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By: Tom H.
Jerry's Maintenance & Repair
Since I have to click a star rating I will click 3 stars based on Jerry's previous ratings. Obviously he does good work. But I set an appointment with him yesterday for 9 am this morning to work on a unit I am buying. I had told him I had to have it set up for a realtor to be there and let us in. He had mentioned I could text him the address, so I knew he received text messages. But later I not heard back from him to confirm so I called and he said yes he'd gotten the text and would meet us there. Something about the way he spoke made me think I needed to confirm before driving across town to meet him, I just got a feeling. So this morning I texted him an hour before the appointment to confirm. A half hour later when I didn't hear back I called and he answered, and he apologized and said he couldn't make it, because he was "out of town on a family emergency." He said something had come up unexpectedly and he had left in a hurry and driven 13 hours to Kansas City. All of this I could understand if I had received a call sometime yesterday, or a text last night or this morning. But to let myself and the realtor show up at the house and wait for him, which is what would have happened if I had not had the feeling to call him, is unacceptable.
By: garytrujillo
Central Plumbing LLC
I had water around the base of the water heater that would disappear and re appear the next day or so. Another plumbing company had come and looked at it and the technician decided with in 30 seconds that I needed a new water heater... My water heater is only 3 years old so decided to get a second opinion. The technician looked all around the water heater and said he could not see a leak. Then he checked my water softener and determined that the water was flooding out of the drain every time it dumped water in the cleaning cycle. He snaked the drain and corrected the line. It cost me a few hundred dollars to fix. I'm glad for the second opinion because it saved me thousands of dollars and all the hassle to fix something that was not really broken.
By: abqwoman
Sam's Drain and Sewer Service
I lost Sam's Drain and Sewers card after he had given me excellent service at a phenomenally low cost. I had major drain problems and Sam came out and opened my drains out to the major sewer line for under $100. Since then (because I couldn't find his card) I've used other plumbing services and learned why people joke about the high cost of plumbing. I had a guy charge me $75 to drop by, turn a faucet, and bore me for an hour telling me about himself. I also had another install a garbage disposal incorrectly for another $100. So Sam - even if his rates went up with inflation - knows what he's doing and has no interest in ripping you off. Plus he's a very nice guy who explains the problem and how to solve it. I like that.
By: shifra
Sam's Drain and Sewer Service
Sam just left my house. I had called Sam yesterday because I had a clogged toilet. He was going to come over right away, but it was not convenient for me. He came over today. He is really fantastic and honest. He first tried to diagnose the problem filling up the washing machine, running the sink etc. He then used an auger and it went down easily. He flushed the toilet and it flushed! He did not charge me for the visit. How many people would not charge you, even for a service call? I highly recommend Sam. He is refreshingly honest and does not try to squeeze every dime out of you. I was impressed how he went about trying to diagnose the problem. I highly recommend Sam and would use him in the future.
By: G S.
Jerry's Maintenance & Repair
YES THE BESTConscientious! Able to think outside the box for whatever home or office project you might have in mind! Rates are exceptionally ethical for this line of work. As a woman- I felt 100 % safe during the project. And truly appreciated the respect and professionalism that was brought into my home space. My issue was a central air duct system challenge. JM brought patience, experience and steadfast focus- until the service was professionally completed. For anyone looking for a 'family safe' HANDIMAN service provider- uniquely qualified with brains, ethics, know how, and practical excellence to see it through- JM is the first business to call !!
By: Derek O.
Jerry's Maintenance & Repair
Me Jerry was extremely polite & such an amazing help I know nothing about how to turn on or fix a water heater but me Jerry walked me through everything I needed to know and do to be the man of my house and fix somthing even well he was extremely busy he took time for me and stayed in the phone with me until the job was completely fixed and he never even met me mr jerry is a true example of integrity & Honor and how a person can be there for someone even when we are strangers but now I can honestly call him my friend please use Jerry's Maintance & more services for any and all your needs he is amazing!!!
By: andy.frostman
Hillpeak Plumbing & Heating
Leo is the best. I've done years of contracting, and I'm aware of how lucky one is to find someone who shows up on-time, understands the need for fair prices, is polite and respectful, and KNOWS HOW TO WORK. When Leo's heavy equipment didn't show up the day he was scheduled to install a new main at my house, he set to work digging a 5' deep 25' long trench with a shovel. I was lost for words when I saw the amount of work he had done before I'd even gotten out of bed. He finished by his estimated date, and didn't even need the back hoe! If your agreement, and house matter to you, trust Leo.
By: lori.k.mehl
The Cleaning Authority
I don't what company the former reviewer was dealing with, but it doesn't sound like the Cleaning Authority at all. I have found them to be prompt and courteous, and their cleaning is excellent. I love coming home to a spotless house that smells good. Yes, the employees I have encountered don't speak English very well, but if I have request I can call the company, and they will tell the workers. All in all, I love this company. And the price is reasonable, too.
By: matrondanifaeleigh
That Plumber Guy
I have had This Company come to my home and do work for me. He was honest about the work, efficiant, and affordable. I will definitly be giving him my bussiness in the future, and recomend this Company to anyone looking for Honesty, dependability, and affordable rates. Not like the last company I had come out. They charged me almost 300.00 Dollars for less than an hours work! That Plumber Guy fixed the problem in under 45 minutes and charged me under 100.00.
By: mckylvr
Jerry's Maintenance & Repair
Jerry worked on a mold remediation job in my apartment. He and his crew worked quickly to have the issue resolved in a few days. He showed concern for the safety of my infant daughter and ensured I was pleased with each step of the process. He took initiative to go above and beyond the job and fixed my landlord's screw ups. He showed up at times that were good for us and kept open communication. Very pleased with his work.
Tips & Advices
Many services offer long-term contracts that include regularly scheduled cleanings. These contracts sometimes, but do not always, result in discounted prices. Most cleaning services offer discounts in exchange for customer referrals.
Homeowners should review their cleaning service's damage/breakage policy. Some businesses compensate for damaged items, while others do not.
Not always. Before hiring a cleaning service, homeowners should confirm the company verifies its employees' identities and performs background checks. Those planning to hire a self-employed cleaner rather than go through a business should inquire about background check options available from their state's attorney general.
  • The annual costs. Weekly services quickly add up, and homeowners may need to pay additional taxes if they choose a self-employed cleaner.
  • Language barriers and miscommunications. Some professional cleaners might speak English as a second language .
  • Background checks and employment verification. Homeowners can be held liable if they employ a person not legally permitted to work in the U.S.
Some services charge more for pets while others do not. Regardless, homeowners should keep in mind that any pet-related cleaning, such as emptying a litter box, adds to the amount of time the service charges for.

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