By: critical
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
I generally enjoy meals at this chain but this has been my worst experience by far. I had to wait to seated not because of crowds but because of an unattentive staff. My food wasn't as good as I have had before. Finally during checkout there was no one at the register or the merchandise area so I had to wait to leave as well. Craker Barrell you can do better.
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By: Kevin S.
3 Squares Diner
I showed up about 4:45AM. I was exhausted from getting up so early! I was starving and have never visited this establishment before! The service was super fast! The food was hot delicious and affordable! The waitress was friendly, courteous and professional! Much love 3
By: April P.
Logan's Roadhouse
The service and the food were outstanding! The restaurant was very "high energy" which made the wait for our food seem very short. The staff seemed "happy" which made for a very comfortable environment! 5 stars from me!!
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By: Pete D.
Jo's Southern Cooking
Great service, Great food, Great experience!!! Very reasonably priced. Odessa cooks Great and Shaunna is the best hostess in Albany...hands down! I recommend this place to any and everyone!
By: critical
Logan's Roadhouse
What you would expect from a chain restaurant good food but nothing that blows you away although the shrimp on my ultimate platter were a little undercooked.
By: James W.
Tays' Wings & Catering
the food was great this was my third time here and its the best I had and I had some good wings. even better than some places in New York City
By: ypshopper850
Pearly's Famous Country Cooking
Who ever gave this three stars should reconsider. Absolutley the best breakfast / lunch joint in Georgia. Fast, Friendly, Good.
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By: Carie W.
Love the food there!!! It may be crowded at times, but that's b/c they have great food! Would recommend to anyone.
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By: Jamie R.
Smoke and Fire
Really good home bbq. They have amazing sauces that compliment all of the food. Will definitely eat there again!

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