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By: vamai512
Virginia Martial Arts Institute, Inc.
Already known to the people of this area for the ultimate in self-defense training, Virginia Martial Arts Institute, Inc. would like you to realize the many benefits their institute offers. The isometric, aerobic exercises utilized by these professionals include movements originated many years ago. The instructor's responsibility is to ensure that when students branch out into society they maintain an understanding of martial arts and its philosophies. They instill in their students the value of practicing their knowledge in everyday life. Virginia Martial Arts Institute, Inc. is committed to providing students with quality martial arts training and disciplinary education in an atmosphere that preserves human values and individual identities. The accomplished instructors strive to provide martial arts training as well as an appreciation for the traditional martial arts. Please contact Virginia Martial Arts Institute, Inc. at (703) 823-5425.
By: Sherwin M.
Potomac Kempo - Old Towne Carlyle
I have been going to Potomac Kempo for a little over a year.This is a great place to study the martial arts. The instruction is top rate, the hours incredibly convenient, and the staff are truly dedicated. I can tell that they are there to not only teach an extraordinary art form, but also the philosophy and dedication that goes behind it. I have tried several different dojos and art forms. This is by far the best that I have found. After eight years in the Marine Corps I am lucky (?) enough to see a martial art that is useful. This is. And, again, the instructors "get it." I would, and have, recommend Potomac Kempo to anyone who's interested in studying martial arts, or a fascinating way to get in shape.
By: nacomyr
Potomac Kempo - Old Towne Carlyle
I spent about 2 years with Potomac Kempo, and, while I was with them I enjoyed myself thoroughly. When it comes to giving people a friendly atmosphere and a safe place to exercise, PK is a great choice. They do have a major flaw however, in the sense that they present their art, Shaolin Kempo, in an inadequate and somewhat cult-like manner. They offer many weapons, the lessons for were devised by the instructors themselves as opposed to an actually trained master of that weapon, and their manner of teaching cranks "black-belt" students out like a factory every three years or so. While it is a great place for training, it is not the best, and for it's high cost, much better options exist.
By: senseicassie
Potomac Kempo - Old Towne Carlyle
As an employee, this may seem biased, however, I’d like to offer my opinion anyway. Whatever your goals and motivations for wanting to do martial arts, Potomac Kempo is an awesome place to train! Way before deciding to teach it, I was just a student. Simply put, I was hooked within a month! I was looking for a fun and interesting way to workout and thought self defense was a worthwhile skill to learn. I immediately found how kempo helped me with my fitness and self defense goals, but also quickly noticed other benefits such as stress relief, improved memory and cognitive function, social camaraderie, and just plain FUN! Several years later, I couldn’t be happier with my life!
By: Kera T.
Trouble Defense LLC
They really take the time to explain various perspectives and views related to owning and using a gun. They make you feel comfortable, from the least to most experienced user. For the less experienced, you have the opportunity to interact, be hands on, and ask specific questions related to guns. They are trained and have a long history to back-up their knowledge. I thank them very much for putting things in perspective and bringing out the strong/protected side of me; for myself and my family.
By: gustavomugen
Virginia Martial Arts Institute, Inc.
VAMAI is the place where you want to train but just if you want to GET IN SHAPE, GET SELF CONFIDENCE and LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOUR SELF!!!.When you come into the DOJO (martial arts school) it is an amazing experience... I did lose 115 LB in one year!! thanks to these guys and I have done a lot of things that I never imagined before like competing in a National Taekwondo Tournament and more... VAMAI is the best.
By: persony2k
Potomac Kempo - Old Towne Carlyle
I have been a student at Potomac Kempo for 6 1/2 years it has taught me to be more mature I have been more athletic it is full of physical and mental challenges. It teaches you to have more self confidence. It is a great place. The teachers are great too.

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