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By: J C.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
The pricing is fair and competitive and the wait was average for the type of service they offer. I did both the complete interior and the complete exterior for around $55.The Good: They did a very good job on the interior. It was slick and felt brand new. THere were some smudges on some of the dash that they applied their cleaning/grease agent to. I can't ding them to bad for that because I've gotten those smudges EVERY car wash I go to. It took me about 10 minutes with a microfiber cloth to simply buff those out when I got home. The Bad: I pay $55 for a wash, I expect it to be clean. I brought the car in with 2 months worth of road and weather gunk so it was pretty beat up. Had a lot of bird droppings and the like. When I come out to pick the car up the guy with my keys points to a whole bunch of reddish brown spots all over the vehicle. Like, EVERYWHERE. He says there machine has been having trouble with spitting out chemicals or something and tells me to talk to the supervisor about a hand buff. Supervisor comes over and says that it will cost me $450 to get it buffed! Why? He said that those stains were already there when I brought the car in and a "basic" exterior was wouldn't get them out. I argued for a couple minutes and he kept up the same line of reasoning. Finally I just gave up and drove off as I was late for another appointment. After I got home I noticed that the plastic trim around the base of the car was all spotty, there were bird dropping still visible on multiple points and the tire shine which they prided themselves in was splotched on and missing entire portions of the tires. So long story short. Great for interiors, terrible for exteriors. Go some place else.
By: Eladiah P.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
I was referred to Yates from my apartment building to have calcium deposits removed, left from the building's foundation dripping water on my car. I had a few deposits that were caked on and I was worried they wouldn't come off. They were also all down the driver side and back of my car. I was charged $140 (to be reimbursed by my apt bldg) and less than an hour later, my car looked perfect again. I am SO happy with their service!! I also had them wash the car, which I was charged $40. I thought that was rather high, but again, my var was restored to it's original state and that was most important to me!
By: Cathleen C.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
My car was terribly dirty and salty after the snow. I needed to wash this white car now or risk being ashamed forever. It was my birthday and I pulled up and ordered the regular wash. They put my vehic on the rails and I waltzed into the office to pay my bill. I asked "If it is my birthday, do I get a discount?" The cashier (perhaps owner?) said "Sure. Why not?" Well I produced the ID and got $2 off.I walked back to the windows to watch my car come through the wash. Boy oh boy did they do a colorful job cleansing my lil baby.Overall, I'd return to Yates and possibly upgrade my wash to a super.
By: Anna K.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
My wife works around the corner and we, but mostly she, take the car to Yates all the time. It's definitely the most convenient car wash location for us. If you buy the bundles of washes rather than paying for each wash individually, it comes out to a great deal. The lobby/shop is pretty grungy, but who cares? It's a car wash, not a BMW dealership. I've never once felt pressured to leave a tip, just enjoy sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee while they vacuum the car and clean the windows. Great shop.
By: Will G.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
If you live anywhere within 10 miles of this place and you like your car then you must come here and check the place out. I've been a loyal customer for almost 10 years. even when I lived in DC (Now I'm fortunate to live in Old Town close to this place) I used to drive here. the service is top notch. great service. they take good care of your car and you get what you pay for. it's not cheap but work quality comes with a price. give it a try. won't regret it.
By: Adella Z.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
They do a great job. I've had both a hand wash for $40 or so and a machine wash for $20 or so on my Audi Q5 and both times it came out sparkling. Great attention to the details and overall a very thorough job. If you want more, you'll need a pro detailing job but absolutely top notch for the money. Tip: call ahead and find out if there's a wait.
By: Thora G.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
Just had my Jeep detailed at Yates. I travel with pets and kids so the inside of my jeep was a mess with pet hair. 3 hours and my car was spotless and they did a beautiful job detailing the cracks and crevices as well. The team was very nice and polite. Definitely will be back again.
By: Fredri A.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
Very efficient, cleaned inside and outside, washed runber mats, and they took time to wipe entire inside and spray doors, clean cup holders and dash board. All employees were very nice, friendly, and professional. Will definitely recommend and be a repeat customer.
By: Mark S.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
For drive through they do an awesome job inside and out. They are pretty detailed focused on the inside. They do auto detailing but with the job they do with the regular wash I have felt compelled to get the detail.
By: Inez M.
Yates Carwash & Detail Center
Great service lines are long on weekends but move quicklyGot the Ultimate service for 22.00 and the interior for $35.00Very satisfiedHighly recomend unless you prefer to wash your own

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