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By: Godfried A.
Keith's Properties
This place is very close to Campus and extremely convenient if you do not have a car. I had very good neighbors and most of my experieces was positive until I left the property. I rented one of their apartments on Stanford and Silver for a year. First of all, the landlady is very rude and if you ask her to clarify something to you, she tells you to figure it yourself or acts as if you are a "bother." I even referred one of my friends to ask for vacancy in their apartment but he was very dissappointed at how she talked to him on the phone. He said, she sounded as if she just did not want to rent out the apartment to him because he has an "accent"While I lived in the apartment, whenever we asked for something to be fixed it took days and sometimes took weeks. After leaving the property, we were charged $190 for "general Cleaning." They told us, they hired a cleaning service to clean the place and that is how much they charged without providing us with itemized cleaning list. It beats my mind that two guys including my room mates girlfriend helped cleaned the apartment for almost 2 days yet we were told that, the counters were greasy and bathrooms were not cleaned while all these places were meticulous cleaned (How can we clean a whole house and forget to wipe the counters or clean the bathroom??). We spent almost $100 on renting a carpet cleaner and also cleaning supplies to make the place look like they way we first rented it. However, we were told that the place looked "pretty bad." we are two graduate students who have always got an deposit back except for this place. As a warning to anyone who might want to rent from this company. This is what we went through, some people might have a good experience with them. Maybe our experience was an isoloated case but as the initial reviewer wrote, management is pretty bad and I second that. Just make sure you have taken pictures of everything you clean or keep the records of all your transactions with this company because they will use all means to keep your deposit.
By: Arctic F.
Ventana Ranch Apartment
I've lived here for a year. When I first got here, things were pretty good. I could tell that the employees here were trying to make this place better than what it was. Leasing agents were always friendly, the manager would take care of any issues immediately, maintenance guys were competent and fast. Then, the changes started happening... first it was different maintenance people, then the manager disappeared, now the leasing agents disappeared. I was in the office the other day and there were all new (and unfriendly) faces! When you have something that was as good as the Ventana Ranch staff was here, then all of a sudden they're all gone, means that something bad is happening!Well, after some chatting with other residents, here's what I found: a 40% increase in monthly garage rent, being on a lease is now mandatory - no more month to month after your original lease expires, the new manager is on an eviction manhunt; any infractions could get you evicted (she's looking for people who complain or might give bad online reviews about her), and package drop-offs (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) to the office are being refused (are your Christmas presents not being delivered?). So that's some of it. I wish I knew where all the smiling faces went to. Even some of the residents are looking gloomy.I've decided to leave at the end of this month because, quite frankly, it just doesn't feel like home anymore.
By: laurie.wright.35
Keith's Properties
I lived in these apartments for two years. Overall I was very pleased with my time as a tenant there. The location is prime (closer than the dorms to UNM). You sign a one yr contract but then go month to month with one a month notice. Only had one rate increase of $10. Maintenance is not there strong suit but everything does eventually get done and they spray regularly for bugs so that was never a problem. They are pretty hands off which was appreciated by me because in my past apts there was constant apartment policy changes, which is irritating. This is a family run apt complex and it was pretty easy to contact someone in. My complaints would be there lack of enforcing parking (parking is often taken by UNM students leaving tenants with no/ bad parking) Once I confronted someone and they told me they had permission from the owners but idk. Also I did not get my full deposit back even though I left the place far cleaner than from when I moved in. (it was not very clean at all when I moved in * blinds and vents covered in a thick layer of grim*)
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By: Megan R.
La Vida Nueva Apartments
I have a large family and am on an extremely fixed income and currently live at this apartment group. I've had nothing but a good experience living here. The staff are open, friendly, professional, helpful, and exceptionally mindful to my family's needs. It's an affordable place to live, with an amazing maintenance staff that's quick to fix any issues that may arise, and with a security patrol that's visibly present and on call if I have need of them. What I like most about La Vida Nueva is how family oriented it is here. With summer events for the family, daycare, and meal programs for the children, I believe it's a great place for those seeking a family and community oriented place to live. The property houses a large laundry room and two play grounds for the children. It's also next to a park and not too far from the big 3 stadiums. All of which are really good places to have family outings. We've been here since 2010 and have enjoyed our experience living here immensely.
By: rmichael
Broadstone Solaire
This is an okay place to live. The apartments themselves are a bit smaller than others in the area, but they do offer nice loft-like floor plans. Parking usually isn't a problem either. The maintenance staff is pretty decent. They do take longer to fix things than other places I've lived, but they at least fix things right. Management is mostly good. They are friendly but often unresponsive to specific needs. On the downside, the walls are paper-thin. You will hear your neighbors coughs, mumbled conversations, and every footstep above you. The doors are also spring-loaded and a lot of people do not close them softly. Just be prepared for your walls to rattle every time some one comes or goes. People here also seem to love loud cars and like to rev their engines all day long. This just creates more noise. They also drive through the parking lot like it's a drag strip (there are no speed bumps).Honestly, the cons listed above are enough that I won't be renewing my lease.
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By: Nay505 B.
Sombra Del Oso Apartment Homes
This had been the worse apartment complex I lived in, the management sucks, they do not work with you whatsoever, they do not care about their customers, their maintenence guys suck, they took 3 weeks to fix my ceiling in my bathroom, I was stuck with no swamp cooler for a month in 80 degree weather, I needed to move out exactly 16 days before my lease ended, gave them my two month notice, had a family emergency and had to move out of town earlier than expected and they couldn't not work with me, still had to pay half the rent due. Their very inconsiderant, and I would recommend you would look for another place to live. They do not care about your needs!!
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By: Tomato1127 T.
Lucaya House
I am single mother with a child of one. I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment.which is great because it within my price range of $ 605.00 a month with utilities included. Therefore I don't have to worry about paying other bills I just pay my rent every month and I know I won't have to worry about paying bills. I can enjoy my time with my daughter. I feel safe here in this community, the school bus does drop off the kids right in front of apartments which is great because I just wait for him to get off. I don't have to worry about him not getting home.
By: Ever H.
Lucaya House
I am a single mom on a budget I have two kids so I need a place that includes everything so that wouldn't be something else I would have to worry about besides paying my rent and getting food. The good thing is that I found this place that has great rent deals. I was calcified for a two bedroom with utilities included. which was great for me. I love this place they have been great with helping me find a place for me. the area is great and there is a park in walking distance. The office people are great they always help with everything. I love this place
By: Karla H.
Lucaya House
i was looking for a gated community and this place is great. they have gated parking so that's great. i was also looking for an apartment that include paid utilities and they offer that here as well. i got a one bedroom for a $625.00 a month so it works out great for me because i don't have to worry about paying separate bills its all included in one. So far ive been her for almost two years and i love it. I will soo be moving into a two bedroom for $725.00 since my family is know growing we will need space. So this place works out for me, i love it
By: Bernadette D.
Sun Pointe Park
I have only great things to say about sun point apts. I lived in Santa Fe, nm, and came to alb to see the apts. The first day i went into the office they showed me the modle apt. I told them i wanted to start the process, they immediately took my application, even without me not having money that day for the application. I moved in even sooner than the date i needed. They were awsome, and i have only great things to say, and not to mention free utilities and free basic cable.... I never knew apts could offer that.. I love it here....

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