses and said these are very nice glasses. He completely ignored the compliment with bad attitude and rudeness. He charged my card and told me that don’t come to his store to buy from him in the future. My spouse and I left speechless and didn’t know how to respond. We left his shop with really bad feelings as we didn’t know what did we do wrong. As soon as we got out of his shop with the extreme negative feelings he gave us, we realized that we would not be able to keep these items at home as it will remind us this horrible experience and bad feelings that the owner (Mr. Brown) of the shop gave us for no reason. We were in awe and confused why a shop owner will treat his customers in such a bad and rude manner. Is he a racist or mentally unstable? Is he about to close his shop as his business seems like not doing well and he seemed frustrated? We decided to go back, return items and ask him for reason why he was so rude and disrespectful. I told him that I want to return these items and asked him why he was so rude and disrespectful? He returned products enthusiastically and didn’t respond. We left his shop with really bad energy and feelings he gave us on the New Year’s Eve. We came home and checked online reviews about his business and found that he treated so many other customers in a disrespectful, rude and arrogant manner as well. I don’t know how his business can survive where owner treats customers with such rudeness and disrespect. Who will shop at such a place where you have to deal with an owner who is so disrespectful and arrogant to his customer? The decoration items he sells are exactly the same you will find at Neiman Marcus with much lower prices. He appears to buy items from Neiman Marcus and price them higher than what you can buy at Neiman Marcus. I recommend don’t even go close to this toxic place due to its owner (Mr. Brown). He is extremely rude, arrogant and appears to have unstable personality. He is a loose cannon and you never know what type of bad feelings you may get from him that will leave you in shock and awe!!!
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By: Rebecca D.
J Brown & Co
I have been a J. Brown shopper for over 10 years. All of my shopping experiences have been most pleasant and the purchases have been, and continue to be, of the highest quality. The shop itself is a treat to visit and equipped to provide you with a divine gift for a special person (or for yourself!) or an addition to your home that will bring a room to life and make it sing. Mr. Brown has brought good design and high style to the neighborhood. I cannot say enough about the wonderful service Mr. Brown and his staff provide.
By: Dee D.
Overstock Furniture
This place is a fraud, I ordered two mattresses and they delivered the wrong mattress, and trying to make me believe it's the right thing. They are a scam, if you can avoid them at all cost, please do. They so not even deserve to be in business, I'm still fighting with them for a refund and I will call better business bureau on their tail. Stupid people
By: Oel S.
Overstock Furniture
is the worst place in Alexandria, very bad aptitude horrible customer Service I will never come back
By: shell4600
Overstock Furniture
The worst furniture store I have been ever. While the pricing and selection was nice, they failed to deliver two times. I get first call at 6Pm to let me know my delivery will arrived next day, and I talk to the manager by compromised the delay . However, while I was almost arriving to pick up my items, I get a call said that the delivery was not arrived. I stopped by in the store and talked to the manager, and he said that I could cancel the order but I have to pay cancelation fee on it which was stated on the order invoice. To begin with he failed to explain the payment and the return police while the payment on progress. At the time of the purchase he gave me full of words I will have my items on time which was he lied about it. In general, this store has bad customer service and purchasing polices. Absolutely, the worst customer service I've experienced at a furniture store.
By: derrick.woodard.90
Overstock Furniture
By far, the worst furniture store I have been to. While the pricing and selection was nice, they failed to deliver. I ordered a dining room set and scheduled it for delivery. I was given a 6-hour window for delivery. On the day of delivery, I waited the entire 6 hours. Needless to say, I did not receive my dining room set. When I called after waiting 6 hours, the manager stated they would have to reschedule another week out. At this time, the only way to make good on is to refund the delivery charge or discount the price. When I arrived in the store and presented the manager with those 2 options, he stated he could not accommodate any discounts. Either I could have the furniture delivered a week out or pay a 30% restocking fee for a refund. After arguing with the manager for about 15 minutes, I decided to opt for the refund. There is no way I was going to give this place another cent of my money. While I was there, another couple came to the counter with the same issue only they had been waiting 2 months for their delivery. Absolutely, the worst customer service I've experienced at a furniture store.
Tips & Advices
Provide the landscape designer with photos of designs you find attractive and might want to emulate. Gardening and architecture magazines can be useful in this regard. It's also important to let the landscape designer know how the  space should function. For example, a space that is being used as a play area for kids will have different objectives from a space being used to entertain friends. Finally, have a clear idea of how much you are looking to spend, since this will impact the build choices made by the landscape designer.
Interior designers can generally work on every type of room, but one should not assume that all of them can work on every type of space. More complicated projects--for example those in buildings with historic preservation strictures, or those that are going for sustainability certifications--will be suited to interior designers with specific expertise. Also, interior designers that have experience in a certain type of project may not want to take on projects that are outside their expertise. For example, an interior designer who has only worked on commercial projects may not want to do a small private home.
Every interior designer has their own style, but some designers are more versatile than others. Some really do specialize in functionality and code compliance, whereas others are more focused on aesthetics. Interior decorators are completely focused on visual impact, and therefore should be reviewed and selected based on how well their style is a match for the client’s tastes.
Full-service interior design starts with an assessment of a site and the client’s long-term needs for that space. It encompasses concept design, floor plans and lighting plans, providing project specifications to contractors, supervising  contractor negotiations and installations, applying for permits, and shopping for all the materials and pieces for the project. On top of this, there are the “decorator” deliverables, i.e. creating the aesthetic of the space, selecting wall colors/covers and furniture pieces, purchasing products and installing them.
An interior designer may come into a development project very early on, working with the developer and architect from the pre-construction phase. They may be the one to design floor plans, decide where to place interior walls, and supervise contractors that are installing elements of the build. They often work on commercial projects, although many of them work on residential projects. Interior designers can “switch hats” and do interior decoration, which means they are only focused on the aesthetic elements and visual components of a residence.

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