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By: se1abq
GoodFella's Bonding of Albuquerque
Highly recommend! I walked up to the Metro Court window at 9:45 pm to put bond money up for my son. There were 2 people ahead of me. While they were waiting I asked them if they had done this before. It turns out they were from Goodfellas. The lady behind the window let me know I couldn’t use multiple credit cards to put up the money. I started explain that my son didn’t have access to his meds in the jail, and that he had a job interview the morning at 7:30am after being unemployed for a couple months. The folks from Goodfellas were so responsive. He got on his smart phone, emailed in my son’s bail bond to the lady sitting behind the counter, and she was kind enough to process the bail at that time.So much more to this story, but short version is that my son made it to his interview in the morning, and got the job. Would not have happened without these good folks. They went above and beyond, showed compassion and professionalism.
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By: David W.
GoodFella's Bonding of Albuquerque
They're Good PeopleErik and Kevin are awesome a few years ago I was arrested at the courthouse with a 10000 cash only bond, my car was parked down the road with the title inside. I called Erik from jail told him don't worry about me but can you drive 15 miles to a rented room stir the crazy old landlord,find my keys cuz I wasn't sure where they were! And secure my car. He dealt with the old ladyand secured my car.Done! Recently I had hired a crappy attorney who's favorite line was, I GOT YOU !!!!! He claimed to know several bail bondsmen, after trying 3 he wanted me to let him have access to my bank and he could get me out with my cash. I hung up called Kevin gave him my whole crazy story above! Gave him my mom's number and four hours later I was outIf your not a jail stick call these guys will help, but remember it's bail, not a get out of jail free card
By: nvrnvus
Nate's Bail Bonds
Nate is a great man who enjoys helping others ..He is swift with the paperwork,which mean less wait time to get your loved one out....He also has a convenient free app on the app store with a wide variety of resources. .including a designated driver to prevent those unwanted DWI'S ..so if your looking for a bonds men DONT WAIT CALL NATE
By: tijerasgirl
GoodFella's Bonding of Albuquerque
Can't tell you a thing about their business practices, but I CAN tell you about their people. The 24 year old son of the owner (also an employee) found my mother in law's purse (that had been stolen) & called us (her ICE contact) to return it. Now there's some ethics.
By: Eric S.
J P's Bailbonds
OK out of everyone I tried to contact no one answered but I called JP bonding and they got me out with in few hours these people are on it and friendly as we'll.Thanks Again jp
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By: alb505
Nate's Bail Bonds
Nate's Bail Bonds actually cares he takes the time to talk to you like a person and not just a client. I will refer anybody I know to Nate. He takes care of business times 100
By: Frank S.
J P's Bailbonds
Knowledgeable, friendly, staff. I hope I never have to use a bonding company again but if I do I will definitely be calling JP's Bail Bonds again.....
By: anthony.cerbone
Nate's Bail Bonds
Nate is a great guy always there when u need him i rate him 5 star and if i couod i would rate him higher if u ever need anything dont wait calll nate
By: brianjbrown
Nate's Bail Bonds
I had a good experience with nate very fast bail very professional and honest I would recommend him to anyone that needs help to get out of jail
By: Tyler L.
Help Bail Bonds
Staff was very polite and knowledgeable. They worked with me to get my friend out of jail and answered all my questions.
Tips & Advices
Bail bond premiums are not refundable. These are considered payment for the bail bond agent's services.
A co-signer is a person who arranges bail for another person. This individual pledges to post bond on behalf of the agent should the defendant fail to appear in court. Similarly, a co-signer will provide payment for the bail bondsman if the defendant does not do so.
Bail is set by a judge and determined by the crime in question, the defendant's criminal history, how likely that person will or won't show up to court, and other factors.
Collateral options include but are not limited to:
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Jewelry
After a case is over, the bond is returned to the entity who posted it -- the bail bond agent or the defendant. Premiums paid to bail bondsmen generally are not returned.

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