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By: mw8686
Michael Dole MD
It makes me sick to my stomach to see people saying such awful things about Dr. Dole on various review sites, and giving him a bad rep. Dr. Dole is the best pain management doctor I could ask for. I will give my opinion on these horrendous "reviews": The people ticked off with him?? You have to pass a strict drug test every visit, and he doesn't play around. He is NOT risking his hard earned license(RIGHTFULLY SO, this coming from a girl with several medical professionals in her family and knows how hard they work for that license) just so you can have pills to swallow like candy for "fun". So sorry if some of you were unable to con this hardworking man into your "monthly fix" but that isn't what he is there for, and you should NOT SLANDER HIS NAME for doing his job. He is there TO HELP PEOPLE WITH LEGETIMATE CHRONIC PAIN ISSUES. As for the waiting time?? There is a lack of doctors in his specialty in the area. He spends the amount of time needed with each patient, AS HE SHOULD. Of course there will be a long wait time, bring a puzzle book and quit griping.I got my world turned upside down a year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with Severe Stage 3 Endometriosis. It hit me out of nowhere, and most people don't understand how painful of an illness this can be for some people, like myself, who have a more severe form of the illness. So getting proper care for just the pain alone was near impossible. Living a normal, fuctional life was not possible for me.Dr. Dole evaluated me upon our first meeting after taking the time to read up on my case and what I was dealing with, and recommended a course of action, not only with medication, but also proper diet, exercise and other everyday habits to practice for me. He quickly found a combination of medication that worked for me in the sense to help me live a normal(though not always perfect, meds don't fix everything) life. If something is not working for me, he will adjust the issue. If I have any concerns, he adresses them.Furthermore, he has great bedside manner. He always remembers my name, and my husbands name. He lets me cry and vent if I am frustrated with my pain/illness, and will do his best to console me with an explanation to why "said issue" may be happening. He is always courteous to ask how we are doing, how our life is going, and how our drive was(we drive 2 hours from home to see him, we trust him THAT much). He has never been anything but nice to us, and has never given us a reason to regret the 2 hour trip to him. Looking for someone in our own area has not even been an option, if we have something good, we stick with it, and this is the case with Dr. Dole.I know that one day, may it be a few months or many years from now(but hopefully only a few months!!), I will be free from my illness, as well as my pain, and will no longer be required to be a patient of Dr. Dole. That will honestly be a sad goodbye for me, because doctors like him are a rarity. There are the ones that go through the motions and do the required tasks to get through the day and get the paycheck, then there are the ones that remember their patients, know them on a personal level, and genuinly care for their well being, HE is one of the good ones.If you are legitimately struggling with chronic pain, or issues of that sort, and your life is hindered because of it, I absolutley recommend asking for a referal to this medical professional. If you read everything I wrote above, you will see that he is a doctor of wonderful quality and expertise, and not your shady "pill mill" type clinician just wanting your money. Also, if it is worth the 2 hour drive for my appointment with him, that should tell you something.Bottom line: He gave me my quality of life back.THANK YOU DR. DOLE FOR EVERYTHING!!
By: buggal1989
Babin, Amy D MD FACOG
This review is just my personal opinion and not a professional or paid endorsement. Dr. Moran is my favorite GYN (I did not see him as my OB doc) ever both from a patient and a professional (I am a medically retired nurse). He is also one of my top 3 favorite doctors I have ever met professionally and as a patient. And that takes some doing as I have worked with and been treated by TONS & TONS of M.D.s! I have also heard great things about him from other healthcare professionals and not just the “Oh, he’s a good doctor” that they’d say about Dr. Jeckel (of Jeckel & Hyde fame) if they knew of him. These have been genuine high recommendations. I have almost never felt rushed or felt that I was just a number at his office by him or his staff. His staff members from the admissions clerks to the nurses to the insurance filers are both professional and warm & caring at the same time. They have always treated me like I count as a human and not just a body. They may jog their memories with your chart but both him and his staff always ask about how whatever problems you have presented with in the past or any past medical history (GYN related or not) is going. This makes me feel like they really care about me as an individual. He is very open to discussing treating you with alternative medicines/treatments and not just with “by the algorithm” (The chart that docs learn how to treat patients from in med school and MUST use to treat patients. This is heavily influenced by the insurance companies and takes YEARS to be updated to new treatments. It does not always take in account that women reacted differently to medicine that men do or that the first drug of choice or even the second drug of choice might not be the best for you. And SELDOM does it use a holistic approach.).I really, really have the utmost confidence in him as a doctor. I could not find another doctor that I would recommend more as your choice for a GYN doctor ever! My niece also sees him and he delivered her baby and she loves him too. I would NEVER send one of my female relatives to a doc that I did not trust and depend on.
By: Kristine B.
Hometown Doctors
Dr Smith is very compassionate, brilliant and an awesome Doctor. At times, he is unconventional-but I like that he is willing to try ANYthing to help you to feel better. Some doctors only rely on tests and pills. He's about getting to the source and fixing it. If tests are needed, he orders them. If another dr is needed he sends us. I trust him to do the right thing. That's what I'm paying him for and that what I feel he does. We've been patients of his for 5 years. The women he has working for him are all very efficient and sweet as well. I gave professionalism 5 stars because they deserve it-but don't think this is a regular, stuffy medicinal office. It's not. It's very laid back and you will hear laughter for sure. He may take longer to get to you. But when he does, you will have his attention and time. I hope this is helpful.
By: Joey C.
Cenla, Family Medicine Associates
I've been going to see Dr. Screpetis now for about 6 yrs.He has been consistently providing expert care with the ease of: no long waits, paying close attention to any ailments or injury, while establishing, what has seemed to work, in medicine, for myself& the majority of my family. I know we have had a better quality of living and I can only attribute it to him and his staff for their professionalism and thank them for their enduring service and patience...for their patients..J.Craig
By: Lindsay S.
Joshua P Sleeper MD
Dr. Sleeper has been my doctor for a few months now and I highly recommend to him to everyone! He always answers any questions I may have and is very thorough. I found him very knowledgeable and caring. Five stars!
By: Lizz R.
Joshua P Sleeper MD
Dr. Sleeper and his staff were wonderful to my family and me. He was so caring and took more time making sure we had everything explained to us. I recommend him to all of my friends and family!
By: Linda J.
Griffin Family Medical Clinic
I have been going here for about 10yrs the doctor I see is very good and very polite and very professional and the staff is very friendly and professional
By: cgarriga5
Perez, Alejandro MD
New Phone # 318-442-2339Across from Lowes in AlexandriaDr. Perez and Katie Dollar, APRN, both get 5 stars in their kowledge and care of their patients.
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By: Ray S.
Griffin Family Medical Clinic
Excellent family practice, very professional and friendly. You really can feel the caring attitudes of both Physicians, nurse, and staff.
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By: Katrina H.
Griffin, Amy B, MD
Amy is such a great doctor and all of her staff are very professional! The facility is always clean and your wait times are not too long.
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An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
Family nurse practitioners are highly educated nurses able to provide medical care individually or with the assistance of another professional. Family nurse practitioners obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take the National Council Licensure Examination to begin working as a registered nurse. Then, they continue their education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Following that, they become certified in family practice via the American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, allowing them to become certified family nurse practitioners.
Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
A physician's assistant is a person qualified to perform routine medical services. This individual is professionally licensed and certified, but they may not have the extensive med school education of a doctor.That said, PAs do complete almost three years of postgraduate study and more than 2,000 hours of rotations.

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