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By: Diane T.
Albuquerque Grand Senior Living
My Aunt has lived here now for over 5 years and I visit her at least 3 times a week to say hello, have lunch with her, or take her out shopping. The result of this familiarity is simple - I /we love this place. The staff is very friendly and their commitment to seniors is obvious. They know the residents by name, know what's going on in their lives - it's like family without the "family stuff!" The owners visit often and enjoy taking the time to visit with the residents - so they make sure to stay connected with all aspects of how the place runs. I heard, but don't know for fact, that they have owned it since the late 70's, so they are doing something right. My Aunt loves her apartment. It is the smallest available but still plenty big enough for her and she loves her walk in closet. The food is wonderful and truly home cooked; the housekeepers do a nice job of cleaning her room and my Aunt has them do her laundry as well because it's too much for her. The owners/management seem to always be making improvements and fixing the place up. Recently the huge main patio was completely redone and my Aunt and her friends really enjoy sitting outside underneath the colorful umbrellas in the evening. Me too!We love the place and I appreciate the standards the owners and manager have set. Clearly they want the best staff and make changes as necessary - but at the end of the day their commitment to their residents is evident and consistent. I heartily recommend this as a wonderful home to anyone you love who needs to not be living alone any more. It was the best decision my family made.
By: David A.
Buena Vista Senior Care
I wish I could give this facility more than five stars. It is a wonderful place. The home is peaceful and comfortable, and always immaculate. The caregivers are excellent, and several have been there for many years, a rarity in this business. My mother was given excellent care. She had been in another assisted living with my father, but after his death, the diminishing quality of care forced us to find another home for our mom. We also tried a “boutique” assisted living that was supposed to have a better staff:resident ratio, but the care was not as good as Buena Vista, and our mom was never very happy there. My sister and I were very “hands on” and particular about our mother’s care. You will not find a better place for your loved one.

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