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By: kimbrough1
Kimbrough Electric, Inc
Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 505-292-3800 to speak with Mr. Kimbrough or to get references.This customer is referring to the work we did at a covenant school in which we were called out to repair their outside lighting due to parent complaints about it being too dark. We worked late that night to resolve the problem, and we treated this as an emergency, for the children and parents, and lit up the parking lot as was requested. His claims, that we performed work outside the scope of the project and did not speak to him, or listen to his issues, are false. There were no additional fees, no extra work or charges that were not previously agreed to before starting the job. After 90 Days past due on the invoice we felt the need to send the amount owed to collections which caused him to react in an unfavorable manner. It is unfortunate that our customer has decided to speak out so negatively about our company. Kimbrough Electric, Inc. takes pride in the work we do, and we have many loyal customers that continue to use our services and are happy with our commitment to them.
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By: Rosy L.
Gardner Zemke
My experiencia includ scope,assembly sequences,and required methods and materiales,according to blueprints,drawings,and written or verbal instrucciones.lay out measure,and mark dimensiones and referente lunes on material,such as roofing panels,according to drawings or templates, using calculadora,escribes,dividers,squares,and rulers.fasten seams or joints together with welds,bolts,cement,rivets,solder,caulks,metal drive clips, or bonds to assemble componentes into productos or to repair sheet metal items. Instal assemblies, such as flashing,pipes,tubes,heating and air conditioning ducts,furnace casings,rain gutters,or downspouts in supportive frameworks.fabricante or alter parts at construcción sites,using shears, hammers,punches,or gauges or types of sheet metal or nonmetallic material,according to productos especificaciones.maneuver completes units into position for instalación, and anchor the units.and also experince as a plumber.15 years in boths sheet metal , plumber
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By: Matthew D.
Professional Constructive Services
I can't say enough good things about this guy. I'd be wary of any quote you get from someone lower than PCS, because you get way more than you pay for with PCS. He does first rate work, does it quickly, delivers what he says he will when he says he will, gives sound advice, is candid, is flexible and very responsive, very professional, courteous, on time, clean jobsite, etc. I'm pretty sure if you needed him at 2 a.m., the only reason he wouldn't show up is if he was with another customer. If only more contractors were like this, I'd use them more often instead of doing things myself. Money well spent.
By: Javier O.
Ortiz Electric
made my electrical project go really smooth . the years of experience that this company carries shows thought the project. The wiring in the walls and out side the walls with romex and expose conduit is done in a professional and likely matter. in this electrical project the electrician also give me some advice on how it will be better to locate some of my light switches and light fixtures. it turn out perfect! Also the electrician give me some great knowledge about how amps work and how to apply them when your planning to have a big electrical load. overall I think that it was a great job.
By: sam000
Quintessential Properties
Quintessential Properties is very professional and responsive. Their attention to detail and professional approach to managing our rental property has made ownership not only profitable and successful, but carefree as well. My wife and I recently visited our rental property and we were both extremely pleased with the condition of the house. The tenants are taking great care of our rental. Thank you for finding great tenants and ensuring that our rental home is well taken care of. We would strongly recommend Quintessential Properties!
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By: Nairb E.
Kimbrough Electric, Inc
Kimbrough Electric kicks major a$$. Where else can I get a window air conditioner(swamp cooler) unit repaired for $50? Nowhere, that's where. I had torn the cable on my unit and everyone just gave me the most round about answers, or insisted that they needed to come to me and work on it at their own hourly fee. Meanwhile, I live out in the boonies(so fees are unreasonable,) and I couldn't bring the unit to them. Kimbrough, however, worked with me to get it fixed. I dropped it off for them, and they told me when I could pick it up.
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By: Wp F.
Kimbrough Electric, Inc
Called in advance to tell what type of very common household kitchen electrical outlet with reset switch needed attention. I thought that would be an everyday stock item for an electric company. But electrician still apparently needed to make trip to Home Depot to pick it up before he arrived to do the repair. That additional travel time was added to my bill. Seemed questionable to me.
By: jpe1212
Quintessential Properties
I value the services of Quintessential Properties they have been a lifesaver. I am not only an owner but also a builder and I have been able to depend on their services. They follow through and keep me well informed on my properties. They came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone else.
By: dwize1
Reyna's House Cleaning
I'm pleased to recommend Zoila Gomez without reservations. I have gotten to know her very well over the last year that she was working in my house. She is very honest and hard working, attention to detail, careful, no damage or break of household items while going through cleaning.
By: Jamie V.
Ibex Maintenance & Contracting
Chris with Ibex is a very personable, patient (I have crazy dogs), and highly competent maintenance man. Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to have a workmen in your home, but Chris puts you at ease and does excellent work. Thank you Ibex!!!
Tips & Advices
Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment while sitting or standing in water.
  • Don't overload extension cords or surge protectors.
  • Put caps on your electrical outlets if you have small children.
  • Call an electrician if you notice your sockets or switches are warm to the touch, discolored or if they make noise.
  • Keep electrical cords away from stoves, ovens and other sources of heat.
  • Do not use an appliance that has a frayed cord.
  • Do not staple extension cords into place or cover them with carpets or furniture.
  • When using extension cords, make sure to unwrap them before plugging them in.
  • Don't overuse extension cords. Have an electrician install extra outlets if you need a power source closer to you.
  • Only use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your lamps and light fixtures.
  • Contact a licensed electrician if you frequently blow fuses, since this can be a sign of an electrical wiring problem.
  • Have an electrician look at your fuse box to ensure you have the right size fuses and circuit breakers. The wrong size fuse or breaker can be a fire hazard.
  • If you have fault circuit interrupters installed in your electrical panel, make sure you test them at least once a month by turning them on and off.
It can cost from $40-$100 an hour depending on the job. This does not include additional costs for parts or trip fees. Make sure to ask in advance what they charge for or if they will provide a free quote.
In order to become a full-fledged professional, a person must undergo an apprenticeship with master and journeyman electricians. An apprentice needs 8,000 hours of practical work before graduating to the journeyman level. If an apprentice reaches journeyman status, he or she can complete most electrical work, but cannot design it until completing more testing along with 2,000 more on-the-job hours.
Yes. While all electricians need a license, not all of them do the same types of jobs.
  • Outside: These types of electricians work outdoors on electrical lines that connect to power plants.
  • Inside: Inside experts typically focus on commercial and industrial buildings that require a lot of power.
  • Residential: Residential electricians work with low-voltage systems and wiring to install fuse boxes and light fixtures.
Watch out for contractors that greatly underbid other electricians. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, always remember to get the estimate in writing before settling on a company.

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