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By: Ashley B.
Albuquerque Tattoo Company
I want to take the time out and give this shop 2 thumbs up and a perfect 10 on everything. I heard from this friend of mine about this shop and how they give away FREE cancer awareness ribbons. So I called came in and got mine done. Not only do they do the cancer awareness ribbons they do them ALL for FREE. I asked why and they said because we care, we want to give back something and this is one of the ways we can. I told them my story on why I was getting mine and I could tell in their eyes they cared. They made me feel so comfortable, at ease because this was my 1st tattoo. The place was so clean and modern and every single person that worked there was nice and helpful. Thank you Albuquerque Tattoo Company for what you do and how you care and how you give back. I know you are successful because of the work and love you put into this shop. It shows from the time you walk in the door. If there were only more people and business like this one the world would be a better place. Thank you for giving me something that means so much to me, a memory tattoo of my mother. She died 7 years ago from cancer.
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By: Danielle H.
Stacey's Exotic Body Piercing and Tattoo
I got my daith piercing on April 30th 2016. I have been migraine free since getting my piercing! If you have ever suffered from severe migraines you know the pain we can go through! My migraines had gotten so bad that they were piling one on top of the other with very little to no time between them. This was due to a new doctor not believing my past medical history of migraines and taking me off all medications. I needed relief and had done my research. So I got my daith piercing and I am glad I did. I called Stacey's many times before getting my piercing and talked to Stacey about this particular kind of piercing. She answered all my questions before even walking into her shop. Everything was explained in detail about what would happen and all my questions were answered before and after the piercing. I never felt safer, never ever having a piercing before. The entire piercing itself didn't take long at all. Thank you very much Stacey!
By: e_alwayswithasmile
Albuquerque Tattoo Company
Called around and did some research for my daughters 1st tattoo. I went into a few shops in ABQ and let’s just say some should not be open. I came across a Face book post about this shop and how they do FREE support ribbons. I decided to come to the shop to check them out. When I came in they were slammed. So I asked some questions got some prices and left. I was extremely satisfied with how friendly, nice, helpful they all were not to mention totally nice clean shop. I called a few days later to make an appointment came in with my daughter and decided I would do a mother daughter tattoo with her. I can’t express enough how satisfied we were with everything. How comfortable they made us both feel, how beautiful, how detailed the tattoo itself is. Thank you boys and girl from Albuquerque Tattoo Company on this wonderful experience me and my daughter had. I will make sure to refer anyone one I can to your shop……… Elizabeth D
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By: Samantha G.
Had my very first tattoo on my inner ankle done with Jeff, who made very valid points about color and seemed to know what he was talking about. Two weeks later, my black line tattoo is slightly faded and still looks scarred and is peeling. My friends, on the other hand, was done in a deep magenta color, and has completely faded and looks like a scar now with no ink. He was rude and seemed really bothered that he had to stop what he was doing when I almost passed out from the pain! He didn't seem to care at all and asked that his buddy get some water "from the tap". I can't be the first to nearly pass out, and they don't have juice or water on hand? When asked if he could touch up my friends tattoo, he said he could, but was also very annoyed at the same time. Will never go to this location again, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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By: Theresa P.
Stacey's Exotic Body Piercing and Tattoo
Stacey and her crew are true professionals. Definitely the place to go for your piercing and tattoo needs. I have actually been utilizing her services since (late 1980s early 1990s) she did hair and nails! Yes, hair and nails. Still haven't found a replacement who comes close! I really appreciate her professionalism in that when my daughter went in and wanted a piercing at a young age, she called to get my ok (sign on the line) instead of being unscrupulous and just trying to make a buck and do it.
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By: Michelle A.
Stacey's Exotic Body Piercing and Tattoo
It was honestly an amazing experience.Contacted the shop early Sunday morning to find out pricing. The pricing for the piercing as well as the jewelry was excellent! The co-owner got me in and out. It was painless. Slight pinch but didn't let it linger. The care instructions were up to par. Also, the co-owner happened to be from New York! The vibes in the store were so dope and chill. You guys made this a great experience for me. Will definitely be back soon!Thanks y'all!- Michelle
By: R R.
Stacey's Exotic Body Piercing and Tattoo
Stacey's piercing n Tattoo has a large selection of jewelry, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The staff walks you through the procedure and assures you on the technique. After care instructions are given. When your ready to change out jewelry they help every step of the way. Tanning booth which is easy and convenient to use. The shop is clean and the area of procedure is sterile. I wouldn't go any where else, with the experience I have had there.
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By: Erica W.
Albuquerque Ink Tattoo
Awesome tattoo shop very clean professional environment was very nice and helpful employees. Walked in and I had my tattoo custom drawn by Bobby Sanchez. Work came out amazing I was very pleased especially after going to a shop down the street "Sachs" and being very disappointed with the work. I would recommend this shop to anybody you would not be disappointed not to mention the shop is very clean and brand-new looking
By: Sabina J.
Stacey's Exotic Body Piercing and Tattoo
I had previously gotten pierced at Evolution and they pierced my septum extremely crooked. I went into Stacey's, she had a nice man named Taco assess my nose. He had me remove my jewelry and return in one week. He redid my piercing, and now is straighter than an arrow. I'm so happy with the service and how well he did my piercings. I've had all my work done at Stacey's. Would rate 10/10!
By: Katie T.
Stacey's Exotic Body Piercing and Tattoo
I came here because of the amazing reviews I found, and I was not let down! I got my daith pierced by Taco a few months ago, and he was a super cool guy and made me feel really comfortable in the chair. He explained the process completely and thoroughly. My piercing healed beautifully and I'm going back this week to get my tragus done and to have my jewelry changed out.

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